Rosaria Quick TL;DR DPS Build Guide


PSA #1: A DPS punishes those who bully your team with cold, divine retribution (just like I want Rosaria to do to me)

PSA #2: Both Rosaria’s abilities scale off ATK, and she’s extremely straightforward to play! Just make sure utilize her built in CRIT% to really bring the pain

Teleports behind her enemy and slices their back twice. BOTH ATTACKS DEALS SMALL AOE CRYO DMG. Does not teleport you behind large enemies like Lawachurls

IMPORTANT REMINDER: DOES NOT TELEPORT YOU BEHIND LARGE ENEMIES! Just remember that so you’re not trying to teleport behind something like a Shielded Mitachurl or most World Bosses, and then get smacked to death because you can’t!

If E hits an enemy in their back, you get a free 15% CRIT%. ONLY WORKS WITH E AS INDICATED!

PSA #3: E as much as you can! There’s a 1s gap between the 5s the CRIT% buff lasts and E’s 6s CD. This essentially guarantees a free permanent 15% CRIT% buff, and E will always backstab most enemies automatically anyways

She slaps enemies away infront and then orbital strikes a giant friggin ice spear into the ground. Both attacks deal massive AoE Cryo DMG.

IMPORTANT TIP: The spear pulses once every 2s, meaning it will pulse a total of 4x within the 8s duration. If you have C2, it will pulse 6x total!

Using Q basically gives a free CRIT% buff based off 15% of Rosaria’s total CRIT%

This is based off her immediate CRIT%, meaning the buff will snapshot. For example, all the bonus CRIT% you gain from something like 4-set Blizzard Strayer will be calculated in that total CRIT%, giving 15% her total IMMEDIATE CRIT% to the rest of her party.


Talent Leveling Order: Q > E > Normal for Cryo DPS. Normal > Q > E for Phys DPS

WEAPON #1 (Recommended for Cryo DPS): Staff of Homa

How do I get it D: ? – It’s time to roll boys (gacha)

Has base CRIT DMG scaling and makes you tankier + additional ATK scaling (high risk, high reward)

Staff of Homa is a pretty dominant weapon for most polearm users due to it’s raw ATK buff. Fact it also provides a ton of CRIT DMG fits great for someone like Rosaria who can easily gain sufficient CRIT% from her E + artifact sets like 4-set Blizzard Strayer

If you have Vortex or Jade-Winged, they’re also great alternatives as their raw scaling and weapon skills can also fit Cryo DPS Rosaria well

Blackcliff Pole is a bootleg version of Homa, but mainly a great alternative for easy CRIT DMG scaling. If you have Lithic Spear (and running a freeze comp with Chongyun + Xingqiu), it is also fairly viable

WEAPON #2 (Recommended for Phys DPS): Crescent Pike

How do I get it D: ? – Forge (Prototype x1, Crystal Chunk x50, White Iron Chunk x50)

Has base Phys DMG scaling and extremely easy to keep weapon skill up 100% with her E

At R4-5, CP is the best option for Phys DPS Rosaria due to 1) how easy she can proc energy particles for weapon skill, and 2) practically a 100% uptime on weapon skill as explained in PSA #3

Dragonspine Spear is decent, but Blackcliff Pole at max stacks outperforms it — Dragonspine Spear should be used as a last resort or if you don’t have access to these weapons since you get one for free

Staff of Homa, Jade-Winged, and even Vortex are better options if you have them, as their raw scaling + 4-set Glad bonus stacks very well, and can still work for Phys DPS build if your CP is below R4. Dragonspine Spear can be a decent alternative as you are given one for free, but subpar to CP for Phys DMG

ARTIFACT #1 (Recommended for Cryo DPS): Blizzard Strayer

How do I get it D: ? – Blizzard at Peak of Vindagnyer Domain (AR 30 locked, 20 Resin per run)

Boosts E and Q DMG + a free 40% CRIT% if you run a freeze comp!

Pretty self-explanatory set/dominant set for Cryo DPS. If you’re running even a moderately decent freeze comp, you’re getting a free 65% CRIT% just from the set + Rosaria’s A1 passive. Along with her A2 passive + some CRIT% substats, you can easily push for the 80-100% mark

This also works great for her burst/supporting DPS as well, so feel free to keep it on her!

ARTIFACT #2 (Recommended for Phys DPS): Pale Flame

How do I get it D: ? – Ridge Watch Domain (AR 30 locked, 20 Resin per run)

Boosts everything + buffs her even more

An easy way to think about it is you get 50% Phys DMG bonus from 2x bonus + 4x bonus buff + 18% ATK bonus from 4x bonus. It’s a bit difficult to keep the stacks up since Rosaria’s E is 6s (and the 4x lasts 7s per stack), but still an easier option. Otherwise, run 2x Pale + 2x Bloodstained for max Phys DPS

You could run 4-set BS for the Phys DPS build as well for the guaranteed CRIT procs, but at that point it’s better to invest into a Cryo build for full value

Artifacts to run for early/lower level players: 2-set Brave + 2-set Exile for Q spam OR 2-set Brave + 2-set Sojourner for raw early DMG scaling

PSA #4: There is a burst DPS/support build with 2-set Noblesse + 2-set Blizzard where you focus high CRIT% to abuse the A4 passive. It’s pretty fun, does decent damage, and great if you desperately need a Cryo user/support on your team. Can go 4-set Noblesse if no one on your team is running it already!

Main stats:

ATK%Cryo/Phys DMG% (depends which you’re running)CRIT DMG

Substats: CRIT DMG > ATK% > ATK > ER (EM if running melt comp)

She gains so much CRIT% already CRIT DMG takes priority for Circlet

If you want other characters let me know. Rosaria’s Team Comp build will be coming out later this weekend! Hope this helped. Bye.


I spend too much time filling out spreadsheets for incoherent data, but at least I can turn them into guides :P

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    • From what I’ve read most of what makes Dragonspine so whack is that it’s lower base attack means anything outside of pure auto-attacks suffer from damage loss, not even to mention how consistent CP’s ability is to maintain vs the icicle. Xinyan/Razor only make use of Snowtombed because their bursts are still mostly phys. damage. I wanted to use DSS on my Rosaria just to have an excuse to use it (refused to have a pending quest and CP is pretty much perma Zhongli’s), but I managed to get my hands on a Favonius Lance that I’ll likely use.

    • It can work with her yes. Not the best option since Crescent Pike does better, but it works as a placeholder

  1. Would a support/subDPS rosaria with R3+ favonius lance and blizzard strayer be good?
    Do you think it would be good to have her and childe make a perma freeze build (with diona and possibly fischl) with the added benefit of having her generate a lot of energy?

    • Potentially. As a FTP player, the game ensured i get every Geo unit and thus I have almost completely ignored anything that has to do with reaction-based damage (my only other DPS options would have been Razor and Xinyan, both of which are mostly Phys and care for mostly one reaction), and thus my knowledge isn’t the best for those sorts of teams. As far as fischl goes, I can’t see her purpose in a permafrost team unless it’s specifically just for Oz to passively shoot things with no regard for Superconduct. Her current ‘best’ build is a reverse Melt subDPS, I’ve seen 4-piece Strayer and 2-piece Strayer 2-piece Nobleese. Weapons as far as FTP/ease of obtaining were Deathmatch/Blackcliff. Rosaria was a surprise for me, so I’m personally using a Favonius Lance until Blackcliff rolls around. At the very lease, it’s higher base attack and crit-based passive makes sense for her. I’d say give it a shot. I do wonder how DSS would perform if the initial spear hits of Rites were Phys Damage, and only the lingering field generated Cryo.

      “When Geo meets face, serious injury or death occurs.”

    • She doesn’t necessarily struggle with ER, so you could take Deathmatch as well. But yes, that works great for applying cryo + burst damage

  2. Would her Cryo build be any good as a support unit? My team at the moment is Diluc, Venti, Fischl, and Barbara. Would Rosaria be any good if I swapped her out with Fischl?

    • It can be good, yes. Melt is an extremely strong multiplier to damage, and Rosaria’s low E CD and her Q’s AoE does a great job spreading it!

  3. I nabbed a Blackcliff Pole for mine this month. Deathmatch being BP locked means it’s out of question for me. This pretty much leaves me with CP, Favonius Lance, and Dragon Bane as pole options for Xiangling, with who I intend to run Rosaria with.

    • So it can go either way, but it depends on who you want your DPS to be. Whoever you pick, give them CP and give the other Dragon’s Bane as you’ll be able to benefit from it via Xiangling. Or if you want to run Rosaria as the burst DPS, then give her Favonius and spam Q

  4. Can she reliably proc Pale Flame’s 4-set bonus? Would the artifact set work well for Physical DMG build?

    • She can reliably proc it since her E is low CD, but for Phys DPS you would be better off stacking 2x Pale + 2x Bloodstained (or 2x Glad + 2x Pale/Bloodstained for overall damage. 4-set can work though.

  5. Is Skyward Spine any good for her? She’s my strongest polearm user since i don’t have any of the 5*, and i just got skyward spine off the standard banner and though to change my crescent pike to the new shiny thing. Is it worth it?

    • Crescent Pike will do much better. Although it does feel like a waste to not use the 5-star polearm (and it’s weapon skill is not bad at all), the raw damage provided by Crescent Pike for Phys DPS is too high. It’s all attributed to how CP’s weapon skill proc’s, as it’s an independent damage source, so it’s practically like having another character normal attack at the same time when it proc’s.

      Since Rosaria’s E is such low CD, and it’s easy to generate energy particles to proc CP, it’s easily one of the best weapons for her (even above Skyward Spine)!