Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual World Quest Guide

Inazuma has a lot of puzzles and quests. When you get off Ritou you’ll see a lady wearing a fox’s mask next to a shrine for foxes. Talking to her will start the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual world quest.

The world quest Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual is composed of several quests:

A Strange Story in Konda

After talking to the villagers you’ll have to investigate the three strange spots: the well, the broken carriage, and the gully. Talk to the village head and find out the truth about the money in those locations. He’ll tell you where to find the information to the well lock’s key. 

After unlocking the well go down there’s an electro barrier at the bottom. To get inside the barrier at the bottom there will be an electrogram to the left from where you enter. 

After getting through the barrier you use the ward that the shrine maiden gives you to clean up the lantern. 

Afterward, look at the torii gate for the order of the lanterns, so you can keep the first lantern as is and go to your right for the second lantern and follow the order of the lanterns. You can go back to the first lantern and pray to show the lines connecting the lanterns.

After you’ve adjusted the fifth lantern, go back to the first lantern and pray. Soon after, an Ochimusha samurai will appear and you’ll have to defeat it. Kazari appears after you defeat the samurai and she requests your aid in cleansing the Sacred Sakura Tree. 

After talking to Kazari grab an electrogram and scale up the vine wall to the barrier and pass through it.

Continue to climbed and you’ll be able to see the locked gate and use the mechanism on the doorframe to unlock it. You’ll be able to find a Rust-Worn Key on the wooden table in the room needed for the second part of the quest.

Sacrificial Offering

Head to the abandoned shrine northeast of Konda village where you’ll see a ghost. 

Follow the ghost up the path to the fox statue. 

Her third place will be at the shrine up ahead. 

Then head to your right and you’ll find her by the three tall fox statues, but don’t interact with her. Instead go further to the ghost at the other fox shrine. 

The second ghost will appear with the first one at the fox statues. 

Head back to the fox shrine to the right of the fox statues to converse with Paimon. You’ll find out that the ghosts are shikigami, and that there’s a third one. 

You’ll find the third on the rooftop of the fox shrine with the stone path and the electroculus, if you haven’t already collected it.

Then she disappears, head back to the three tall fox statues and you’ll find the third shikigami behind a tree nearby. 

After interacting with the third shikigami, head back to the fox statues. You’ll get three exquisite chests, a book pertaining to the Sacred Sakura ritual, and a sakura bloom. 

Then head to the Great Narukami Shrine. There’s a path of the electrograms you can use to get up there if you follow the path next to the Kamisato estate, or you can just climb all the way up like I did.

Talk to the shrine maiden next to the waypoint. She’ll give you a Mysterious Memento Lens to view the small Earth Kitsune statues in the area of the abandoned shrine. The gadget works like a kamera.

The first ward line is at the first Earth Kitsune statue where you first interacted with the first shikigami.

The second ward line is the third Earth Kitsune up the path to the shrine past the second statue on the path.

The third ward line is at the Earth Kitsune Statue to the right of the tall trio of fox statues much like where you found the third shikigami’s second hiding place. 

Head back to the fox shrine and recite the ward lines to obtain the sealed ward for the barrier. 

The barrier’s location is within the memory of the Earth Kitsune next to the shrine above. You’ll have to head south to the canal next and glide down to the water. Defeat the cyro abyss mage and the three cyro large slimes if you haven’t already.  

Open it with the Rust-Worn Key that you picked up from the room in the Konda well. Once open, head to the lantern to purify it. 

Here’s the order of the lanterns with the purified lantern as the bottom start point. 

The lantern in the torii gate should be adjusted to two while the other lantern should be adjusted to three. Like the other barrier in the Konda well, pray to the first lantern and defeat the Ochimusha samurai. Afterwards Kazari will appear again with the task of destroying the other three barriers to perform the cleansing ritual. 

Here are the three locations to the other barriers: the Chinju forest with Kazari’s old friend, Araumi, and outside of the Kamisato residence in a pit on the beach northeast of the estate. 

Hayashi of the Tanuki in the Forest

Teleport to the Chinju Forest waypoint, and there you’ll start the Hayashi of the Tanuki in the Forest quest. Head up the path and you’ll see a tanuki and raise your volume up so you can hear the sound that they make. 

Follow the tanuki up the path and defeat any enemies that get in your way. Then on your left, you’ll see a large tanuki statue surrounded by hilichurls. 

After defeating the hilichurls, talk to the large tanuki statue, Ioroi, and in exchange for the comb needed for the cleansing ritual you’ll have to find three little tanukis. 

The first tanuki can be found on the stone path again, but beware of his transforming abilities so you’ll have to use a pyro character to light the torches that they transform into. The second one can be found in a barrel surrounded by three hilichurls next to the electroculus on top of the rock to the right of the stone torii path. Defeat the hilichurls and interact with the tanuki. The third tanuki is in between the glowing blue flowers on the path and once he gets to the river light the torches next to the stone tanuki statues to flush the tanuki out. 

Cleansing Defilement

Chinju Forest Barrier

Afterwards head back to Ioroi and he will give you the comb. Furthermore he’ll give you the location of the Chinju Forest barrier with one of the tanuki as a helper to undo the illusion covering the barrier.

Head east to the cliffside and after the tanuki undos the barrier, purify the barrier using the comb. 

Here’s the order for the lanterns for the Chinju Forest barrier. 

The two lanterns next to the torii gate here should be adjusted to two, the lantern on the left is already adjusted to two so you don’t have to do anything to it. The lanterns below should be adjusted to three and four. The lantern marked for three is in a dark hole across from the lantern that needs to be adjusted to four. Then pray to the first lantern and defeat the Ochimusha samurai. Like always Kazari will appear with more details about Ioroi and the kitsune goddess.

Kamisato Barrier

Next is the Kamisato barrier. Teleport to the waypoint near the estate and head north. 

Above the Kamisato estate, there are several fox statues next to a tree. Use the Lens to find out to obtain the ward. After you obtain the ward using electro, summon your boat and head to the island below as shown.

There you’ll see fox statues and in a hole, there’s an Earth Kitsune statue where you can use the Lens to get down the pit where the buried will be at. In the hole, you’ll be affected by the electro zone and need to summon an electrograma to ward off the effects of the high electro area. Head down to the barrier and purify the center lantern to get the order for the lanterns. 

After you pray to the center lantern you’ll fight two Ochimusha samurais that are pyro and electro respectively. Kazari doesn’t show up after, and you’ll have to follow the Seelie in the back to get out of the pit. 

Araumi Barrier

Then there’s the Araumi barrier which is located above the waypoint with all the sakura trees and four electro monuments that are keys to unlocking the opening to the barrier underground. Two of the electro monuments are easy with nothing guarding them, the north one is sealed by two ruin machines you have to defeat and the west monument is sealed with a puzzle and you’ll have to strike it twice to get it lit up. 

After getting all the monuments lit up, activate the mechanism next to the electro monument. Then climb up the stone tower and use your Lens on the three Earth Kitsune statues and activate the devices on the wall that they show.  

Once you’re down use an electrograma and head into the electro barrier to obtain the ward for the barrier. Don’t forget to use electro on the fox statue. 

Once you obtained the ward head out the same way you went into the barrier. Straight ahead you’ll see the lantern you need to purify. Check behind the torii gate for Earth Kitsune statues and use the Lens on them to reveal the lanterns. Use your elemental sight if you need to find them. Here’s the order for the lanterns for the barrier:  

Yougou Cleansing

After praying and fighting the pyro Ochimusha samurai you’ll need to head back to the Konda village well. Once you talk to Kazari she asks you to help her one final time in purifying the filth from the Sacred Sakura. Teleport to the Great Narukami Shrine and glide down to where Kazari is located on the map.

then she tells you to jump into the hole, and you could glide or drop down to the bottom. Use an electrograma tree that’s at the bottom since the area like the Kamisato barrier is abundant in electro. Once you reach the bottom, you’ll have to fight a pyro Ochimusha samurai before you get the diagram for the lanterns. 

After praying to the lantern the tumor will drop and you’ll be able to attack it. The tumor will rise back up and summon an electro Ochimusha samurai. Then there will be another diagram for the lanterns. 

Then the tumor lowers itself and after its HP reaches a certain point it will summon an electro and pyro Ochimusha samurai. After defeating those two enemies it’ll give you another diagram. 

After defeating the tumor, Kazari shows up and after she departs the long cleansing ritual quest is complete.

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