Sakura Arborism World Quest Guide and Thunder Sakura Locations

Remember those amazing Thunder Sakura trees that would lightning-strike you to death?

Great- so do I.

We finally have a chance to deactivate them for good and earn ourselves a nice reward!

By the quest end we’ll have gained: 60 Primogems, 500 Adventure Points, 40000 Mora and 4 Hero’s Wit, as well as the Achievement: Kannazuka Battle Plan.

While far from a lengthy quest, there are a decent number of battles involved.

Quest Start

Find the Shrine Maiden, Miyuki, on the top end of the island at the exclamation mark.

Kannazuka Island

She shares with you that the Treasure Hoarders have been lurking around the Thunder Sakura as of late and asks for your help in investigating the matter.

Head to the camp of the Treasure Hoarders found here:

After beating them up, one of the Treasure Hoarders, Hideaki, will beg for his life.

Through interrogation you discover that they were employed by a big-shot buyer to extract the power of the trees. That power would be used to wake the Electro Hypostasis Monster you see behind him.

The reason why is unknown.

Either way Hideaki regains his wits and ire.

Distracting you with the threat of reinforcements, he slips away.

Report back to Miyuki.

Thunder Sakura

Upon hearing what the Treasure Hoarders had been doing the trees, Miyuki implores you to remove the “juvenile antics” left behind in the trees by the Treasure Hoarders.

Furthermore, she tells you that the purpose of the Thunder Sakura is meant to ‘suppress the one who lies beneath‘. Of course she says nothing else on the matter, and having warned you of its danger, she sends you on your way.

Here is a quick look at the locations of all Five Thunder Sakura Trees across all of Kannazuka Island:

North of the Kujou Encampment

This tree will be on the coast by the water at the marked location. You will often encounter hilichurls.

South of the Kujou Encampment

On the cusp of the island the tree will be found. Naku Weeds, Amethyst and Mint can also be harvested here.

The Statue of Seven

Glide down from the Statue of Seven to the beach below. You can easily find the tree along with numerous enemies.

By the Domain Shrine

This one can be more difficult to find. If you remember your encounter with the “Nameless Samurai” Masanori, go on and teleport to the Waypoint closest to where he stands. Run down past the Domain Shrine to find the tree.

Near the Path

The Thunder Sakura here is also not located on the beach but on a strip of grassy land slightly above the coast. Hilichurls and Abyss Mages have the potential to spawn.

Stop the Lightning

Put an Electro Character on your team.

As soon as you approach your first tree, Paimon warns you that you will not be able to get close unless you turn the lightning off first.

Keep yourself protected by touching any Electrogranums nearby the Thunder Sakura.

Next – activate your Elemental Sight.

Find all three triggers around the field. Run to them and use your Elemental Skill.

This will only work if the skill is Electro.

Enemies spawn, Thunder Sakura shoots lightning and your Elemental Sight constantly needs to be re-clicked.

So… Good luck with that.

Following a potentially hazardous affair, successfully deactivating the lightning earns you a Common Chest. Be sure to remove the “Foreign Object” from each tree as you get your treasure.

When you’ve finished, seek Miyuki out again.

Confront Hideaki

Now that the tools have been removed and the condition of the Thunder Sakura re-stabilized, it’s time to put the Treasure Hoarders’ plot to an end.

You’re in for a tough battle so make sure to prepare.

Return with Miyuki to the camp where the Hypostasis slumbers.

To no one’s surprise, the Fatui are involved. Defeat all three who appear!

Following their loss and now left on his own, Hideaki will be cornered and awaken the Electro Hypostasis. Then he’ll flee.

Miyuki will give chase, leaving you to battle the monster alone.

This Electro Hypostasis is significantly more challenging than the one in Mondstadt.

Any character with a shield will benefit you greatly. On the other hand, should you not possess anyone with a shield, sprint and weave like your life depends on it.

Because it does.

Achievement: Kannazuka Battle Plan

The battle ends and you win the Achievement: Kannazuka Battle Plan!

Report to Miyuki standing close by after. She will have captured Hideaki for interrogation.

Thanking you for your assistance, the quest will finish.

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