Sango Pearl Location Guide

Sango Pearls were a new addition to Genshin Impacts many character ascension materials. Found only on Watasumi Island, it is predicted that these pearls will be used by the upcoming 5-star character, Kokomi.


This is the in-game description of the pearls –

These pearls only grow alongside the coral of Watatsumi, and they will emit a cooling sensation in your palm as gentle as a moonbeam. Some local stories say that if held by a person in whose veins runs the blood of Watatsumi, these pearls will become brighter still, for these pearls are the blood that Watatsumi Omikami shed for its people. Other legends say that the great Omikami used a pearl as bright as the moon to shine upon Enkanomiya, leading the people who dwelt there up to the surface. As such, the Sango Pearls are akin to sacred relics to some. The “pearls and waves” of the Sangonomiya emblem are said to come from these very waves that embraced Watatsumi and the bright gem that gave it light.


While these pearls can be used for ascension, finding them isn’t the easiest thing. After all, there are two requirements that need to be fulfilled. First of all, there needs to be Watatsumi Coral around and for the coral to grow, secondly, there needs to be water. While Watatsumi Island is full of water bodies, Sango Pearls can’t be found near all of them. A good thing is that most pearls can be found in groups of two.

Watatsumi Island

To begin your search, teleport to the Sangonomiya Shrine. From there, head down to the bridge that connects to the mountain in front of the shrine. You’ll find two pearls there. Then, head down to the small, u-shaped landform surrounding the water vortex. If you walk by the shores of the river that feeds into the vortex, you’ll find a good number of pearls there.

Make sure you take a round of the entire bank. Sometimes, a few pearls can be found near smaller waterfalls as well.

After that, you want to make sure that you move from one island to another to get all the pearls. You may encounter Spectres, Nobushi and Kairigi during your search.

Heart of Watatsumi

Sango Pearl in Heart of Watatsumi

As you can see on the map above, some pearls seemed to be located on the water surrounding the island. This is because they are actually inside a small underground shrine known as the Heart of Watatsumi. It can only be unlocked once you finish the world quest series The Moon-Bathed Deep.

Once the shrine is unlocked, you can visit it anytime. However, there is no waypoint there and the opening of the shrine is located next to a waterfall. If you’re actively farming for Sango Pearls, it would be best to put a portable Waypoint within the shrine to access it more easily.

Suigetsu Pool

Suigetsu Pool is a dangerous area to roam around in due to the number of Ruin Sentinels and Ruin Guards there. Thankfully, since most of them are deactivated except for the few patrolling the shore, you can move around there easily.

To get the Sango Pearl in this area, you’ll first have to unlock the domain Palace in a Pool. When that is done, the water blocking your path will disappear. The Sango Pearls are located in the underground pathway.


Sango Pearls can also be found in the new region of Enkanomiya. To find them, all you need to do is teleport to Serpent’s Bowels. While the location at the entrance of Enkanomiya is enemy-free, the second location is not.

In the second location you’ll find deactivated Ruin Sentinels. Now, if you still close to the walls, they shouldn’t notice you and activate. However, be prepared for fight them off, just in case.

With that, you’ll have covered all the areas where Sango Pearls can be found. When they respawn in two-three days, you can start farming again.

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