Sayu Quick TL;DR Team Comp Guide!

Sayu (your residential Beyblade enthusiast)

Sayu learned how to be a ninja so she could hide and sleep…..

Element: Anemo

Weapon: Claymore


Consistent Anemo procsDecent healsStrong with EM build
Has EM as her hidden statGenerates a lot of particlesDecent AoE
High mobilityExtremely easy to gear/play


Q is 80 costCan get interrupted/knocked out of ESmall ledges/slopes can cause E to stop
Can have DPS downtime between E CD + burstsFocused on EM so heals are lackluster

PSA #1: This will be for her Beyblade build, where it focuses on off-field abilities while rolling around with Sayu E to proc massive reaction damage. It’s mainly a “meme” build, but still pretty effective! Enablers on your team don’t need to be so EM focused, since Sayu will be the one proc’ing most of them via Swirl/infused E! There are many variations, but this is one of the more easy ones to run!

  • Can be used as the “main DPS” when bursts and Sayu E are on CD
  • Her Q can proc and spread Electro to nearby enemies + provides much needed DMG reduction
  • Most optimal at C2 as it provides a shield + more Electro bounces, but can work at C0 as well
  • Guoba can deal massive Pyro damage while also providing decent particle generation
  • Xiangling’s Q used to be a massive pain due to 80 cost, but with 4x Emblem build it’s up much faster
  • Her Q may seem awkward to use with Sayu’s E, but you only need to proc Pyro with it, then run into enemies with Sayu ball to proc reaction
  • CAN BE REPLACED WITH BENNETT FOR HIS Q OR XINYAN E (just make sure to get level 3 E off)
  • Extremely low E CD + basically another energy battery
  • His Q cost is low + works great in tandem to Sayu’s E
  • Mainly used for massive melt comps, and pairs well with Pyro enablers in this comp
  • CAN BE REPLACED WITH QIQI OR BARBARA (be careful of being frozen though)

PSA #2: This comp is extremely fun, flexible, and really up to what reaction you’re looking to proc. If you want mainly Overloaded run it with Beidou + Fishcl + Xiangling. Or if you want massive Melt procs, run Kaeya + Qiqi + Xiangling/Bennett etc… The only downside is you will be needing to use the full Sayu E duration, which is an 11s CD, so just be keenly aware that you will have DPS downtime against tankier enemies!

Great flex slot alternatives:

  • For Melt centered Beyblade:
    • Qiqi – Her E can proc Cryo to nearby enemies + her marks (from Q) also heals you while doing so
    • Rosaria – Her low E and Q CD’s make her pretty effective, just make sure to stagger the enemies INWARDS to her Q when rolling around
    • Ganyu – When tested, not nearly as effective but her Q is decent for also infusing/proc’ing Cryo
    • Xinyan – While not nearly as consistent as Xiangling, her level 3 E shield does pulse Pyro DMG to nearby enemies
  • For Overloaded centered Beyblade:
    • Fishcl – Not as effective as Beidou, but as long as you drop Oz nearby the enemy you’re spinning around it still works!
    • Bennett – Let’s Sayu infuse Pyro a lot faster, allowing her E to naturally proc Pyro into Electro to cause Overloaded much easier
    • Lisa – Her Q radius is good, and will stagger low mobs. Also proc’s Electro quite frequently, so great as long as you can get her Q fast
  • For generalized options Beyblade:
    • Albedo – Initially thought it would be pretty bad since Geo + Anemo doesn’t do anything, but Albedo’s E can do some ridiculous damage by itself so it works with Sayu’s E
    • Barbara – Her E isn’t nearly as effective for spreading Hydro, but can still get the job done
    • Mona/Amber – Mainly for their taunts, as corralling enemies does make it easier to proc AoE Swirl + reaction damage. Otherwise pretty lackluster

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ASK QUESTIONS BELOW! I’ll try my best to respond as I know some players may not have ANY of the characters mentioned.

Hope this helped. Bye.


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