Sea Ganoderma Location Guide

Sea Ganoderma is an ascension item that was first introduced during the event Midsummer Island Adventure. Now, this item can be found all over Inazuma and is one of the region’s specialities. Since this is an ascension material, having it in your inventory is important. In this guide, we’ll be covering all the locations where Sea Ganoderma can be found and all the challenges you may face while collecting the item.

In-Game Description

A plant species that only grows in certain regions and islands of the ocean. Though it looks like a fungus of some sort, it actually comes from a substance secreted by certain soft-bodied organisms.
In the folktales told in a certain land, these mouthless, noseless creatures are the transformed souls of children who died young. As a form of punishment, they must spend endless years absorbing the elements within the sand and sea using their fragile bodies, piling them up and forming “Sea Ganoderma.” And once the Ganoderma are fully formed, they shall be harvested.

Characters that use Sea Ganoderma

These are the following characters that use Sea Ganoderma for their ascension


Sea Ganoderma can be found on every island of Inazuma as well as one location in Enkanomiya. This item grows in water and depending on the location, you can find one Sea Ganoderma or a cluster of them.

Before you start looking, it is recommended that you place Gorou in your active party. Gorou’s passive talent, Seeker of Shinies, can find all Inazuman specialities. This means that the location of the speciality will be marked on your mini-map.

If you don’t have a Gorou, that’s alright. Sea Ganoderma is easy to find as long as you’re near the water.

Narukami Island

Narukami Island is the main island of Inazuma. This is the home of Ritou, Inazuma City and the Grand Narakumi Shrine. Most of the Sea Ganoderma locations here are enemy-free which will make your search easier. However, in certain places like the one near Araumi and Kamisato Estate, you can find some Hilichurls roaming about. Whether you want to fight them or not, is up to you. Since most places have two to three Sea Ganoderma, you can easily collect them and leave.

Kannazuka Island

At the beginning of the Archon quest, Kannazuka Island was the place where most of the conflict between the Shogunate and the Resistance took place. This area also has a lot of Sea Ganoderma, most of them found in clusters. But because it is also an abandoned island, you’ll find a lot of enemies here. This area is full of Hilichurl camps, Nobushi and Kairagi.

Yashiori Island

Another abandoned island, Yashiori Island only has two locations where Sea Ganoderma can be found. The first location is near Jakotsu Mine and the second is at Fort Mumei. As always, since this is an abandoned place, there will be many enemies lurking about. Though the Fort Mumei area should be relatively empty.

Watatsumi Island

The home of the resistance, Watatsumi Island doesn’t have a lot of Sea Ganoderma locations. But it has enough that you shouldn’t skip over them. Since most of these locations are on the outer side of the island, you will find enemies there. They will range from Hilichurls to Ruin Sentinels. Suigetsu Pool itself has so many Ruin Sentinels. If you’re not in the mood for a fight, best go in with a shield.

Serai Island

Before you go venturing into Serai Island to find ascension materials, be sure to finish the quest Serai Stormchasers. Without finishing the quest, the whole area will be extremely difficult to explore. Once that is done, be prepared to encounter enemies on your search. Serai is, again, an abandoned island. It is full of Hilichurls, Kairagi, Nobushi, Ruin Sentinels and Fatui Skirmishers.

Tsurumi Island

When it comes to Tsurumi Island, you didn’t really have to finish the main quest to start collecting items. But it does make the search easier. The fog that covers certain areas disappears once the main storyline is finished. Over here, you’ll have to face not just Hilichurls but also Rifthounds. But since ascension requires at least 168 pieces of an item, you shouldn’t skip over this island.


The newly added region of Enkanomiya only has one region where Sea Ganoderma can be found. To find this place, all you have to do is take the Waypoint in Serpent’s Heart and you’re there. You’ll find up to 3 or 4 Sea Ganoderma here.

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