Second Blooming Event Complete Guide | 420 Primogems & Lisa’s FREE LIMITED-TIME Outfit

The “Second Blooming” Event is now available! Take Part to Obtain Lisa’s Outfit, A Sobriquet Under Shade, for free! Of course, there's also the usual 420 Primogems. Don't miss this chance everyone~

The “Second Blooming” Event is now available! Take Part to Obtain Lisa’s Outfit, A Sobriquet Under Shade, for free! Of course, there’s also the usual 420 Primogems. Don’t miss this chance everyone~

Gameplay Overview

Event Gameplay Duration:
January 31 at 10:00 AM – February 13 at 03:59 AM (Server Time)

Adventure Rank 20 or above
➥ Complete the Archon Quest “Song of the Dragon and Freedom”
➥ Complete Lisa’s Story Quest “Tempus Fugit Chapter: Act I”

Event Overview:
➥ From the first day of the event, a new challenge will unlock every day. A total of five challenges will be unlocked. During each challenge, you can use characters provided by the event or your own to complete 3 consecutive combat rounds. Characters who are set as “Linked” can appear during multiple rounds for their party.
➥ You must defeat all opponents within the time limit during the challenge. Complete the challenge with more time left on the counter to earn bonus points and receive medals based on your final score. Complete all challenge stages and achieve an accumulative score of 10,000 points to obtain Lisa’s outfit “A Sobriquet Under Shade.”
※ Lisa’s outfit “A Sobriquet Under Shade” will be available for purchase in the Character Outfit Shop after the end of Version 3.4, which will be priced at 1,680 Genesis Crystals.

Gameplay Details

1) Complete the Event Quest

➥ As usual, you can only start the event by completing the event quest. You can start the quest by talking to Effendi (the Sumeru Reputation NPC). It took around 8 minutes to complete the quest if you read all the conversations between Lisa and Gafoor.

2) Select the Stage

➥ Now that you finished talking to Lisa, a new event waypoint will automatically be activated in Mawtiyima Forest. Once there, talk to Gafoor once again to complete the quest and you can then enter the domain to choose the challenge.

➥ There are a total of 5 challenges, and each one will have a different Ley Line Disorder and Monster List, which can be seen on the right side of each challenge. Don’t forget you can change the Score Multiplier beside the Start button.

➥ You must defeat all opponents in the allotted time and can earn bonus points from the time you have left. You will earn different levels of insignia based (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum) on the score you obtain!

3) Create your dream teams

➥ In each Second Blooming event challenge, you must form 3 teams and engage in 3 consecutive rounds of combat. During the party formation process, the Linked characters will appear in the party multiple times per round and gain buffs.
➥ Those buffs can be seen above the Start button. So you need to choose characters in the team wisely!

➥ Each team can select two Support Skills to help them do battle. There’s not much to choose from anyway so read all the effects first before you select them for your teams.

4) Defeat all enemies

➥ Once you enter the challenge, it’s the usual combat battle where you need to defeat all enemies within the time limit.

➥ You must defeat all opponents in the allotted time and can earn bonus points from the time you have left. You will earn different levels of insignia based (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum) on the score you obtain!

➥ There is a Rearrange Character Order option before each battle, but that is actually nothing important because it only allows you to change the position of each character (1/2/3/4).

All Challenges Guides

1) My Name Is Violet

Ley Line Disorder and Monster List for Day 1
A special mark on a certain enemy = a green aura below them
24056 DMG is the shockwave damage (Maximum 4 times)

➥ For the Ley Line, when the battle starts, try to focus and defeat an enemy with the green aura below them. By killing them, you can get a Valiant State, dealing shockwave every 2 seconds (maximum 4 times before the state ends). After staring at my video recording multiple times, I can confirm that each shockwave deals 24056 Physical DMG. It’s not mind-blowing, but it will definitely help your team to complete the round faster!

Team recommendation for Day 1 (High Score: 22456)

➥ In Round 1, there are heavy enemies so Anemo CC isn’t really recommended here. Instead, create a Catalyze team to focus on two reactions: Quicken & Aggravate. The combination of Dendro and Electro is enough to annihilate all enemies.

➥ In Round 2, all the enemies are very light so bringing an Anemo CC here is extremely beneficial! That’s what I did. There are 2 Linked characters here, so those 2 must have a great reaction together.

➥ In Round 3, there are lots of Hydro-affected enemies so there are 2 best options here: either you go full Freeze team or Dendro/other elemental teams with the addition of a healer and shielder. With the Freeze team, the enemies can’t even hit you because they’re frozen most of the time. But don’t forget some Mimics will create an AoE explosion, so if you’re not confident with I-frame dodge, make sure to bring along a shielder/healer.

2) Museum of Innocence

Venti aims his Burst NOT on the Dilapidated Field

➥ One thing to note with the Ley Line Disorder, it’s quite hard to pull enemies to the Dilapidated Field with Venti unless you position him directly in front of the field, and all the enemies in front of you. If there is even one enemy behind or beside him that is much nearer than the front side, his Burst will move to the nearest target, making enemies gathered far away from the field. So Anemo CC like Kazuha and Sucrose where we can see and aim the skill and burst where to gather the enemies are much easier to control the direction.

Team recommendation for Day 2 (High Score: 22108)

➥ Overall, Venti should be the obvious choice to be linked in every round. You need that Anemo CC to gather all enemies even if they’re not in the Dilapidated Field. In Round 1, I use the Hyperbloom team. You can actually use other elements if you want, such as Pyro (especially since there is a Pyro DMG bonus buff for this challenge). The opponents are also squishy so have faith in your characters.

➥ In Round 2, the second character you need to link must be either the great support/DPS (obviously). In my case, it’s the Raiden Shogun and she works marvelously with both Alhaitham/Yelan in Round 1 and Kazuha/Nahida in Round 2. Yet again, I still use a Dendro-related team (specifically Catalyze).

➥ Since there are Rifthound, you may think you need a healer, but personally, I think even without a healer you can manage just fine because I’m sure everyone will unga-bunga everything just to complete this round as fast as possible. But of course, there’s no harm in bringing a healer, especially since there is a trial Kokomi and you can try out the Freeze/Vaporize team with her.

➥ In Round 3, I use a Freeze team because I want to use the only element that these Specters don’t have in the battle. After all, they have complete immunity with their respective elements, so Cryo it is. And yes, Pyro is also okay!

3) One of a Thousand Nights

There is no mark on the active character showing they have the buff

➥ This Ley Line is probably the best out of previous stages because it buffs your active character (deal 80% more damage) instead of marking enemies and a random field like the stages before. You can 100% take advantage of the buff as long as you don’t change your active character. After all, it said ‘current’ active character, so the buff may disappear if you change the active character when the Heightened Verve state starts (Correct me if I’m wrong).

Team recommendation for Day 3 (High score: 24180)

➥ For the first 2 characters in Round 1 and Round 2, make sure it’s a great duo that you are used to (in my case, it’s Hu Tao and Yelan). The third character in Round 1 can be another Pyro character to remove the shield of Frostarm Lawachurl more easily. For the last character, I suggest using Raiden Shogun so she will be added in Round 3 which I will explain below.

➥ In Round 2, the third character slot is recommended to be an Anemo CC because you can use them to group the Shroom in Round 2 and Primal Construct in Round 3. For the last slot, you can put whoever you want, as long as they have a great synergy with the others!

➥ In Round 3, I suggest a Catalyze team so you can inflict Quicken on Primal Construct that manages to enter invisibility mode. That is the reason I ask to put Raiden here. Now that you have an Electro and Anemo character, you only need one more Dendro character and another flex character to complete the team!

4) Cavemen

Pivot opponent is marked by the green aura below them
Shockwave deals 60140 Physical DMG to all opponents

➥ The 4th stage of Ley Line Disorder is almost similar to the 1st stage where a certain enemy will be marked by a green aura below them and will release a shockwave after being defeated. The difference here is that there can only be one shockwave here (the 1st stage has a maximum of 4 times), but the number is higher than one shockwave in the 1st stage. Here’s an unneeded calculation if you’re confused:
1st stage: 4 shockwaves, each dealing 24056 DMG
4th stage: 1 shockwave, dealing 60140 DMG

➥ Clearly, the total damage from the shockwave of the 1st stage is higher but that doesn’t mean you should underestimate the Ley Line in the 4th stage. It’s still beneficial for your team because it will affect all enemies on the battlefield. So make sure to defeat the Pivot enemy first before others.

Team recommendation for Day 4 (High score: 22772)

➥ In Round 1, I recommend the Freeze team because there is a Thunderhelm Lawachurl with an Electro shield there. Of course, it is also weak against Pyro, but since there is a Pyro Abyss Mage, I think Hydro+Cryo is the better option here. For the two linked characters, Anemo is the best option here in my opinion. You can add Venti/Sucrose in the first linked character, and Kazuha in the second linked character. Kazuha’s skill is beneficial in Round 3 later.

➥ In Round 2, use Xiao as the main DPS with the help of previous Venti/Sucrose as Anemo CC to help gather enemies. You are free to add the last two characters that can help deal off-field damage while Xiao does his Burst. I choose Overload because Raiden Shogun and Xiangling are a great combination and fast to recharge Burst (Xiangling). Sure, enemies might get knocked back a lot because of the explosion, but that’s where the Anemo CC comes in and helps gather them all again.

➥ In Round 3, you will get Xiao and Kazuha again. Obviously, Xiao is the DPS again and Kazuha is the Anemo CC. I mentioned before that Kazuha’s Skill is useful here and that is because of the 3 different Abyss Mages here. With his Skill + Burst, you can destroy their shields super fast. Sucrose is good too but I won’t recommend Venti because only his Burst can be used for Swirl and that is if he didn’t aim at the wrong spot again. For the last two characters, I just add buffers like Bennett and Faruzan so Xiao can do massive damage without any care for the world. 👍

5) Street Spirit

12028 True DMG to all other Coalesced enemies

➥ The Ley Line on the last day is neither good nor bad. It’s neutral to me. Every enemy you will meet has Coalesced, and if you deal any damage to them, there will be a white thunder lightning that will deal True DMG to all other Coalesced opponents on the field. In the image above, you can see that each lightning deals 12028 DMG, while it’s very small, it can be triggered once every 2 seconds, which makes the cumulative damage quite decent.

Team recommendation for Day 5 (High Score: 23132)

➥ In Round 1, I suggest bringing Kamisato Ayato and Raiden Shogun National Team. Start with Raiden’s E > Bennett’s Burst > Xingqiu Q & E > Ayato’s E & Normal Attack. Once Ayato’s Normal Attack ends, you can immediately use his Burst and then switch to Raiden’s Burst. Repeat this rotation and you can defeat the enemies in no time.

➥ In Round 2, the Eremites will spawn first so prioritize the Scorching Loremaster and let the others chase after you. Since Xingqiu and Bennett are in the team, bring another two duos that are independent of them (can still work without XQ and Benny) but can still work together (in my case it’s Hu Tao and Yelan). If you’re using a trial character, then Yoimiya is great here, in addition to another character that can buff her.

➥ In Round 3, there are 3 enemies per wave and they spawn very far from each other, so bringing along one Anemo CC is recommended. As I mentioned before, my Hu Tao and Yelan are a great duo so they can work out just fine without any other buffers (My Kazuha is just a decoration, I didn’t use him). If you bring Yoimiya, make sure there is another character that can trigger elemental reactions with her for more damage!

Gameplay Rewards

➥ Don’t forget to manually claim your rewards from the event page. By completing all the event challenges, you will get the following rewards:
1. 420 Primogems
2. 21 Hero’s Wit
3. 300000 Mora
4. 15 Weapon Ascension Materials (5 of 3 different types)
5. 25 Mystic Enhancement Ores
6. 2 Adventurer’s Experience
7. 4 Wanderer’s Advice

8. Lisa’s New Outfit: A Sobriquet Under Shade


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