Seiraimaru Ship: ‘Davy Jones’ Achievement

genshin impact 2.1 davy jones achievement seirai island seiraimaru ship

Seirai Island is home to new treasure and lore. On the thunderous land, make way for “Seiraimaru”, a large shipwrecked boat with memory games and puzzles for rewards.

seiraimaru ship puzzle genshin impact 2.1 achievement davy jones

Hop onto the main deck of the ship.

Four wheels, a sealed chest and tattered notes with clues awaits. Unsealing the chest opens a passageway into the bowels of the wreckage. It’s a straightforward solve. ‘Where sword and halberd meet, your treasure doth you greet’.

Rotate the wheels until they point into a ‘box’ shape.

seiraimaru ship genshin impact puzzle

The chest unseals and a cutscene plays.

Take a look around until you find an Electrogranum sitting on a hill nearby. Grab its power but don’t go flying into the sky. Drop off the hill to the ground instead. The bottom of the ship you opened is there.

genshin impact seiraimaru ship puzzle

Follow The Seelie

Running inside, there are many platforms on the ground and another sealed chest. Bypass them all and find the seelie floating near the wreckage by the far wall. Follow it through the barrier and up a collapsed deck. You’ll find a chest.

genshin impact seiraimaru ship achievement puzzle davy jones
genshin impact seiraimaru ship puzzle davy jones achievement

After you open the chest, you receive 1 Rust-Worn Key.

The seelie disappears through a door up ahead. Continue to follow it all the way around the second level of the ship until you reach a second door at the end. Reaching this new door, use the key. Inside is another four-wheel puzzle. Solve it the same as the first and grab the treasures of the chest.

genshin impact seiraimaru ship davy jones puzzle achievement

Chasing the seelie through the next door, it will then vanish into the boards of the deck.

Match The Tiles

If you search the area of the ship after the seelie disappears, you’ll find another set of tattered notes. These hint that by matching the unlit tiles on the ground, the way to the seelie can be found. It’s a simple memory game and fairly easy to figure out.

genshin impact seiraimaru ship davy jones puzzle achievement

Once all tiles have been matched, the floorboards where the seelie went collapses. The sealed chest also unlocks for you to collect.

Now, head further down.

More tiles need to be matched, but you don’t have to do it right away. Go to where the seelie leads. It passes through another sealed door. You need to find 1 Intact Key. It’s towards the rear of the ship inside a Common Chest and also in something of a hole.

genshin impact seiraimaru ship puzzle achievement davy jones inazuma

Match the tiles if you like after you have the key! Once you succeed with the matching, the back of the ship blows out and you get access to a cave of Fatui and samurai, as well as a Precious Chest.

genshin impact 2.1 davy jones achievement seiraimaru ship seirai island quest

To earn the ‘Davy Jones’ achievement, however, you need to finish following the seelie first.

Unlock the door with your new-found key. The last four-wheel puzzle is inside. As you finish, the achievement is immediately given and you get the sealed chest waiting in the middle.

genshin impact davy jones inazuma achievement seiraimaru ship puzzle
inazuma achievement 2.1 genshin impact davy jones seiraimaru ship

Go up the stairs and climb up the ladder, opening the door to the outdoors and top of the ship. The seelie will lead the way to one final chest.

genshin impact davy jones achievement seiraimaru ship 2.1 quest

The shipwrecked boat and its cave are now yours to explore as you please.

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