Serenitea Pot Quick TL;DR Tips & Tricks

With 1.5 comes a new housing feature called the “Serenitea Pot…,” and it can be overwhelming making sure you do everything — here’s some quick tips:

If you’re looking for a Wood Farming guide, check here!

I’ll get straight to it!

General Overview + Tips:

In your gadget menu. Use it to genie warp into your humble abode

This little fat bundle of joy is where you access all the goods. Here’s a quick rundown of what everything is for:

Trust Rank: Progress system to help increase access to unlock more slots for creating furniture, access to more goods in realm depot, and overall boost Realm Currency rate.

Higher your Adeptal Energy, the higher your Realm Currency rate is per hour
Don’t forget to click on Trust Rank every day to claim the currency from this golden jar

PSA #1: How do I raise my Adeptal Energy 2Board? — Start slapping down all the furniture you have/crafted

Literally, that’s the only way to increase Adeptal Energy: place furniture. This can be both outside and inside furniture (don’t forget to enter the free mansion they gave you and place interior furniture)!

Switch Realm Style: Later on, you’ll be able to unlock the other styles that were shown, so don’t worry about this for now.

Create Furnishing: When you unlock recipes, you can craft them here. First time crafting a new recipe will give you Trust Rank EXP, so make sure to craft at least one copy of each to progress. Higher the quality of the recipe, the more it will grant.

This will show on top of recipes you’re crafting for the first time
Little icon shows on the top right to show which will grant Trust Rank EXP on first craft

Realm Depot: Where you can spend Realm Currency to buy materials, pre-built furniture, or furniture recipes.


1) Use your Vial of Adeptal Speed to instantly finish first craft for each furniture – This will allow you to quickly level Trust Rank, allowing you to unlock a second crafting slot for furniture. Not to mention then you can place created furniture to increase Adeptal Energy, which leads to increasing Realm Currency. You can also buy 5 vials from Tubby in Realm Depot every time it refreshes/restocks + get more every time you rank up Trust.

2) Craft and place everything and try to hit Trust Rank 4 quick – I cannot stress this enough. This will allow you to unlock a third furniture crafting slot + quickly generate more Realm Currency. You’ll be about 540/1000 EXP to hitting Rank 4 from the free recipes they give you, so you’ll have to buy a few recipes from the Depot to finish up!

Other than that, just make sure to save up some Realm Currency for the merchant that visits during the weekend to grab some neato stuff.

Hope this helped explain how the Serenitea update works! Lets see some crazy designs and layouts 😁


I spend too much time filling out spreadsheets for incoherent data, but at least I can turn them into guides :P

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