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Serenitea Pot is the housing system in Genshin Impact. Players can access their house or friend’s in Co-Op Mode by using the Serenitea Pot gadget awarded after reaching Adventure Rank 35 and completing the quest A Teapot to Call Home. You also need to have completed the Archon Quest and Chapter I Act III: A New Star Approaches.


Inazuma Wood and Gardening Guide

I’ll get straight to it! With the introduction of Inazuma, new furniture and features have been introduced to the Serenitea Pot! On top of the 7 existing wood types, 2.0 introduced 4 new wood...

Serenitea Pot Quick TL;DR Tips & Tricks 0

Serenitea Pot Quick TL;DR Tips & Tricks

With 1.5 comes a new housing feature called the “Serenitea Pot…,” and it can be overwhelming making sure you do everything — here’s some quick tips: If you’re looking for a Wood Farming guide,...