Serpent Head Stone Puzzle Guide

serpent head puzzle genshin gate

The Serpent Head on Yashiori Island is pretty hard to miss. It’s also deeply involved in several world quests and achievements Inazuma has to offer. Complete the puzzle of Serpent Head and learn more about the lore of the island and those who once lived on it.

Go beneath the skull of the fossilized snake. A large square gate is in the ground.

serpent head stone puzzle

Run around the outside of its mouth. Two Electroculi sit on the right and left of its jaw teeth. One at a time, follow the Electroculi to the top of the serpent’s head. When both reach their designation, a small scene plays, showcasing the gate below as it opens.

serpent head puzzle genshin
serpent head stone puzzle genshin

Glide into its depths and claim the Electroculus. The second gate is locked. Run around the corner and pull the switch against the wall.

Search everything in the tiny area. You find an Unsealed Letter. It’s a letter written to Chouji who you helped in the world quest, Gazing Three Thousand Miles Away, and it’s from his mother.

Previously, his mother disappeared in a search for her husband, leaving Chouji behind. In the letter, his mother urges Chouji not to follow after her and to look after himself. She is deeply regretful but full of love for her family and son. Moreover, she asks that Chouji wait for her return.

The mystery of Chouji’s mother and her fate grows darker and players are again left with more questions than answers.

The Gate Puzzle

Descend through the now opened third gate. A Ruin Cruiser wakes.

serpent head puzzle genshin

Following its defeat, go to the lattice of gates that keep you from the open ground underneath. Five switches are around it. Pull them in the order below:

serpent head puzzle genshin

If you make a mistake, reset the puzzle using the center switch.

Puzzle solved, glide into the cave. Waiting below is a Kairagi kneeling before a tomb.

This tomb is a part of the They Shall Not Grow Old Hidden Achievement. Fight the Kairagi. Afterwards, continue to the water. An Electroculi and switch are at the gate. Swim to the switch, pull it and follow the Electroculi out.

Chase it to where a Common Chest sits on a mound of earth.

The Serpent Head’s puzzle is complete!

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