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Assist the Amurta researcher who is collecting data by using an item called the Inscribed Mirror. Find and recover small animals to complete said experiment.

Assist the Amurta researcher who is collecting data by using an item called the Inscribed Mirror. Find and recover small animals to complete said experiment.

Gameplay Overview

Event Gameplay Duration:
➥ August 3, 2023, 10:00:00 – August 14, 2023, 03:59:59

➥ Adventure Rank 20 or above

Event Overview:
➥ There are a total of 6 stages and a new stage will be unlocked each day for the first 6 days of the event.
➥ During the event, use the Inscribed Mirror around the wooden signs and the devices linked to the Inscribed Mirror will show you what the small animals that have connected to the item are seeing.
➥ After using the Inscribed Mirror, you can adjust your camera angle to observe your surroundings and improve the accuracy of your search.
➥ Use that information to find and retrieve all the small animals. Complete the stage objectives to obtain the corresponding rewards.

Gameplay Details

Inscribed Mirror Gadget

This is what the Dusk Bird is seeing right now

➥ After you use the Inscribed Mirror, you can see what the small experimental creatures can see, and thus locate them. You can adjust your camera angle to observe your surroundings and improve the accuracy of your search.
➥ Important: Once again, when using the gadget, you will see the Point of View (PoV) of the animal.

➥ Make sure you interact with the signboard to start the challenge. If you don’t, well, you will never be able to start the challenge then. Also don’t forget to equip the Inscribed Mirror gadget.

➥ When nearing any small animals that you need to find, there will be a small paw icon so you can see them clearly.

Shared Sight

Important: When you use the gadget, you might get some other area from the order of my guide, but all the animals’ locations are the same for everyone. In addition, the animals can only appear one at a time so you need to find the previous one before finding the next one.

1) Eyes Hidden Behind Trees

Morton (Dusk Bird)

Clue: Has enjoyed hanging out in high places ever since it returned from roaming around Avidya Forest.
➥ At the southeast edge of the map. On top of a huge tree root, facing southeast towards the Gandharva Ville.

Nils (Dusk Bird)

Clue: Always sneaking bites from the plate. *sigh* I wish it’d stay further away from people.
➥ At the southwest edge of the map. On top of a thin tree root (low altitude, near the river), facing the Statue of the Seven.

Wilbur (Shroomboar)

Clue: Seems to be really interested in running water, if the amount of time it spends staring at waterfalls is any indication.
➥ At the northwest edge of the map. On top of a hill facing the water to the northwest.

2) Figure Standing Atop the Dunes

Ashe (Desert Fox)

Clue: It likes the sound of its own footsteps and will deliberately run across the floor to hear them. The lab has received many complaints from downstairs because of it.
➥ When you first start the challenge, look southeast and you will see a Hilichurl hut (with a Four-Leaf Sigils on top of it). Go inside there for the fox.

Arca (Sacred Ibis)

Clue: Caution is a positive trait, sure, but couldn’t you at least remember the hand that feeds you, Arca?
➥ Get out of the hut and head further southeast at the edge of the map (past an oasis), and you will find the Sacred Ibis.

Samir (Desert Fox)

Clue: A treacherous, cunning thing that’s always eyeing up the small birds in the lab. I’ll need to keep an eye on this one.
➥ This one is far at the north edge of the map, and you need to use Four-Leaf Sigils to reach it faster than climbing. Look for the flowers (you can see from the fox’s vision) instead of the fox because you might miss the small animal.

3) Discovery on a Lakeside Stroll

Scrubba (Crimson Fox)

Clue: A neat freak. It will even knock over water basins to take a bath. If I had to guess, it should be near a lake somewhere.
➥ Once you start the challenge, head northwest towards the triplet statue to find the Crimson Fox. These statues are a great landmark because the other 2 animals also can see them from their position.

Long Beak (Azure Crane)

Clue: A rather prideful creature. But I’d say that it prefers literally looking down on people more than it really likes high spots.
➥ Turn south and you will see a wind current in front of a huge statue. Ride the wind current and glide west towards the mountain. This crane is a bit hidden behind bushes so keep an eye out on the white creature.

Orby (Crimson Finch)

Clue: Closer to humans, and often rides on everyone’s shoulders. It’s been trained, so it won’t get carried off by just anyone… I think?
➥ From the previous location, head back to the statue and you can see the small finch on its shoulder.

4) Snowy Silhouette

Renart (Snow Fox)

Clue: A smart girl who sometimes plays tricks on the people in the lab. Gotta keep an eye on this one.
➥ Once you start the challenge, head southeast towards the lone tree with a sword stabbed in front of it. The fox can be seen staring at the sword.

Cristo (Snow Fox)

Clue: Friends with “Ashe.” It often holds races in the room. It seems to be winning more these days, so it’s been quite pleased with itself.
➥ From the previous location, head west towards the hill. You need to climb that hill until you reach the edge of the map. From the fox’s location, it can see the red tree so focus on spotting the huge tree before searching for the fox because it blend in so well with the colors of the surrounding.

Gustav (Snowboar)

Clue: It has very high standards when it comes to food, always grunting before eating. It also refuses to drink water from the lab.
➥ From the hill, glide down toward the northeast where you can see a small waterfall with a broken pillar in the water. The snowboar is staring at the waterfall.

5) Opportunity From On High

Chirpy (Crimson Finch)

Clue: It’s so small and cute! Hehe, it’s a little hard to spot when it huddles into a ball, but what matters is that it’s cute!
➥ From the spot you spawn in the challenge location, head north toward the construction crane with the large hook. The finch is on top of the beam beside the crane but since it’s too small, focus on searching the crane first.

Nightcall (Crimson Fox)

Clue: It enjoys playing with a ball while shrieking happily in the dead of night. It’s lively, but it’s also kinda noisy…
➥ Go back to the spawn location before, and step the rock that can provide you with high jumping ability to jump and climb the top of the mountain on the south (really near to the waypoint on the mini-map).

Bottle Pecker (Azure Crane)

Clue: The sight of it spreading its wings in flight is beautiful, but it always ends up in hard-to-find places. Is this what they call being an introvert?
➥ From the previous mountain, glide to the northeast towards the hanging compartment and you will see the crane.

6) Reflecting Gliding Over the Starry Lake

Cole (Scarletbeak Duck)

Clue: Very clingy and likes to swim. It’s the straightforward type, so best to be careful should it hop up onto your knees…
➥ From the spot you started, head southwest towards the pond surrounding the Statue of the Seven and you can see the duck floating on it.

Chesterton (Squirrel)

Clue: It looks like it’s staring blankly a lot of the time but it’s actually lost in thought. I sure hope it’s not thinking of any dangerous ones.
➥ From the pond, look north and you should see a wind current. Go there and glide towards the highest cliff before descending to the next cliff northwest.

Agatha (Squirrel)

Clue: Likes fruit, and often snatches fruit from the other animals. To be honest, it might be better to just let it eat its fill before coming back.
➥ Go back to the wind current from before and near it is a tree with the squirrel on top of it.

Gameplay Rewards

➥ Don’t forget to manually claim your rewards from the event page. By completing all the event challenges, you will get the following rewards:

  1. Primogem x420
  2. Hero’s Wit x24
  3. Weapon Enhancement Material x24
  4. Mora x250000
  5. Adventurer’s Experience x4

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