Shitoki’s Treasure Hidden Quest Guide

After finishing the world quest series Through the Storm, travellers will find many hidden quests throughout Tsurumi Island. Shitoki’s Gift is one such quest. Once you finish this quest, not only will you be able to help Shitoki’s spirit move on but also reap some rewards.

Finding Shitoki

To find the quest, teleport to the Statue of the Seven in Tsurumi Island. From there on, instead of looking for a ghost, look for a sea conch. Head south towards the Waverider Waypoint. You’ll find the conch there.

Once you pick up the conch, you won’t hear anything but Shitoki’s ghost will appear. As he starts talking, he’ll seem rather distressed. It seems that he is short on time but before he leaves, he wants to find the treasure his brother left for him. Before the island was destroyed, his brother had left and never returned.

After his ghost disappears, you’ll receive a treasure map pointing to the next conch location.

Moshiro Ceremonial Site

The second conch can be found near the Moshiro Ceremonial Site. Teleport using the waypoint there and then head north. As you reach the edge, glide down and look around for two electro abyss mages who’ll be guarding a remarkable chest.

You’ll find the conch hidden among some old pots.

Note that you don’t have to fight the abyss mages. While the conch is hidden near them, it’s not close enough for them to notice you.

Autake Plains

Teleport to Autake Plains and then head west. The next conch can be found lying in the ruins of a broken ship. However, when you go to retrieve them, it is likely that you’ll be noticed by the Rifthounds that roam about in that area. Make sure to keep a healer on hand to get around the corrosion effect.

Shirikoro Peak

Teleport to Shirikoro Peak and glide all the way down into the cavern. From there, check around every Thunder Sakura Bough that you find. The next conch is hidden near it.

Find Shitoki’s brother’s treasure

Once you have all the conches, teleport back to the Statue of the Seven. You’ll find Shitoki near it. Talk to him and he’ll be delighted to see that all the treasure locations have been found. He’ll then be ready to leave the island with the boatman.

After he’s gone, you’ll receive the full map instead of just fragments. From here, teleport to Mt Kanna. Inside, next to the statue of the Thunderbird, you’ll be able to find the treasure along with a letter left behind by Shitoki’s brother.

You will receive 30 Primogems, 20,000 Mora and 2 Hero’s Wit.

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