Snapshots World Quest and Kamera Gadget Guide

Snapshots is a new World Quest available in Liyue Harbor with the version 1.2 patch. It rewards you with a gadget called the Kamera, that allows you to conveniently take your Genshin Impact screenshots without limitation! Here is our quick walkthrough of the quest, how to obtain and use this handy item.

Snapshots World Quest

Xu at Liyue Harbor (Feiyun Slope near the northern Teleport Waypoint) will be offering a new World Quest as of patch 1.2, called Snapshots. Once you accept the quest, he will give you two Kamera Picture items to deliver to NPCs.

Xu from Liyue Harbor’s Feiyun Commerce Guild is currently in a pickle… Two customers came to have their pictures taken, but he forgot to write their names on the back of their pictures, and now has no way to deliver the pictures to the customers. So he has turned to you for help. According to him, you should be able to find the customers’ locations by studying the pictures taken by the Kamera.

Deliver the picture to the customer

The first customer is Tea Master Liu Su, located on the third level opposite side of the Northland Bank.

The next one is Granny Shan, near the right Teleport Waypoint of Liyue Harbor.

Report back to Xu

Once that is all done, go back to Xu and obtain your quest rewards:

  • 20000 Mora
  • 2 Hero’s Wit
  • Kamera
  • 20 Liyue Reputation

Kamera Gadget

Kamera Gadget

The Kamera can be found in the Gadget tab of your Inventory, and can be equipped like the other Gadgets. Unlike the other ones, you don’t need to craft it and you can use it as much as you like!

Using it will take a screenshot of the game, similar to the take photo function in your main menu and will save it your default screenshot folder. For PC, go to:

Genshin Impact > Genshin Impact Game > ScreenShot

The key difference between the other screenshot function in the game is that you can press your Gadget hotkey at any point. However, you won’t have the finer controls such as being able to set your pose or expressions.

Kamera Screenshots

Here are some great examples of players using their Kamera to their full potential!

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