Solitary Sea-Beast World Quest Guide

Solitary Sea-Beast is a world quest in Genshin Impact that can be found on Watatsumi Island. Added with the 2.1 update, follow this guide to know how to finish the quest with ease.

Activate the Quest

To activate the quest, teleport to Mouun Shrine in Watatsumi Island. From there, glide down to the beach and find an NPC named Kuni. She will be standing next to the bones of a large sea creature.

When you speak to Kuni, she will tell you that the creature is known as the Umibouzu. The people of Narakumi island believe that these sea creatures are dangerous as they attack ships and rob fishermen of their catch. Because of this, they have been hunting the Umibouzu. However, on Watatsumi Island, the locals see the Umibouzu as unique creatures and give every single one of them an individual name.

The remains near Kuni are in fact the remains of an Umibouzu she considered her friend. While she grew up in Narukami Island, she returned for her friend only to find out it was too late. Since Kuni cannot go back to Narukami Island because of the war, she will ask the traveller to bring her Sakura blooms.

From here, your quest begins.

Finding Sakura Blooms

Sakura Bloom‘s are ascension materials currently used by Kamisato Ayaka. They can be found on Narukami Island, especially in Mt Yugou and the Grand Narukami Shrine.

When you find a Sakura Bloom, initially the petals will be floating in the air. To collect them, you need to use an electro attack (Fischl is recommended for this). You can also summon an electrogranum and run into the petals.

Once you’ve collected the Sakura Bloom, teleport back to Mouun Shrine and hand them over to Kuni.

Saving Anisa

After you give the Sakura Bloom to Kuni, she will ask you for another favour. Recently, there has been an increase in Hilichurl activity near the beach and a researcher from Sumeru ended up going in that direction. Unfortunately, she has yet to return.

Using the navigation, head to the other side of the beach to save Anisa from the hilichurls. During this part of the quest, hilichurls will come in two waves, consisting of normal hilichurls, electro samachurls and a mitachurl.

Defeat them and then talk to Anisa.

The Totems

Anisa will tell you that she is a trainee at Sumeru Academia’s Oceanographic Society. Then, she will go off on a tangent about why people love to solve puzzles before asking for your help. There, in the Hilichurl camp is a Watatsumi statue along with elemental totems.

While she does tell you to head into the shed to look for clues on how to solve the puzzle, the shed is surrounded by an electro shield. Unfortunately, to enter, your electrogranum level has to be pretty high.

But not to worry, guides like this exist to help you in times like this.

To activate the puzzle, you have to first light up the elemental totems. There is a Hydro totem and two Electro Totems. One of the Electro Totems is partially within the Electro Shield, however, if you use Fishcl’s charged shot, it will go through.

Once all the totems have been lit up, a platform will appear before you.

The Tile Puzzle

When you step onto the platform, a Light-Up Tile Puzzle will appear before you. The idea is simple. When you step onto a tile, it will light up. If you come back to it, the light will turn off. So, you have to pick a path through which you can light up all the tiles without stepping down or jumping. There will also be one tile that has a blue barrier. That has to be the last tile you step onto.

For this puzzle in particular, when you reach the statue the first time, pray to it and a new set of tiles will emerge from the water. From there, step onto these tiles. When you reach the statue the second time, pray to it again to make more tiles appear.

Once you solve the puzzle, an exquisite chest will appear. Collect that and talk to Anisa again.

The Conclusion

With Anisa with you, head back to Kuni and talk to her. Once you’re there, she will go and place a flower wreath on her friend’s remains.

As she starts talking about how the Umibouzu has died, Anisa will inform her that she’s wrong. Looking at the structure of the pelvic bones of the Umibouzu, she informs Kuni that her friend probably had multiple children. And once she had reached the end of her life, she willingly came to this beach to let Kuni know that she was at peace.

Hearing this Kuni becomes emotional and hopes that one day, she can befriend the Umibouzu’s children. Anisa expresses that she would like to do the same and then Kuni offers to let her stay at her home.

With that, the quest will come to an end and you will unlock the achievement A Mermaid’s Tale.

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