Spiral Abyss Floor 10 Complete Guide

Having a hard time with Spiral Abyss Floor 10 in Genshin Impact? This guide will help you with general tips and tricks to complete that 9 stars!
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With the new Fontaine Region, Spiral Abyss F10 finally has a new set of enemies to face. Comparing this floor to the 9th floor, there is a small increase in difficulty as enemies have a higher level and are far more powerful than the usual mobs. But there aren’t too many Clockwork Mekas on this floor so you don’t have to worry about bringing any Pneuma/Ousia characters.

Blessing of the Abyssal Moon 

The current Blessing of the Abyssal Moon (Image via Genshin Impact)

Reminder: Blessing of the Abyssal Moon will change every refresh cycle and may not be updated here. But the enemies list and strategy will remain the same.

When a character recovers HP, that character gains 10% increased ATK for 10s. Max 3 stacks. Each stack will be counted independently. When a character loses HP, that character gains 40 Elemental Mastery for 10s. Max 3 stacks. Each stack will be counted independently. The effects from recovering and losing HP are independent from each other, and stacks are counted independently.

This Blessing is a universal one that every character on your team will benefit from. You can gain different buffs depending on whether your character loses HP or recovers HP. You can time when your character will receive a healing but you can’t time the character’s lost HP (unless your character loses HP when using their Skill/Burst like Kuki Shinobu/Hutao/etc.) so taking some damage is actually beneficial in this floor if it means getting the extra EM.

Ley Line Disorder

Ley Line Disorder for Floor 10 (Image via Genshin Impact)

Character deals 50% increased DMG to opponents affected by Hydro.
A Hydro Support character that can inflict Hydro on enemies off-field like Barbara, Xingqiu, and Kokomi is great here. Even better if you bring along a Hydro DPS like Childe or Ayato since they will stay on the field much longer and can inflict Hydro on enemies easily, taking full advantage of the Ley Line.

Team Recommendations

Since the Ley Line Disorder provides a 50% DMG bonus when your characters are attacking Hydro-affected enemies, bringing along at least one Hydro character is really beneficial for the whole floor. Anemo CC isn’t really needed because proper prioritization can make you focus on the correct enemies, but bringing along one Anemo CC is definitely gonna make the whole battle easier.

If you only have one Anemo CC and want to bring them along, bring them to the First Half because it has many mobs that can be crowd-controlled compared to the Second Half that lacks mobs that can be pulled with Anemo Vortex. In fact, it’s better if you bring a single-target DPS in the Second Half because there are not many mobs here, and often has one to two high-level Elite Enemies.

Team Example for F2P

Team example for free-to-play (Image via Genshin Impact)

Team Example for Veteran

Team example for veteran (Image via Genshin Impact)

Benediction of the Abyss

Benediction of the Abyss is the buffs provided to you before challenging each chamber in the shape of three cards. There are three types of buff durations:

  1. Effective this floor: The buff will last for all 3 chambers of that floor (Chamber 1-3)
  2. Effective this chamber: The buff will last for that chamber only (1 Chamber only)
  3. Effective immediately: Happens immediately. Normally just a party heal (1 Chamber only)
Benediction for Floor 10 (Image via HoYoverse)

I recommend you pick the ‘Effective this floor’ for the first two chambers. This is to get the most out of the Benediction and buff your team for the last chamber, which is the hardest one. Then, for the last chamber, you can pick any buff that you think is the best for your current team.

Remember that Benediction refreshes daily. So if you are unsatisfied with the current buff, you can always wait for the next day (Daily Reset at 4 AM) for it changes to another set. There are various Benedictions in the game, but you will get any of them randomly.

Floor 10 Chamber 1

First Half

List of enemies for Chamber 1 First Half (Image via SoraHoshina)

1st Wave: 2 Pyroslinger Bracer, Nimble Harvester Mek – Ousia & Treasure Hoarders: Gravedigger, Seaman, Handyman

Trick the Fatui Pyroslinger so he jumps back to the Meka
  • There is only one wave here and in this wave, all enemies spawn far from each other except the 3 at the front. Those 3 at the front are very slow so you need to approach them instead. When the challenge starts, go to either Pyroslinger Bracer and face him so that his back is towards the Mek and another Pyroslinger. This way, when you get too close to his personal space, he will jump back towards the other two. All the Treasure Hoarders will chase after you so don’t worry about them and focus on the Fatui first.
  • Nimble Harvester Mek (Ousia) doesn’t really pose a threat because it only throws dirt toward you, albeit dealing Geo DMG. The Fatui Pyroslinger is more troublesome because it can create a Pyro shield around himself (which can be removed easily if you bring a Hydro character).

Second Half

List of enemies for Chamber 1 Second Half (Image via SoraHoshina)

1st Wave: Construction Specialist Mek – Pneuma & 2 Geological Survey Mek – Pneuma

Let your back face the wall
  • There is only one wave here and in this wave, all enemies spawn near each other and all of them are Pneuma-type. But the combination of their attacks can cause Vaporize on your character.
  • When the challenge starts, go to the front area and let your back face the wall. This is because the Construction Specialist Mek has an ability that let it charge forward, leaving behind the other Meks. We don’t want it to stray far away, so if your back is facing the wall, the Mek will be stopped by the wall if it tries to charge forward.
  • Among all enemies, you should prioritize the 2 Geological Survey Meks (the small one) because they have far less HP and with how big the Construction Mek is, it should be able to take some collateral damage.

Floor 10 Chamber 2

First Half

List of enemies for Chamber 2 First Half (Image via SoraHoshina)

1st Wave: 2 Dendro Specter, 2 Pyro Specter & 2 Electro Specter
2nd Wave: Winged Dendroshroom, Winged Cryoshroom, Grounded Hydroshroom, Grounded Geoshroom

All the Specters will chase after you so you can actually just head whenever, although I prefer to stay in the middle
  • In the first wave, 3 Specters spawn at the front and back areas of the arena. You can choose to focus on which one first, but make sure to stay in the middle of the arena so the Specters can reach your location much faster (even better if you bring an Anemo CC).
Based on your previous location, go to the nearest Shroom
  • In the second wave, all Shrooms spawn far from each other, and based on your previous location when defeating enemies in wave 1, go to the nearest Shroom and focus on them while the others will chase after you. Sometimes, the Winged Shroom will float above your melee range so if you’re having trouble reaching it, focus on the other Shrooms first and wait until it comes down from floating so high before attacking it.

Second Half

List of enemies for Chamber 2 Second Half (Image via SoraHoshina)

1st Wave: Bolteater, Rimebiter Bathysmal Vishap Hatchling & Primordial Bathysmal Vishap

The Vishap will not chase after you no matter how far you go!
  • In the first and only wave, all enemies spawn near each other at the front area of the arena. These Vishap (Hatchling or not) are staggered easily and when they do so, they usually will be knocked back a little- which in turn will make them separated from each other. Once you start the challenge, go after the Vishap in the middle of the three and focus on it because no matter how far you go, it won’t chase after you!
  • After the big one is defeated, you can focus on the 2 smaller ones if they’re still alive. If you don’t bring any Anemo CC, you can walk to the nearest wall and corner yourself there so the Vishaps won’t have much space to be far from each other. Once they’re near, you can unleash all sorts of Skills/Bursts without worrying about them being separated too much.
  • One of the Vishap’s skills you need to watch out for is the Cleansing Shower. Characters hit by their Cleansing Shower attack will lose a certain amount of Elemental Energy. If your characters do not have sufficient Elemental Energy, they will lose HP.

Floor 10 Chamber 3

First Half

List of enemies for Chamber 3 First Half (Image via SoraHoshina)

1st Wave: Eremite Stone Enchanter & 2 Eremite Sunfrost

Focus on the Eremite Stone Enchanter because he walk super slow
  • In the first and only wave, all enemies spawn far from each other. You should prioritize the Eremite Stone Enchanter at the front because it didn’t chase after you as fast as the Sunfrosts. In term of damage, this chamber is not too dangerous because the enemies can only deal Cryo and Geo damage, which won’t trigger any serious elemental reactions.
  • Right from the start, the Stone Enchanter will enter an enhanced state (increased RES and high Interruption Resistance) and summon his spirit animal crocodile. If your DPS can’t break through his now-increased RES, the best move is to kill the spirit animal first. That way, the enhanced state will end, and he will receive True DMG and will become stunned for 10 seconds. You can then use all sorts of Skills/Bursts during the 10 seconds DPS window. Don’t worry though once he’s recovered, because he can only enter the enhanced state once.

Second Half

List of enemies for Chamber 3 Second Half (Image via SoraHoshina)

1st Wave: 2 Ruin Grader

Let your back face the wall
  • There is only one wave here and once they appear, immediately head to the front of the arena and let your back face the wall. It’s to prevent the Ruin Graders from using a charged attack and rush forward, making it stray far away from the other Ruin Graders (the wall can help you stop the Ruin Grader).
  • Now that the two of them are in one spot, unleash all sorts of Skill and Burst you have. Remember that these Ruin enemies have a high Physical Resistance so bring and use the Elemental team. Should you aim for the weak point? For this one, it’s up to you. But don’t forget that you need to hit them at two different weak points in a row to paralyze them. I prefer not to and just focus on brute force and dodging incoming attacks.

Getting perfect Abyssal stars in Spiral Abyss takes time and work. Building your characters is not easy but it’s gonna be insane when they are getting unstoppable and dealing Damage-Per-Screenshot figures. Next thing you know, clearing all the abyss floors will be easy for you and your team! You don’t have to compete with anyone, just play and get the rewards! Keep on enjoying the game and pull for the characters that you want.


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