Spiral Abyss Floor 10 Complete Guide

Having a hard time with Spiral Abyss Floor 10 in Genshin Impact? This guide will help you with general tips and tricks to complete that 9 stars!

Floor 10 has stayed the same ever since version 3.0, and it may remain the same until we get a new region. Comparing this floor to the 9th floor, there is a small increase in difficulty as enemies have a higher level and are far more powerful than the usual mobs. But don’t worry because Guide Archon is here for you.

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Blessing of the Abyssal Moon 

When characters trigger Burning, Quicken, Aggravate, Spread, Bloom, Hyperbloom, or Burgeon on an opponent, all party members will gain a 10% Dendro DMG Bonus for 10 seconds.
This bonus can be triggered once every 5 seconds. Max 4 stacks.
once 4 stacks have been gained, when characters deal Dendro DMG to an opponent, a shockwave will be unleashed at that opponent’s position, dealing True DMG. A shockwave can be unleashed in this way once every 5 seconds.

The current Blessing of the Abyssal Moon (Image via HoYoverse)

The new Blessing buff is extremely catered to Dendro characters, as you can see by the whooping 40% Dendro damage bonus. In addition, the shockwave will also be triggered only after you gain the 4 stacks of Dendro damage bonus, making it essential to have at least one Dendro unit in your team, that is, if you want to take advantage of the Blessing.

Ley Line Disorder

Ley Line Disorder for Floor 10 (Image via HoYoverse)

When Spread or Aggravate reactions are triggered on enemies, the damage dealt by said reactions will be increased by 75%. This may sound confusing for new players so here’s a brief and concise explanation.

First, you must attack enemies with Dendro + Electro to make them enter a Quicken state. When they are in Quicken state, you can attack them again with Dendro to trigger Spread, or attack them with Electro to trigger Aggravate. In other words, Dendro and Electro play a huge role if you want to take advantage of the Leyline buff. Click on the link here if you want to know more about Dendro reactions.

Team Recommendations

You can bet that I will say bringing along Dendro and Electro characters are the safest bet as you can take full advantage of the Ley Line Disorder. And although those two elements are great for this floor, you need to know that there are enemies with high immunity toward Electro here so you need to be more careful and add other elements too.

Team Example for F2P

Team example for free-to-play (Image via HoYoverse)

If you want to bring Dendro and Electro characters for the Leyline buff, make sure to bring them in the first half only. This is because the second half has enemies that have a high Electro RES like Thunderhelm Lawachurl, Electro Abyss Mage, and Cicin Mage.

For the second half, it is better to bring Pyro or Cryo DPS because none of the enemies have resistance against these two elements, and you can remove the shield of Lawachurl and Abyss Mage much easier.

Team Example for Veteran

Team example for veteran (Image via HoYoverse)

The same can be said for veteran Genshin Impact players. Try to bring Electro and Dendro only in the first half, while the second half is for the Freeze team or any Pyro-related team. I recommend Cryo more than Pyro because it will benefit you in the last chamber where you need to fight Mirror Maiden and Cicin Mage. With the Freeze team, you can gather them at one place and freeze them so they can’t teleport around!

Benediction of the Abyss

Benediction of the Abyss is the buffs provided to you before challenging each chamber in the shape of three cards. There are three types of buff durations:

  1. Effective this floor: The buff will last for all 3 chambers of that floor (Chamber 1-3)
  2. Effective this chamber: The buff will last for that chamber only (1 Chamber only)
  3. Effective immediately: Happens immediately. Normally just a party heal (1 Chamber only)
Benediction for Floor 10 (Image via HoYoverse)

I recommend you pick the ‘Effective this floor’ for the first two chambers. This is to get the most out of the Benediction and buff your team for the last chamber, which is the hardest one. Then, for the last chamber, you can pick any buff that you think is the best for your current team.

Remember that Benediction refreshes daily. So if you are unsatisfied with the current buff, you can always wait for the next day (Daily Reset at 4 AM) for it changes to another set. There are various Benedictions in the game, but you will get any of them randomly.

Floor 10 Chamber 1

First Half

List of enemies for Chamber 1 First Half (Image via SoraHoshina)
Floating Dendro Fungus is really slow in catching up to you (Image via HoYoverse)
  • When the first wave starts, go to the front area and defeat the enemies there first. The 2 Electro Fungus at the back area is fast and will chase after you so once they reach the front area, you can kill them there.
  • The last one would be the Dendro Fungus at the back area which will float very slowly, that’s why it should be hunted last. All these problems can be solved instantly if you bring Anemo CC and gather them all.
  • For the second wave, since all the mobs can move quite fast, you can stay in the middle of the arena and let them come closer to you. Kill them one by one or use AoE DPS for one go. You can prioritize killing the Electro Slimes first because they have far lower HP than the Cryo Fungus.
  • In the last wave, 5 enemies will spawn at the back area, and 3 of them are the slow Dendro Fungus. I suggest you focus on these 5 at the back first and let the Winged Cryoshroom go to your location.

Second Half

List of enemies for Chamber 1 Second Half (Image via SoraHoshina)
Vaporize still do well even if Vishap have high Hydro resistance (Image via HoYoverse)
  • There is only one wave and the two Vishaps are not Hatchling, so expect high HP from them! You can start by going to the nearest wall and trigger the swim attack from the Vishaps so they will chase after you.
  • Remember that this type of Vishap has 30% resistance against Physical and Hydro elements, so avoid bringing them if your characters are not fully built. Two of the most troublesome skills from these enemies are:
    1. Cleansing Shower: Drain Energy from your active character. If your character has less than 10 Energy, they will lose lots of health regardless you have a shield or not.
    2. Spike Field: Create water splashes from the ground, and easily stagger or interrupt any character without a shield.
  • Pay attention to their attacks and make sure your evasion game is on-point or you must bring a shielder which is honestly the better option.

Floor 10 Chamber 2

First Half

List of enemies for Chamber 2 First Half (Image via SoraHoshina)
Bring AoE DPS to kill both Kairagi at the same time (Image via HoYoverse)
  • There is only one wave here, and after starting the challenge, go to the back area and defeat the Eremite Crossbow first, the Kairagi can wait later.
  • Once the Eremite is gone, you can focus on Kairagi. Their thrust attacks often cause them to separate. So once you defeat the Eremite at the back area, go further back to the wall and let them come to you.
  • Kairagi will heal half of their HP if you kill the other one and be immune to CC. That’s why you should defeat the Eremite first so you can focus on these two later and kill them at the same time. Aside from using characters with high burst damage like Raiden Shogun, you can also use the Freeze team to freeze the Kairagi, giving you a longer window to kill it before it heals.

Second Half

List of enemies for Chamber 2 Second Half (Image via SoraHoshina)
Both enemies always end up near each other (Image via HoYoverse)

Engulfing Storm Aura: Drains 5 Energy every 3 seconds. CD: 15 seconds.
Lightning Bolt Matrix Abilities: 2 lightning chains will appear and deal Electro DMG per 0.2 seconds when a character touches them

  • Remember that in the first and only wave, the Abyss Mage has Lightning Bolt Matrix Abilities and the Lawachurl has the Engulfing Storm Aura.
  • The bigger problem here is definitely the Lawachurl and its Engulfing Storm Aura so you should take it out first. The Abyss Mage will teleport to your location anyway so you can shred its Electro shield too if you use AoE attacks.
  • Since the Engulfing Storm Aura can drain Energy, it’s best to bring Pyro/Cryo DPS that does not depend on Burst like Hu Tao and Ganyu. Also, bring a shielder if you’re not good at evading. The Lawachurl’s attacks and its AoE attacks hit like a truck.

Floor 10 Chamber 3

First half

List of enemies for Chamber 3 First Half (Image via SoraHoshina)
Always go after the healer first (Image via HoYoverse)

Mist Bubble Damage Abilities: 4 bubbles will appear around and deal Hydro DMG when a character touches them. When the character crosses the gap between any 2 bubbles, another 4 bubbles will appear outside.

  • There is only one wave and the Eremite Desert Clearwater has a Mist Bubble Abilities and should definitely be prioritized along with the Hydrogunner.
  • When the challenge starts, go to the front area and defeat the Hydrogunner first before you go all-out on the Desert Clearwater because the former can heal other enemies. Since all of the mobs can be gathered, it is even better if you can bring an Anemo CC.
  • In addition, try to bring along one shielder because the HP for Desert Clearwater and Daythunder is pretty high, so you might spend a lot of time defeating them. A shield may not protect your character from being trapped in the Mist Bubble, but at least it can protect your character from losing too much HP and let them focus on attacking rather than dodging enemies’ attacks.

Second Half

List of enemies for Chamber 3 Second Half (Image via SoraHoshina)
Anemo CC solves the problem easily (Image via HoYoverse)

Slowing Water Aura: Increase Skill CD for any skill cast while the debuff is active.

  • This stage may pose a little more challenge because all 3 enemies spawned very far from each other. Fortunately, only Mirror Maiden has an Aura you need to be wary of.
  • The best approach would be to go straight to Mirror Maiden and use Anemo CC to gather all the enemies in one spot. If you don’t have any, I recommend focusing on the Electro Cicin Mage > Mirror Maiden. The two Cicin Mages and her bugs can really confuse your character on which to attack so better to take them out first. They also have lower HP than Mirror Maiden.

Getting perfect Abyssal stars in Spiral Abyss takes time and work. Building your characters is not easy but it’s gonna be insane when they are getting unstoppable and dealing Damage-Per-Screenshot figures. Next thing you know, clearing all the abyss floors will be easy for you and your team! You don’t have to compete with anyone, just play and get the rewards! Keep on enjoying the game and pull for the characters that you want.


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