Spiral Abyss Floor 11 Complete Guide

Guide to Genshin Impact's Spiral Abyss Floor 11. Learn the general tips and strategies into earning those 36 stars.
UPDATED FOR VERSION 3.4! (Image via SoraHoshina)

Floor 11 is the start of a challenge in Spiral Abyss for Genshin Impact players. The difficulty spikes up a little bit from the previous floor, in addition to the ever-changing roster of enemies in each version. In version 3.4, there is one normal boss as an enemy, but even more, mobs that require Anemo CC to gather them all in the first half! Follow this guide to know more about enemies’ lineup, their weaknesses, and how to complete the entire chamber on Floor 11.

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Blessing of the Abyssal Moon

The Dendro RES and Electro RES will be decreased by 30% for opponents that are under the Quickened state. This effect will be removed 2 seconds after the Quickened state ends.

To trigger Quicken, you need to apply both Electro and Dendro on the characters, then you will see the Quicken Aura based on the green lightning around them. Once the Aura is gone, the RES debuff will disappear 2 seconds later, but amidst battle, I doubt we can pay attention to such detail.
In short, having a Catalyze team benefits you on all floors for the first phase of the V3.4 Spiral Abyss.

Ley Line Disorder

Floor 11 Ley Line Disorder (Image via HoYoverse)

All characters in the party gain a 75% Dendro DMG Bonus. Obviously, it’s catered to Alhaitham’s kits. If you want to use a Dendro DPS, I suggest bringing them to the 1st half because you can pair it with Electro + Anemo to take advantage of the current Blessing and kill mobs of enemies.
For the 2nd half, be sure to bring at least one Cryo/Dendro character for Abyss Herald’s Hydro shield.

Team Recommendations

Since the first chamber is a Monolith-defense challenge, you know you need to bring at least one Anemo character. And as I mentioned before, bring Anemo that can CC to the first half only. It has far more enemies and gathering them at once makes your life so much easier.

While for the 2nd half, if you bring any Anemo DPS, be sure to bring along other elements’ Sub-DPS because the Flying Serpent in Chamber 2 has high RES against Anemo. Cryo or Pyro (or both of them) are recommended here because there are Lawachurl and Regisvine that have Electro shields.

Team Example for F2P

Team example for free-to-play (Image via HoYoverse)

For the 1st half, Sucrose is a great Anemo CC that can help gather the enemies. Meanwhile, the others are there to trigger Dendro-related reactions (especially Quicken) and take advantage of the Ley Line.

For the 2nd half, I use the Melt team because there are not too many enemies here and each character in the team can contribute to dealing damage to enemies. Cryo is important here because it can remove Abyss Herald’s Hydro faster than other elements (Dendro is better, but Cryo can freeze them).

Team Example for Veteran

Team example for veteran (Image via HoYoverse)

Meanwhile, veteran players who have more 5-star characters should go for Dendro DPS (Catalyze team) for the 1st half in addition to Anemo CC to gather enemies near the Monolith.

Although I use Xiao as the main DPS in 2nd half, I still bring Ganyu as Sub-DPS to work with Bennett to create Melt reactions for Abyss Herald and Consecrated Flying Serpent.

Floor 11 Chamber 1

First Half

List of enemies for Chamber 1 First Half (Image via SoraHoshina)

As usual, Anemo CC is OP here

  • In the first wave, all Linebreaker will go after the Monolith. Right after you interact with the Monolith, turn around and hit the Linebreakers as much as possible so that their aggro will be on you instead of the Monolith. This way, you can lure all 3 of them from the monument. Defeat them fast before you can focus on Crossbow and Clearwater.
  • In the second wave, only the 2 Crushers will go after the Monolith and their HP is not that much. Obviously, you go after them first and focus on other enemies after these 2 are defeated. Beware of being Frozen by the Potioneer and Sunfrost.
  • In the third wave, all enemies will hit the Monolith except Stone Enchanter that will be after you. From the start, the Stone Enchanter will summon his crocodile so more opponents for you. It’s better to hit the 4 enemies crowding over the Monolith because the amount is too many so the cumulative attacks may reduce the Monolith HP fast. After all of them are defeated, go far away from it to lure Stone Enchanter away to defeat it (that is if he’s still alive).

Second Half

List of enemies for Chamber 1 Second Half (Image via SoraHoshina)

AoE DPS works great here

  • In the first wave, all enemies will be after the Monolith. On the bright side, you don’t have to bring Anemo CC because they will flock to the monument right from the start. The Freeze team works excellently here because you can stop them from hitting the Monolith.
  • In the second wave, there is only one enemy and the Lawachurl will only chase after you. Make sure to stay far away from the Monolith because Lawachurl hits hard and has a big AoE.

Floor 11 Chamber 2

First Half

List of enemies for Chamber 2 First Half (Image via SoraHoshina)

If you don’t bring Anemo CC here, go to the wall to corner them all in one spot

  • In the first wave, one of the attacks that you should watch out for is Cleansing Shower. It will drain your characters’ Energy, or HP if you don’t have any Energy. Right after starting the stage, go back to the nearest wall to trigger their diving attacks. All of them will swim underneath to chase after = instant crowd-control! Once grouped, go brute force.
  • In the second wave, you need to go after the group of Shroom. After all, they’re quite slow in chasing you, taking such a sweet long time to float/walk to you. If you didn’t bring Anemo CC or AoE attacks, try to focus on the Winged Shrooms because sometimes they will float above your melee range, so the faster they’re unalive, the better.

Second Half

List of enemies for Chamber 2 Second Half (Image via SoraHoshina)
  • In the first wave, Abyss Herald is the only enemy and you should try to avoid getting hit by any of its attacks, as some of his attacks will increase the cooldown of your character’s skills. After his HP reaches 20%, he will imbue himself with a Hydro shield. The best elements here are Dendro and Cryo. Dendro is the best to deal more damage against the shield, but Cryo can freeze him until he’s unalive.

Destroy the block and attack the serpent once to paralyze it

I’ve made a guide for all of its skillsets here: All You Need to Know about Consecrated Beasts

  • In the second wave, it’s the new enemy Consecrated Flying Serpent and it got quite a decent HP. Often it will summon Phagocytic Energy Blocks that can buff itself if you didn’t hit it with elemental attacks for a long time. In other words, attack it with elemental attacks (One hit with Anemo or 6 hit with other elemental attacks) you bring to destroy those blocks and absorb the power within them and paralyze the Flying Serpent. Other than that, it’s the usual avoiding its attacks and hitting it whenever you can.

Floor 11 Chamber 3

First Half

List of enemies for Chamber 3 First Half (Image via SoraHoshina)

Catalyze team is awesome here because the Electro&Dendro RES shredder really makes the fight ends faster

  • In the first wave, all of them spawn near each other so you won’t have any trouble grouping them and dealing AoE attacks. Both Anemo and Dendro work really great here because the former can Swirl all of the elements while the latter can trigger all sorts of Dendro-related reactions and take advantage of the current Blessing.
  • In the second wave, all of the enemies still spawn near each other, in addition to all of them aggressively chasing after you, so you won’t have any trouble grouping them. However, Kairagi’s thrust attacks often cause them to separate. So when the enemies spawned, go to the nearest wall and let them come to you. Kairagi will also heal half of their HP and be immune to CC if you kill the other one. The best option here is using DPS with high burst damage or using Freeze team to freeze the Kairagi, giving you a longer window to kill it before it heals.

Second Half

List of enemies for Chamber 3 Second Half (Image via SoraHoshina)

Once its paralyzed, the Regisvine is really weak and takes so much damage so save your Burst until then

  • Similar to other Regisvine, the Electro one also has its own weakness where you can paralyze them after destroying its weak point located at its corolla/roots. Use Pyro/Cryo/Dendro to destroy the weak point faster.
  • When first starting the challenge, it is usually located at its corolla. After a few seconds, the weakness point will move to the core. Since the corolla is high above on its head, your melee characters may have a hard time hitting it unless the Regisvine exposes it during the Faceplant attack. For an easier method, bring archers like Ganyu or Yoimiya, or Tighnari to hit the weakness point at corolla much faster.

The difficulty in Floor 11 may be normal for veterans, but new players may feel the heat of exhaustion when completing each chamber. Hopefully, this guide helps you in understanding more of enemies’ lineup and the like!


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