Spiral Abyss V4.1 Floor 12 Complete Guide

Guide to Genshin Impact's Spiral Abyss Floor 12. Learn the general tips and strategies into earning those 36 stars.
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The last floor is here with lots of bosses as opponents! Aside from the bosses, 4.2 Abyss also has many mobs cramped in one chamber (only in the First Half). Continue reading this guide for the full analysis of Floor 12 in the Spiral Abyss.

Blessing of the Abyssal Moon

Reminder: Blessing of the Abyssal Moon will change every refresh cycle and may not be updated here. But the enemies list and strategy will remain the same.

When a character’s HP increases or decreases, it will be counted. When it reaches a total of 12, a shockwave will be unleashed at the character’s position, dealing True DMG to nearby opponents and clearing the count. 1 such shockwave can be unleashed every 4s.

Lately, there are a lot of characters (from Fontaine) that can reduce their own HP like Neuvillette and Wriothesley. Now with the addition of Furina with her skill that consumes literally everyone’s HP in one gulp, she’s definitely the perfect candidate for the blessing.

Team Recommendations

Ley Line Disorder:
For this floor only, the Let Line flow will be normal.

General Tips:
If the floor is too hard for you, don’t forget that changing teams is an option. Although you need to start from Chamber 1, at least you don’t have to worry about stars for the Chamber you already completed.

  • In the First Half, having an Anemo CC is extremely recommended here because there are many enemies here and it will definitely make your life easier with the gathering skill. Aside from that, bring along at least 1 Hydro character (2 Hydro is better) because you will be facing 2 Abyss Lector: Fathomless Flames and Hydro attacks are the best when dealing with their Pyro shield.
  • Last but not least, remember that you will face both Ousia and Pneuma Meka in Chamber 1. So if you’re the type to paralyze the Mekas with Arkhe attacks, Furina would be the best addition here because she can switch between Ousia and Pneuma attacks (by using Charged Attacks). For example:
    • Mono-Hydro Team: Neuvillette + Furina + Jean + Venti/Kazuha
    • Freeze Team: Ayaka + Furina/Mona/Kokomi + Kazuha for VV + Diona/Shenhe
    • Bloom Team: Nilou + Kokomi/Yelan + Nahida + Kirara/Baizhu/Yaoyao
    • Electro-Charged Team: Neuvillette + Raiden Shogun + Kazuha + Zhongli
    • Hyperbloom Team: Neuvillette + Kokomi + Raiden Shogun + Nahida
  • In the Second Half, bring at least one Electro character because there will be an ASIMON boss here and you need the said element to destroy their invisibility (Hyperbloom is even better to destroy their invisibility cloak). There is no need to bring Anemo CC in this half because you will be facing bosses in all chambers, and none of them can be gathered. But you can bring Anemo if you want the Elemental RES from the VV set.
  • The team for this half is not really restrictive but remember that some enemies have high resistance to certain elements:
    • Jadeplume Terrorshroom has 80% Dendro RES
    • Icewind Suite has 70% Cryo and Anemo RES
  • Having a Pneuma character (Freminet, Lyney, Neuvillette, and Hydro Traveler) may help a little since you can use their Arkhe attack to paralyze Coppelia. For example:
    • Taser Team: Kamisato Ayato + Yelan + Kuki Shinobu + Fischl
    • Bloom Team: Nilou + Kokomi/Yelan + Nahida + Kirara/Baizhu/Yaoyao
    • National Team: Raiden Shogun + Xiangling + Bennett + Yelan
    • Burgeon Team: Nahida + Xingqiu + Kuki Shinobu + Thoma/Dehya
    • Vaporize Team: Hu Tao + Yelan + Xingqiu + Zhongli

Floor 12 Chamber 1

First Half

1st Wave: Dendro Samachurl & Pyro Abyss Mage
2nd Wave: 2 Thundercraven Rifthounds & Pyro Abyss Mage
3rd Wave: 2 Breacher Primus & Abyss Lector

Smoldering Flames Aura: Deals continuous Pyro DMG to the active character while the debuff is active.

  • In the first wave, the two enemies spawn really close to each other so you don’t have to choose any priority and attack both of them at the same time. Once the Samachurl is down, just focus on the Abyss Mage that possesses the Smoldering Flames Aura, but try to not move from that spot because the enemies in the next wave also spawn at the same spot.
  • In the second wave, the 3 enemies still spawn in the middle of the arena and are quite close to each other. Focus on Pyro Abyss Mage first because once it’s defeated, I recommend you to move to the back area of the arena to get ready for the next wave. By doing this, not only can you corner them using the wall, but you can also get near to the Abyss Lector & Breacher Primus that will spawn later.
  • Remember that these Rifthounds & Whelps’ attacks can apply stacks of Corrosion status, which will cause all your characters to continually lose HP. Shields can’t help protect your team from this debuff but a healer can! Heal to remove the Corrosion status.
  • In the third wave, all 3 enemies still spawn near each other but in the back area (that’s why I told you to move to the back area before). Now that you’re in the back, focus on the 2 Breacher Primus and whenever they enter Stressed State and have a shield, try to always remove that shield as fast as possible.
    • The shield can be broken using Elemental Reactions and is weakest to Electro. Or, you can use a single Arkhe attack, either Pneuma or Ousia, to instantly destroy the shield. Once the shield is broken, the Breacher Primus will become paralyzed for a long period of time.
  • Once the Breacher Primus is paralyzed, only then can you safely attack the Abyss Lector. For the Abyss Lectors in their second phase, there is one skill where it summons a meteor and leaves behind Darkfire Furnace on the field.
    • Once this thing appears on the field, definitely go for this furnace and destroy it using elemental attacks (Hydro is the best). This is because the Lector will summon many flames to flare from the ground for the entire duration of Darkfire Furnace is on the field. In addition, once this furnace is gone, it will also deplete the Lector’s shield.
  • One last thing, while the Breacher Primus hover and move slowly, there is still a chance they would hover far away from you. So it’s best if you bring an AoE DMG team (like the Bloom team – they’re not immune to or have high resistance against Hydro/Dendro damage) or Anemo CC to gather all of the enemies back in one place.

Second Half

1st Wave: A.S.I.M.O.N

  • There is only one wave here and it’s ASIMON. Although this boss will often enter invisibility mode by firing out components toward you just like the smaller Primal Construct, the boss is impossible to spot because even the outline can’t be seen. The methods to paralyze it and cancel its invisibility are still the same: 
    • Use Catalyze reaction on the cores (hidden main body).
    • Destroy and use Electro attack on the components. 
  • I prefer the first one because that method is much faster in paralyzing it, and the second method took too much time as the components are quite tanky. One of the best methods to search for the core is by having auto attacks like Yae Miko or Fischl. Their Skill (Sesshou Sakura and Oz) can detect the invisible core and attack it, making its location known to you. Then you can use a Dendro character for Dendro attacks. Another option is Zhongli: His shield can show the location of the core when you’re near it (Or any other characters that can inflict debuff on Matrix as the debuff will remain visible).
  • If you don’t bring any characters above, I suggest going for the second method which is destroying and using Electro attacks on the components. While it may take time because there are multiple components, it is better than making your character attack air trying to search for the core.
  • If you still want to search for the main core, there is another option. It will always try to teleport in front of where it is facing. So if you’re fighting it from the front of it > It turns invisible> It will be most likely behind you. Elemental Sight does not work in searching for the core.

Floor 12 Chamber 2

First Half

1st Wave: 2 Recon Log Mek & Nimble Harvester Mek (Pneuma)
2nd Wave: Annihilation & Assault Specialist Mek (Ousia)
3rd Wave: Construction Specialist & 2 Geological Mek (Pneuma)

  • Early reminder that this chamber has both Pneuma and Ousia Meka so having Furina that can switch between these 2 states is really beneficial to paralyze the Mekas. That is, if you even think of paralyzing them with Arkhe attacks. Some people like me prefer brute forcing and stop at nothing until they turn to dust.
  • In the first wave, the 4 Pneuma Meka spawn in the middle of the arena near each other. If you bring Furina here, make sure her Arkhe state is Ousia (black outfit + short hair) so her Normal Attack can paralyze the Mekas. Fortunately, each of them likes to chase after you so you can focus on whoever you are as the others will flock over you. But it’s recommended to attack the 2 Nimble Harvester Mek first because they often drift away from you unlike the dog Mekas.
  • In the second wave, it’s 2 Ousia Meka time so if you bring Furina, swap her Arkhe state to Pneuma (white outfit + long hair). The new enemies still spawn in the middle of the arena so once they spawn, go to the Annihilation Specialist Mek and focus on attacking this one while waiting for the Assault Mek. The combination of their attacks can trigger Electro-Charged.
  • Annihilation is the first one that should go because it can summon an Area Alert Mek (Ousia) that can deal Cryo DMG. It has a low HP so usually the collateral damage alone is enough to destroy it (if it’s placed near your fighting location).
  • In the third wave, we’re back to Pneuma Meka. The 3 enemies will spawn at the back area of the arena. Focus on the 2 Geological Survey Mekas because they rarely move, unlike the Construction Specialist Meka. The combination of their attacks can trigger Vaporize.

Second Half

1st Wave: Jadeplume Terrorshroom

  • The first and only wave is with Jadeplume Terrorshroom. First of all, when the challenge starts, make sure you are in range within Jadeplume’s attack range (if you bring melee DPS). This is because most of their attacks are short range and you can dodge to avoid taking any damage. Of course, if you bring a shielder/healer, you can end the fight faster by brute force attacking Jadeplume.
  • There are 3 states of Jadeplume: Normal, Activated, and Scorched:
    • The Normal state is the one you’re dealing with in its default form. 
    • The Activated state is when the Fury bar under its HP is filled by Electro attacks from your character. When Jadeplume is in Activated form, it has different attack modes but will eventually be paralyzed from exhaustion for 15 seconds.
    • The last state is the Scorched state when Jadeplume is affected by Burning (Dendro+Pyro). It’s not really a big deal except for its skill that can summon a maximum of 4 Fungi, which will make you lose precious time in the challenge.
  • Both states are decent so you can choose which one you think is the best for your team. For the Activated state, make sure to precisely avoid any incoming attacks from Jadeplume because those hit like a truck. Instead, wait until it’s paralyzed before you can spam your attacks.
  • For the Scorched state and the Fungi spores, you can destroy the spores with Electro/Hydro/Pyro within 3 seconds before they can spawn, which will stop the Fungi from spawning. Any of the mentioned elemental AoE attacks are great here.

Floor 12 Chamber 3

First Half

1st Wave: 2 Fatui Skirmisher, Kairagi: Fiery Might & Dancing Thunder
2nd Wave: 2 Abyss Lectors: Fathomless Flames

  • The first wave features 2 Fatui Skirmishers and 2 Kairagi. Once you start the challenge, immediately go to the right side of the right Fatui Skirmisher and make him face the other Fatui. Once it’s done, get close to his personal bubble and he will jump back to the other Fatui. At this point, the 2 Kairagi should use a thrust attack that makes them closer to you (or any attack to approach you). Of course, this will be much easier if you just bring an Anemo CC to gather all of them in one place.
  • Once they’re at the same spot, unleash every attack you have to defeat all of them at the same time, especially the 2 Kairagi. The best option to avoid one of them recovering half their HP is to (1) make sure you attack both of them until their HP is the same before finishing them off or (2) use DPS with high burst damage to kill both of them at the same time or (3) using Freeze team to immobilize the Kairagi, giving you a longer window to kill it before it can even heal.
  • The second wave features 2 Abyss Lectors that spawn ridiculously far from each other. For real, if you don’t bring any Anemo CC, it’s really hard to gather these 2 near each other because they refuse to budge even if you stray far away from both of them. As a result, you will waste lots of time since you can only focus on one of them at a time. That’s why, it’s recommended to bring one Anemo CC here.
  • For the Abyss Lectors in their second phase, there is one skill where it summons a meteor and leaves behind Darkfire Furnace on the field. Once this thing appears on the field, definitely go for this furnace and destroy it using elemental attacks (Hydro is the best). This is because the Lector will summon many flames to flare from the ground for the entire duration of Darkfire Furnace is on the field. In addition, once this furnace is gone, it will also deplete the Lector’s shield.

Second Half

1st Wave: Icewind Suite: Dirge of Coppelia

  • There is only one wave here and it’s the boss ‘Icewind Suite’. The one you will be facing is Coppelia, the female counterpart that deals mostly Cryo DMG. Coppelia is an Ousia-type and can be paralyzed by 3 Pneuma attacks like Freminet, Lyney, Neuvillette, and Hydro Traveler (but only during its Climax).
  • All of its attacks are a combination of Anemo and Cryo DMG, and you should be able to avoid them like usual in the open world or tank them with a shield. The one you need to focus on is the Coppelia’s Climax which will be triggered at the beginning of the fight.
  • Coppelia and Coppelius will move to the center of the arena and initiate Climax: Create 3 Whirlwinds of Dirge that will periodically unleash blasts, dealing Anemo DMG (+Cryo DMG if it’s infused with Coppelius’s ice blades). Those Frosthearts can’t be destroyed so ignore it and focus on the Coppelia.
  • During the Climax, both of them will have 25% RES to all DMG. You can remove the climax move and paralyze the duo by hitting Coppelia when her core is exposed 3 times with Pneuma Attacks. Additionally, when hit by the Pneuma attack for the first/second time, the pulses of wind released by Coppelia will have a much smaller AoE and have their DMG reduced to 60% ATK.

You have reached the end of Spiral Abyss, congratulations! I hope you are satisfied with the number of stars you gain from the dungeon. Although you can retry the challenge multiple times, don’t push yourself too hard just to get the remaining Primogems.


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