Spiral Abyss Floor 12 Complete Guide

Guide to Genshin Impact's Spiral Abyss Floor 12. Learn the general tips and strategies into earning those 36 stars.
UPDATED FOR V3.7! (Image via SoraHoshina)

The last floor is here with the first appearance of Iniquitous Baptist! In this 3.7 Abyss, there’s a variety of enemies are added like Whopperflower, Primal Construct, and Abyss Herald, in addition to bosses such as Jadeplume Terrorshroom and Thunder Manifestation. Continue reading this guide for the full analysis of Floor 12 in the Spiral Abyss.

Blessing of the Abyssal Moon

After a Normal Attack hits an opponent, this opponent will be afflicted with a Sign of Snaring. After 2s, the Sign will be removed, dealing True DMG to this opponent. After a character’s Normal Attack hits an opponent with a Sign of Snaring, the DMG dealt by the Sign’s removal will be increased. This DMG can be increased for not more than 9 times.

The buff is quite good this time since there are a lot of DPS that rely on their Normal Attacks like Wanderer, Yoimiya, Raiden Shogun, and others. If you have DPS like them, feel free to use them to take advantage of the Blessing.

Team Recommendations

Ley Line Disorder:
For this floor only, the Let Line flow will be normal.

General Tips:
If the floor is too hard for you, don’t forget that changing teams is an option. Although you need to start from Chamber 1, at least you don’t have to worry about stars for the Chamber you already completed.

In the First Half, the best element to bring here would be Electro just because you may need it when the Primal Constructs enter the invisibility state (As for the reactions, I suggest Catalyze or Hyperbloom). In addition, I recommend bringing at least one Anemo CC to the battle because there are lots of enemies in Chamber 1 that can be gathered here to save your time. Among those characters, there better be at least one shielder or healer because the Consecrated duo in the last chamber hits like a truck.

In the Second Half, I wholeheartedly recommend using the Burgeon team as it has all the important elements for each Chamber. In Chamber 1, there are Cryo and Hydro shields, so the Dendro and Pyro can take care of those. In Chamber 2, there is a Thunder Manifestation, so the Burgeon reaction itself can deal AoE Dendro DMG (and constant too because the bird is inflicted with Electro for the whole battle. While in the last Chamber, the Baptist is here with its 3 different types of elemental shields, and each element in the Burgeon team can help delete those shields.

Team Example for F2P

Team example for F2P (Image via Genshin Impact)

Team Example for Veteran

Team example for veteran (Image via Genshin Impact)

Floor 12 Chamber 1

First Half

List of enemies for Chamber 1 First Half (Image via SoraHoshina)

1st Wave: 1 Pyro & 2 Cryo Whopperflowers > 1 Cryo & 2 Whopperflowers
2nd Wave: 3 Primal Constructs

  • In the first wave, all 3 Whopperflowers spawn near each other at the front, but since we’re talking about Whopperflowers, they love to burrow and teleport randomly across the arena. It is best if you have at least one Anemo CC to gather all of them (especially since the second half is harder and needs more time than the first half). Once any one of the Whopperflower is defeated, another one will spawn until all 6 Whopperflowers are defeated.
  • Remember that Whopperflower has a 35% damage resistance against all attacks and a 75% damage resistance of its own element, so make sure to bring a few different elements out of Pyro/Cryo to trigger more elemental reactions.
  • In the second wave, the 3 Primal Constructs will spawn near the middle of the arena first before continuously spawn another 3 Primal Constructs at the front. Similar to Whopperflower, these enemies can be gathered with Anemo CC easily, so it will save you so much time defeating them at the same time rather than focusing on one enemy.
  • These triangle enemies can enter an invisible state, and once they do, you will have 3 options: destroy the parts they leave on the field then use Electro, inflict Quicken (Dendro X Electro) on the invisible part (you can still see their form faintly), or wait for a long time before they will end the invisible state and appear again. Personally, I prefer the inflict Quicken method because it’s faster than the first method.

Second Half

List of enemies for Chamber 1 Second Half (Image via SoraHoshina)

1st Wave: Cryo & Hydro Abyss Mage
2nd Wave: 2 Abyss Herald Frost Fall & 1 Wicked Torrent

  • In the first wave, all Abyss Mages spawn near each other so you can sprint to their location fast and start dealing damage. Unfortunately, both Mages have different types of shields so you need to bring the appropriate elements to delete them fast (Hydro is weak to Dendro/Cryo, Cryo is weak to Pyro/Electro). Once their shield is gone, they’re not so tough anymore.
  • In the second wave, there are 3 Abyss Heralds that spawn far from each other. But that is not really a problem because once appeared, they will immediately start to chase after you. Similar to the Abyss Mages, the shield that will appear here are Cryo and Hydro so make sure to bring the recommended elements. Among these 3, the one you should focus on is the Wicked Torrent (the Hydro one) because as long as it is here, you can get Frozen easily with its combination attack with Frost Falls.
  • Frost Fall has a skill that will drain your Stamina so this might lead you to lose stamina fast and can’t avoid incoming attacks. Meanwhile, the Wicked Torrent has a skill that increases the cooldown of your character’s skills. Try to avoid incoming attacks while keeping an eye out for your stamina. Tough task, I know, so make sure to bring a healer that can keep up with the damage taken and heal your characters. You can try bringing a shield, but fair warning that their attacks are relentless, and since there are 3 Abyss Heralds (in addition to you getting Frozen by their attack combination), your shield will get destroyed super fast even if using Zhongli’s shield.

Floor 12 Chamber 2

First Half

List of enemies for Chamber 2 First Half (Image via SoraHoshina)

1st Wave: Jadeplume Terrorshroom

  • The first and only wave is with Jadeplume Terrorshroom. First of all, when the challenge starts, make sure you are in range within Jadeplume’s attack range (if you bring melee DPS). This is because all of their attacks are short range and you can dodge to avoid taking any damage. Of course, if you bring a shielder/healer, you can end the fight faster by brute force attacking Jadeplume.
  • There are 3 states of Jadeplume: Normal, Activated, and Scorched. 
    • The Normal state is the one you’re dealing with in its default form. 
    • The Activated state is when the Fury bar under its HP is filled by Electro attacks from your character. When Jadeplume is in Activated form, it has different attack modes but will eventually be paralyzed from exhaustion for 15 seconds.
    • The last state is the Scorched state when Jadeplume is affected by Burning (Dendro+Pyro). It’s not really a big deal except for its skill that can summon a maximum of 4 Fungi, which will make you lose precious time in the challenge.
  • Both states are decent so you can choose which one you think is the best for your team. For the Activated state, make sure to precisely avoid any incoming attacks from Jadeplume because those hits like a truck. Instead, wait until he’s paralyzed before you can spam your attacks.
  • For the Scorched state and the Fungi spores, you can destroy the spores with Electro/Hydro/Pyro within 3 seconds before they can spawn, which will stop the Fungi from spawning. Any of the mentioned elemental AoE attacks are great here.

Second Half

List of enemies for Chamber 2 Second Half (Image via SoraHoshina)

1st Wave: Thunder Manifestation

  • There is only one enemy on this floor and that is the Thunder Manifestation. Similar to Specters, this thing float. So your melee characters will have a hard time hitting it, but it’s not impossible. There will be a medium window duration where Thunder Manifestation floats near the ground. You should save all your Bursts before that to spam it during this window.
  • In all honesty, its attacks are easy to avoid, especially if you have one shield provider in the team. Some of the attacks that you need to watch out for more are the Electro walls and the diving one as it deals the most damage to your character.
  • For the Electro walls, you don’t have to run parallel to the walls and try to outrun those walls. Instead, dash through the wall when it gets close to you (you won’t take any damage since you gain I-frame if you time it correctly). This way, you can stay close to Thunder Manifestation and continue to deal damage until the last second the wall is near you.
  • Whenever the boss is at the edge of the arena, try to save your Burst and just use your Skills (or anything that has a short cooldown). This is because the Thunder Manifestation will most likely teleport back to the center of the arena in a few seconds to restart its attack cycles.

Floor 12 Chamber 3

First Half

List of enemies for Chamber 3 First Half (Image via SoraHoshina)

1st Wave: Concentrated Horned Crocodile & Fanged Beast
2nd Wave: Concentrated Horned Crocodile & Fanged Beast

  • There are two waves here, but with the exact same enemies (2 Consecrated enemies per wave). In both the first and second waves, I recommend focusing on the Horned Crocodile (the blue one) because the Fanged Beast moves more quickly compared to the crocodile. In addition, the crocodile sometimes moves far away from your character, so it’s better to one-up them first. Then, try to focus on only one Consecrated enemy until it’s defeated so your character will have more time to take a breath and avoid attacks much easier. I would just focus on which one has the lowest HP. Remember that you can’t CC them, but you can freeze them!
  • There will be a time when they will summon Phagocytic Energy Block. Make sure to attack these rocks with elemental attacks until the bar is filled so you can gain the Phagocytic energy > hit the respective enemies > and paralyze them. If you left the Block alone for a period of time, it will boost the attacks of the respective Consecrated enemies.

Second Half

List of enemies for Chamber 3 Second Half (Image via SoraHoshina)

1st Wave: Iniquitous Baptist – Bringer of Flood, Flame, and Frost

  • There is only one wave here and it’s the first appearance of the new boss – Iniquitous Baptist. The one you will be facing has Hydro + Cryo + Pyro elements and can create a shield of each element periodically. Unfortunately, you really need to bring lots of elements here to destroy its elemental shield and create a sufficient window to deal damage. The most effective elements against each shield are:
    • Cryo is weak against Pyro
    • Hydro is weak against Dendro
    • Pyro is weak against Hydro
  • Every time each of the elemental shields is down, you will gain a few seconds’ windows to deal damage as the Baptist will stand there paralyzed. After that few seconds end, it will then create the next elemental shield. This will be repeated until it is finally unalive.

You had reached the end of Spiral Abyss, congratulations! I hope you are satisfied with the number of stars you gain from the dungeon. Although you can retry the challenge multiple times, don’t push yourself too hard just to get the remaining Primogems.


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