Spiral Abyss Floor 2 Complete Guide

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Ley Line Disorder

  • Cryo DMG dealt by all party members increased by 75%.
  • The duration of the Frozen status effect is greatly increased.

Frozen can be done with the combination of Cryo and Hydro elements. Bring along characters with said elements to take advantage of the Ley Line and freeze the enemies for a long time to make your DPS have an easy time dealing damage.

Team Recommendation

Kaeya + Barbara + Anemo Traveler + Amber

Since this is the second floor, we’ll be using free characters only. But make sure their levels are above Level 40 so you will have an easier time in the abyss. Since there are many Hydro-afflicted enemies here (or enemies that deal Hydro damage), a Hydro character is not that important unless they are the healer. You can swap any characters above for others that you obtained from Wish, but make sure to bring at least 1 Cryo character for the Ley Line bonus.

Chamber 1

Enemy LevelChallengeTotal Time
40✩ – Finish before 1:00
✩✩ – Finish before 1:30
✩✩✩ – Finish before 3:00
5:00 minutes
  • In this chamber, there are tons of Electro Slimes that will keep spawning each time one of their own is defeated. Since they are immune to Electro, do not use any Electro characters if you bring any. Instead, use any other elements to trigger reactions like Overload, Electro-Charged, and even Superconduct.
  • Whenever Mutant Electro Slimes appear, focus on them first instead of the small Electro Slimes because they can cause electric arcs whenever they get near other Electro Slimes.

Chamber 2

Enemy LevelChallengeTotal Time
40✩ – Finish with 20% Target HP
✩✩ – Finish with 40% Target HP 
✩✩✩ – Finish with 60% Target HP
  • In this chamber, there will be water all around the arena so you can easily freeze enemies without any Hydro character. Aside from using Amber’s Skill to Taunt enemies towards Baron Bunny instead of the Monolith, freezing them with Kaeya is definitely the best option because the Frozen duration is prolonged with the help of the Ley Line Disorder.
  • In the last wave where the Hydro Abyss Mage and 2 Slimes spawn, focus on the Abyss Mage and use Cryo on it to remove the Hydro shield. One of the Slimes will chase after you while the other one attacks the Monolith so you can focus on the latter to reduce the damage the Monolith will receive.

Chamber 3

Enemy LevelChallengeTotal Time
40✩ – Finish before 1:30
✩✩ – Finish before 1:30
✩✩✩ – Finish before 3:00
5:00 minutes
  • In the first wave, there will be 2 Samachurls and 1 Mitachurl. The rain that Samachurl summons can help apply Hydro to enemies for you to freeze them, but it will also heal the said enemies. So it’s better to remove the Samachurl first so there are no healers on the enemies’ side.
  • In the second wave, there will be 2 Hydro Abyss Mages. If you think these 2 are too far away from each other, you can go to the opposite side of the arena (they’re at the front, so you can go to the back) and wait until the Mages teleport to your location. But the chances for them to teleport to your location are random so you can also just focus on one Abyss Mage before moving to the other one.
  • Use a Cryo attack to Freeze them while also destroying their Hydro shield. Another option to remove the shield easily is with a Dendro attack (if you have and bring one).
  • Whenever the Abyss Mage summons a bubble, use Amber’s aimed shot (no need to fully charge) to pop the bubble. If you don’t, the bubble will chase after you and trap your character inside it.

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