Spiral Abyss Floor 6 Complete Guide

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Ley Line Disorder

  • Using an Elemental Burst increases all party members’ ATK and DEF by 6%. Max 10 stacks. At 5 stacks and above, increases character Normal Attack SPD and Movement SPD by an additional 30%.

Having a team with a high Energy Recharge value or low Elemental Burst cost is a huge advantage here as you can spam your Elemental Burst to stack the buffs provided by the Ley Line.

Team Recommendations

Best element to bring in the first half: Pyro & Geo (Claymore)
Pyro is important because it can destroy the Large Cryo Slime, Mitachurl’s, and Abyss Mages’ shield. Meanwhile, Geo and Claymore are beneficial to remove the Geo shield from Lawachurl in the last chamber. But if you already bring elemental characters that can create reactions, not bringing Geo is still bearable.

Best element to bring in the second half: Hydro
Hydro is important here to deal with Pyro Slimes and Pyro Abyss Mage. Bringing an Electro character is fine (Lisa if you’re F2P and don’t have many characters), but remember that Overload can knock back lightweight enemies like the Slimes and Hilichurls. So it may be a hassle to chase after them unless you have an Anemo CC.

It’s best if your characters are above level 60 to have an easier time in the abyss.

Floor 6 Chamber 1

Enemy LevelChallengeTotal Time
60✩ – Finish before 0:30 
✩✩ – Finish before 1:00 
✩✩✩ – Finish before 2:00
10:00 minutes

First Half

  • When you start the challenge, focus on any ranged enemies like Hilichurl Shooters and Samachurls. Other melee enemies will follow after you anyway.
  • In the first wave, enemies will continuously spawn after any of them are defeated, and they spawn really far from each other, so it is best if you bring along Anemo CC and use them to gather enemies (If you only have one Anemo CC, bring them in the first half because they have far more enemies than in the second half).
  • In the second wave, there will be 2 Whopperflowers and 1 Slime. Go to the front area to the wall so the Whopperflowers will burrow to the ground and teleport to your location near the Slimes.

Second Half

  • In the first wave, you will meet with 2 annoying enemies: Hilichurl Shooter and Samachurl. Ignore the Whopperflower for the time being and defeat these two first because not only do they rarely move, but their ranged attacks can trigger various elemental reactions.
  • If you did bring a Dendro character, some enemies like the Pyro Whopperflower and Slimes can help trigger Burgeon. But don’t forget that it will also inflict some damage to your own character.
  • In the second wave, the enemies spawn near each other so it’s easy to gather them. This time, focus on the 2 Whoppeflowers first, especially when they are charging (can be seen from the Pyro bar on top of them).

Floor 6 Chamber 2

Enemy LevelChallengeTotal Time
60✩ – Finish before 1:30 
✩✩ – Finish before 3:00 
✩✩✩ – Finish before 4:30
10:00 minutes

First Half

  • There is only one wave here with enemies that will continuously spawn once any of them are defeated (There are a total of 26 enemies here). All of them mostly spawn far from each other in the arena, that’s why Anemo CC is important here to gather them all whenever possible.
  • For the prioritization, focus on any Hilichurl Shooter first, but whenever you see Hydro Samachurl, change the target and focus on the Samachurls. These small guys can heal enemies and you don’t want that.
  • After that, Wooden Shield Mitachurl and Cryo Abyss Mage will appear in the middle of the wave. Use Pyro and Swirl to remove the Cryo shield from the Abyss Mage and destroy the shield that the Mitachurl holds simultaneously.
  • For the Mitachurl with the Rock Shieldwall, if you don’t bring any Geo character or Claymore, you can opt for an Overload reaction to blow up the shield as fast as you can.

Second Half

  • Pyro Slimes will spawn first, continued with Hilichurl Shooters and Anemo Samachurls. Focus on the Samachurls because their skill can apply CC and hinder your movements, making you more vulnerable to incoming attacks. After that, go for the Shooters (other Slime enemies will follow after you so they are sure to take some collateral damage).
  • Once again, the enemies here will help you trigger Burning/Burgeon with their skills (Dendro Samachurls and Pyro Slimes).
Smoldering Flame Aura: Deals 0.6 × Level Multiplier as Pyro DMG per second. This DMG does not apply Pyro.
  • In the last few enemies, a Large Pyro Slime will appear with a Smoldering Flame Aura; applying Pyro to your active character every 15 seconds and dealing continuous damage. You can remove this debuff by self-cleanse healing like Bennett’s Burst, Barbara’s Skill, and Jean’s Burst.

Floor 6 Chamber 3

Enemy LevelChallengeTotal Time
60✩ – Finish before 2:00 
✩✩ – Finish before 4:00 
✩✩✩ – Finish before 5:50
10:00 minutes

First Half

  • In the first wave, focus on the Geo Samachurl because it can summon a Geo platform for other enemies. Some of the character skills (like Sucrose’s Skill) can still reach the enemies on top of the platforms so Swirling them is an option you can consider using. Once the Samachurl is defeated, the Geo platforms will automatically be destroyed as well.
  • In the second wave, the Lawachurl will have a Geo shield. The best method to remove the shield is by using a Claymore attack or Geo attack. But if you don’t bring any, focus on triggering elemental reactions to chip both its shield and HP at the same time (even if it’s just small damage).
  • One of the attacks you need to be aware of is its slam attack because it will send a shockwave in the direction it landed.

Second Half

Smoldering Flame Aura: Deals 0.6 × Level Multiplier as Pyro DMG per second. This DMG does not apply Pyro.
  • Focus on the Pyro Abyss Mages (there are a total of 3 of them) from the start till the end because they are far more threatening than the Slimes. The Slimes will chase after you so there is a huge possibility for them to be taking collateral damage.
  • The last Pyro Abyss Mage has a Smoldering Flame Aura that can deal continuous Pyro damage to your active character that was debuffed with said Aura. You can remove this debuff by self-cleanse healing like Bennett’s Burst, Barbara’s Skill, and Jean’s Burst.

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