Spiral Abyss Floor 9 Complete Guide

Learn about the new set of enemies, best team compositions and strategy you can use in clearing the Genshin Impact Spiral Abyss Floor 9.

Ever since the addition of the Sumeru region in Genshin Impact, the Spiral Abyss also face new changes such as bonuses that benefit Dendro element reactions and new types of enemies from Sumeru – Fungus, Eremites, Primal Constructs, and more!

Some players may be oblivious to their strengths, weaknesses, and methods to easily kill them. But don’t fret as this guide will help you uncover all the breadcrumbs in Spiral Abyss Floor 9. This whole page is entitled to help you with the 9th floor with detailed information regarding each chamber, enemies, waves, and characters you are recommended to bring along.

Blessing of the Abyssal Moon

When characters trigger Burning, Quicken, Aggravate, Spread, Bloom, Hyperbloom, or Burgeon on an opponent, all party members will gain a 10% Dendro DMG Bonus for 10 seconds.
This bonus can be triggered once every 5 seconds. Max 4 stacks.
once 4 stacks have been gained, when characters deal Dendro DMG to an opponent, a shockwave will be unleashed at that opponent’s position, dealing True DMG. A shockwave can be unleashed in this way once every 5 seconds.

Current Blessing of the Abyssal Moon (Image via HoYoverse)

The new Blessing buff is extremely catered to Dendro characters, as you can see by the whooping 40% Dendro damage bonus. In addition, the shockwave will also be triggered only after you gain the 4 stacks of Dendro damage bonus, making it essential to have at least one Dendro unit in your team, that is, if you want to take advantage of the Blessing.

Ley Line Disorder

Characters who trigger a Bloom (Hydro + Dendro) reaction and generate Dendro cores will have their DMG dealt by Rupture increased by 125% and DMG dealt by characters who trigger a Burgeon (Bloom + Pyro) or Hyperbloom (Bloom + Electro) reaction will be increased by 125%.

Ley Line Disorder for Floor 9 (Image via HoYoverse)

In other words, there are lots of elements that are viable for this floor. Hydro and Dendro characters are the most recommended because they are essential to trigger the Bloom reaction. Then, Pyro and Electro can join the fray to activate Burgeon or Hyperbloom. If you are still confused by Dendro reactions, you can check out our guides regarding all Dendro Reactions here to know how to proc these reactions and what’s the effects.

Team Recommendations

It is no surprise that Anemo characters with Crowd Control ability are exceptionally helpful in Abyss. With the help of Sucrose, Venti, and Kazuha, you can gather all of the enemies on this floor in one place because they are light-weighted and can be lifted with Anemo CC. It is even better if you can bring one CC to each team as it will end the battle quicker.

If you want to take advantage of the Ley Line, bring along any Dendro and Hydro character, but it is by no means a necessity. These two elements only serve as an aid in clearing the floor, especially if your damage is not enough to finish it on time.

You can see the team recommendation below with the reason why I recommend it. As a rule of thumb, your team should have 1 DPS, 1 Sub-DPS, and 1 Support (Healer/Shielder/Buffer). These characters/teams are only examples and can be easily replaced with different characters of the same element.

Team Example for F2P

Team example for free-to-play (Image via HoYoverse)

The first half has many mobs that can be gathered. So if you only have one Anemo CC, bring them to the first half. Meanwhile, the number of enemies is far lesser in the second half, so it’s up to you if you want to bring another Anemo unit here.

Meanwhile for the second half, bringing a Freeze team is a great idea because there will be a Hydro Abyss Mage in Chamber 2, and you will need a Cryo character to pass the said floor with full stars.

Team Example for Veteran

Team example for veteran (Image via HoYoverse)

For the first phase, if you have a strong 5-star character, you don’t even need to take advantage of the Blessing or the Leyline as long as you have an Anemo CC in the team. Having a Geo character in the first phase is also beneficial as the Geo attacks can help shred the shield wall and rock pillars from Mitachurl and Samachurls, respectively.

While as mentioned before for the second phase, the Freeze team is the best solution to pass the floor with flying colors. Cryo is a great element to bring here to fight against Hydro Abyss Mage, Hydro Slimes, and Pyro Slimes.

Benediction of the Abyss

Benediction of the Abyss is the buffs provided to you before challenging each chamber. There are three types of buff durations:

  1. Effective this floor: The buff will last for all 3 chambers of that floor (Chamber 1-3)
  2. Effective this chamber: The buff will last for that chamber only (1 Chamber only)
  3. Effective immediately: Happens immediately. Normally just a party heal (1 Chamber only)
Benediction bonuses refresh daily (Image via HoYoverse)

I recommend you pick the ‘Effective this floor’ for the first two chambers. Then, for the last chamber, you can pick any buff that you think is the best for your current team. Of course, if you want to pick a buff that will only stay for one chamber but is immensely helpful for your team, go for it!

Remember that Benediction refreshes daily. So if you are unsatisfied with the current buff, you can always wait for the next day (Daily Reset at 4 AM) for it changes to another set. Here’s the list of Benedictions that you can randomly get.

Floor 9 Chamber 1

First Half

List of enemies for Chamber 1 First Half (Image via SoraHoshina)
Staying in the middle is the best bet (Image via HoYoverse)
  • For the first wave, each of the enemies is very slow in catching up with you so you can stay in the middle of the arena so all of them will get near you faster or use Anemo CC to gather all of them at once. Their HP is also not that big so you won’t have any problems defeating them one by one.
  • Here, you need to be wary of the bubble from Floating Hydro Fungus and getting Frozen with the addition of Cryo Fungus.
  • For the second wave, use the same strategy where you stay in the middle or use Anemo CC. However, you can also start with the right side (Floating Dendro Fungus & Electro Fungus) as the former will sometimes float higher than your melee range.
  • The last wave is where you need to move and head to the Winged Cryoshroom. Focus on defeating this one first because it may fly higher than your melee range. In addition, others mobs have lower HP and you may kill them with collateral damage if you bring any characters with AoE attacks.

Second Half

List of enemies for Chamber 1 Second Half (Image via SoraHoshina)
Focus on the Crossbow first (Image via HoYoverse)
  • For the first wave, start from the back of the arena because two Crossbow spawns at the back. Unlike others, these Crossbow enemies walk much slower and keep their distance from you. If you bring any, use your Anemo CC to gather all of them and defeat them simultaneously. If not, focus on the ranged enemies > melee enemies.
  • For the second wave, all of them are melee and will chase after you so focus on whoever you want or destroy them with Anemo CC.
  • The last wave feature 1 Desert Clearwater which has the highest HP compared to other spawned enemies, so save this woman for last if you don’t bring any Anemo CC and focus on other mob firsts before you go after her.

Floor 9 Chamber 2

First Half

List of enemies for Chamber 2 First Half (Image via SoraHoshina)
Gather enemies with Anemo CC (Image via HoYoverse)
  • Each wave on this floor spawns one Mitachurl and various types of Hilichurl/Samachurls. From the first until the last wave, focus on defeating the Samachurls > Hilichurls first. Ignore Mitachurls because they have the highest HPs among the mobs and also high attacks so they should be saved for last when there are no more opponents that will distract you.
  • Samachurls is the first target because they will construct pillars and get on top. If they manage to create the said pillar, try to use a skill that will knock them off instead of wasting your time destroying it. But keep in mind that these pillars are weak against Geo and Claymore attacks.
  • For Geo Shieldwall Mitachurl, remember that you can destroy its shield with either Geo attacks, Claymore, or Overload reaction (Electro + Pyro). It is best if you bring any shielder so your character won’t be staggered by the Mitachurls’ attacks.
  • Meanwhile, Wooden Shieldwall Mitachurl is weak against Pyro attacks. And of course, Anemo CC is still overpowered in this stage to gather the mobs.

Second Half

List of enemies for Chamber 2 Second Half (Image via SoraHoshina)
Slowing Water on the left and Mist Bubble on the right (Image via HoYoverse)

Slowing Water Aura: Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst CD +100%.
Mist Bubble Damage Abilities: 4 bubbles will appear around and deal Hydro DMG when a character touches them. When the character crosses the gap between any 2 bubbles, another 4 bubbles will appear outside.

  • For the first wave, go straight to the Dendro Samachurl in the front area. The Samachurl will be your main focus because it won’t move from its position and its attack will disturb your movement. The Large Slimes will follow after you real fast so you don’t have to chase after them.
  • The second wave is much more dangerous because 1 Abyss Mage has a Mist Bubble Abilities and another 1 Abyss Mage has the Slowing Water Aura. Both of them will spawn in the back area, and if you’re still in the front area, pay attention to the Mages’ move.
  • If they gonna teleport, don’t move and let them teleport near you so you can immediately attack them both simultaneously. If they don’t teleport, you should go to their location and use Cryo attacks to delete their Hydro shield.
  • Between the two Mages, the Mist Bubble is much more dangerous because it can trap you and deal Hydro damage when your character touches them. So you should focus on that Bubble Mage first before paying attention to Slowing Water Mage. Of course, it is far better if you can delete both of their shields at the same time using AoE Cryo attacks like Chongyun’s Q/E, Ganyu’s Q, Shenhe’s Q, ETC.

Floor 9 Chamber 3

First half

List of enemies for Chamber 3 First Half (Image via SoraHoshina)
Defeat the Winged Dendroshroom before it can float (Image via HoYoverse)
  • For the first wave, go straight to the front area where Dendroshroom spawns and focus on it first. Other Fungi will come after you and you can hit two birds with one stone if you bring AoE DPS.
  • However, the Dendroshroom may float higher than your melee character can attacks so if it does float, you can focus on the surrounding Fungus first until the Shroom land again. Or you can use ranged auto-attack characters like Yoimiya.
  • The second wave spawns the Hydroshroom at the back area, so as usual, go chase after it and focus on the Shroom first before Fungus. Usually, I would advise going after lower HP > higher HP, but since these Fungi aren’t even a threat, it’s better if you go for the Shroom that has higher HP and attack.

Second Half

List of enemies for Chamber 3 Second Half (Image via SoraHoshina)
All three enemies can be gathered with Anemo CC (Image via HoYoverse)

Lightning Bolt Matrix: 2 lightning chains will appear and deal Electro DMG per 0.2 seconds when a character touches them.
Ice Cage: A ice claw-shaped cage will appear from the foot of the on-field character and deal Cryo DMG per second when a character touches them.

  • There is only one wave where all enemies spawn at the same time. Aside from the Freeze team, I suggest bringing a shielder for this chamber so you can ignore the Lightning Bolt Matrix and Ice Cage Abilities from the enemies. In addition, Anemo CC also does wonders in this stage because all three of the enemies can be gathered.
  • For prioritization, go after the Linebreaker > Sunfrost (Ice Cage) > Daythunder (Lightning Bolt Matrix). This is because Daythunder has the highest HP among all enemies, followed by Sunfrost. But honestly, since all of them will chase after you, you can defeat all of them at the same time by bringing AoE DPS.

Even with the new roster of enemies, Spiral Abyss Floor 9 remains relatively easy. However, it may come as a challenge for lower ranks. Nevertheless, there is no need to fear as there are several strategies like the ones mentioned in our guide that you can take advantage of for your next Spiral Abyss Floor 9 run.


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