Mona’s Elemental Burst: Stellaris Phantasm

Mona’s Elemental Burst Stellaris Phantasm will cast 2 things, Illusory Bubble and Omen. Here is a simplified explanation about the talent.

TL;DR: illusory Bubble is your “bubble” damage, and Omen is the additional damage bonus.

Illusory Bubble

Illusory bubble will pop by itself after 8 seconds. This bubble will also pop if you deliver any kind of attack, like normal attack from a Sword, Polearm, Bow and Claymore, and also any elemental skill from Pyro, Hydro, Cryo, Electro, Anemo and Geo.

Mona will cast wet twice from this Burst skill. The first one is during her animation burst, and the second one is when after the bubble pops.

To benefit the vaporize reaction, which you can get 100% damage bonus, you can apply Pyro > Mona’s burst > Pyro.

  • First, you apply Pyro to the enemy to inflict the burn aura
  • Next, you cast Mona’s burst. During this burst animation, Mona will trigger the first Vaporize reaction from inflicting the first wet aura. During this time, there will be no damage here. It will also clear the elemental status (burn and wet).
  • After that, you need to wait 2 seconds for the ICD (internal cooldown) to be over. ICD is the timer interval before you can apply another elemental aura or trigger another reaction.
  • Then you cast another Pyro attack as the finishing blow. The Pyro aura will then react with the Hydro aura (popped bubble will give the second wet aura) and trigger the Vaporize reaction.

PS: If you cast a Pyro attack immediately without waiting 2 seconds for the ICD to end, you will still able to inflict Pyro damage and the bubble will be popped too. However, during that time there will be no Vaporize reaction, meaning Mona’s burst damage will only give the same damage as if you let the bubble pop by itself.

If you want to know more about other mistakes you can make from triggering Mona’s burst, check out this guide:


When Mona casts her burst, Omen will activate immediately, together alongside Illusory Bubble. That means you can gain bonus damage even when popping the bubble. Omen’s timer starts after the bubble is popped and it can last up to 8 + 5 seconds (if you let the bubble pop itself after 8 seconds).

Talent Materials

Talent LevelCharacter Ascension
Mora CostMaterialsTalent Book
2Phase 212,500Item_Whopperflower_Nectar 6 Whopperflower NectarItem_Teachings_of_Resistance 3 Teachings of Resistance
3Phase 317,500Item_Shimmering_Nectar 3 Shimmering NectarItem_Guide_to_Resistance 2 Guide to Resistance
4Phase 425,000Item_Shimmering_Nectar 4 Shimmering NectarItem_Guide_to_Resistance 4 Guide to Resistance
530,000Item_Shimmering_Nectar 6 Shimmering NectarItem_Guide_to_Resistance 6 Guide to Resistance
637,500Item_Shimmering_Nectar 9 Shimmering NectarItem_Guide_to_Resistance 9 Guide to Resistance
7Phase 5120,000Item_Energy_Nectar 4 Energy Nectar
Item_Ring_of_Boreas 1 Ring of Boreas
Item_Philosophies_of_Resistance 4 Philosophies of Resistance
8260,000Item_Energy_Nectar 6 Energy Nectar
Item_Ring_of_Boreas 1 Ring of Boreas
Item_Philosophies_of_Resistance 6 Philosophies of Resistance
9Phase 6450,000Item_Energy_Nectar 9 Energy Nectar
Item_Ring_of_Boreas 1 Ring of Boreas
Item_Philosophies_of_Resistance 12 Philosophies of Resistance
10700,000Item_Energy_Nectar 12 Energy Nectar
Item_Ring_of_Boreas 2 Ring of Boreas
Item_Crown_of_Insight 1 Crown of Insight
Item_Philosophies_of_Resistance 16 Philosophies of Resistance

Talent Level

Illusory Bubble Explosion Damage %442476509553586619664708752796841885940995
Omen Damage Bonus %4244464850525456586060606060
Omen Duration4.
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