Studies in Light and Shadow: A Fontaine of Enchantment Event Details

"Studies in Light and Shadow: A Fontaine of Enchantment" Event: Snapshot Studies of Fontaine

Event Duration

2023/09/14 10:00:00 – 2023/09/25 03:59:59

Event Rewards


Adventure Rank 20 or above
Unlock any Statue of The Seven in Fontaine

Event Details

● From the first day of the event, a new Photo Record objective will be unlocked every day. A total of six stages/six Photo Record objectives will be unlocked. Travelers can use Bresson’s Special Kamera to help him record various sights and scenes.
● You can take photos of anything that meets the relevant requirements. If you cannot find anything that should be recorded, you can try searching the area Bresson recommended.
● Adjust the Kamera distance and zoom to more easily record said objects.
● During the event, you can receive various rewards when you achieve the Photo Record objectives.


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