Sumeru Adventure Journal Vol.1: Desert of Hadramaveth

The new area "Desert of Hadramaveth" located to the north of Sumeru will open soon in Genshin Impact version 3.4! Lots of unknown landscapes await us in the scimitar-shaped ravines that cut across the desert plain.

The new area “Desert of Hadramaveth” located to the north of Sumeru will open soon in Genshin Impact version 3.4! Lots of unknown landscapes await us in the scimitar-shaped ravines that cut across the desert plain. Of course, that includes a brand-new type of puzzle.

P.S. This issue contains information on how to solve the puzzles for some mechanisms. For Travelers who don’t like spoilers, do consider skipping this diary~

The Endless Sandstorm

The desert’s border stretches on. Perhaps among the incessant sandstorms that seem to erode all things encompassed by history, a story lost in time awaits to be uncovered…

The Desert of Hadramaveth is finally revealed in a dangerous region of Sumeru among dust and sandstorms. The terrain stretches out and twists into the distance, a permanent enormous tornado at its heart. It may get more difficult to see through the storm as you go closer to the center due to the stronger and harsher sandstorms that you may experience. As the adventure progresses, you can also receive protection and help to withstand the raging sandstorms.

Sandstorms are intermittent meteorological hazards unique to the Desert of Hadramaveth. When you find yourself in a sandstorm, your visibility will drop precipitously. The closer you are to the heart of the sandstorm, the more intense it will be.

Setekh Wenut

Wenut can do a surprise attack on the desert even when you’re not on its battle arena

However, there are dangers below as well, as the Wenut are hidden beneath the golden sands and watches for openings to breach the surface and launch attacks against you. Stay especially sharp while moving within the territory of a Wenut. The Setekh Wenut, the new boss and the craftiest predator that imitates flowers on its tail to seduce its prey, is the deadliest of them all. The Setekh Wenut periodically reappears, changing its appearance while engaged in combat. It can emerge out of the sand like a worm and launch devastating Anemo beam strikes in the shape of a flower. Here’s a helpful tidbit: the Swirl Reaction may hold the key to successfully weakening the Setekh Wenut when it matters most.

As you can see in the GIF above, Wenut will attack you from the sands, you can use those attacks to destroy Weathered Rocks- slightly more fragile rocks that can be found where Wenut dwells- and you might discover unexpected gains.

Puzzles in the Golden Sands

Rune Mechanisms

The puzzles in the desert are usually associated with endless sand. Travelers might encounter sand piles that obstruct their path when exploring. Rune Mechanisms found within the ancient ruins can generate energy that can ablate sand piles.

Cascade Pools

Cascade Pools abandoned in the ruins of the ancient city were once used to guide the flow of water. Only gravel (sand) is left now. By controlling the Cascade Spouts to fill the Cascade Pools with gravel, you may be able to obtain unexpected rewards.

Desert Creatures

Flying Serpent

A reptile with a limited ability to hover. Flying serpents do not truly possess the ability to fly; their ability to hover seems to derive from their bird-like hollow bones and the sparkle of Anemo that imbues them with a subtle influence over the wind.

Sand Grease Pupa

You can only find such husks deep in the desert where the Quicksand Eels breed. The hardened shell is meant to protect the Quicksand Eels’ larval bodies until they finally acclimate to the conditions of the dry desert.


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