How to Unlock Sumeru Daily Commissions

Learn how to unlock the Daily Commissions for Sumeru Region in Genshin Impact and gain various rewards by reading this guide.

Within the vast magical forests of Sumeru, the nation that worships the God of Wisdom, you can find an entirely surreal world that houses the tallest trees, mushrooms that you can jump on and even the purplest Sumeru roses.

It is the newest region in Teyvat offered by version 3.0 update that is also home to the new monsters, enemies, local specialties, and bosses in Genshin Impact. On top of that, new places mean new explorations, and new spots to discover as an Adventurer!

From the Palace of Alcazarzaray down to the Ruins of Dahri, these are just some of the locations in which you can perform your Daily Activities!

But if you are new to the game, and seeing this by coincidence & wondering what Genshin Impact Daily Commissions are, sit back because we got you as well before we head over to the more specific course of actions.

Daily Commissions in Genshin Impact

Daily Commissions or simply called Commissions and Comms by players, is another feature that can be unlocked in-game. It is accessible after reaching Adventure Rank 12, and finishing the quest called Everyday a New Adventure.

Each day after the server reset, four little purple diamonds will appear on your map depending on the Region you selected from your Adventurer Handbook. Of course, if you are in lower AR (Adventure Rank) then your dailies will be automatically set in Mondstadt until you are qualified to unlock the other nations such as Liyue, Inazuma, and most recently -Sumeru.

Daily Commission Indicator

Rewards you can get from Commissions

Doing your daily commissions is easily one of the best way to earn Primogems. It is an in-game currency used to purchase either Intertwined or Acquaint fates that can be found in Paimon’s Bargains when pulling for Characters and Weapons. Its uses also include replenishing Original resin and purchasing Battle pass levels.

One commission is 10 Primogems worth, meaning you can get a total of 40 primogems if you complete all of them plus the bonus 20 after you come back to Katheryne at any Adventurers’ Guild branches! Sweet, isn’t it?

You can also gain Mora, Adventure EXP and Companionship EXP so you can keep raising your Friendship Level with your favorite characters!

Sumeru Daily Commissions

Now, you are probably wondering: Why can’t I do my commissions in Sumeru region even though I already opened it on my map?

Alas, when you set foot in the nation of wisdom and its daunting greeneries, you will notice that your Daily Commissions are not automatically unlocked for this area. This means that the newest region Sumeru won’t be on your list of options to select as your preferred place to do your tasks when you open your Adventurer’s Handbook like as shown above.

To know how to access them, continue reading and we’ll walk you through it!

Quite similar to the steps of unlocking your Sumeru Reputation system, these are the criteria that you must meet first so you can begin doing your commissions:

  • Start and complete the Archon Quest Chapter III: Act I – Through Mists of Smoke and Forest Dark;
  • And you need to finish the Archon Quest Chapter III: Act II – The Morn A Thousand Roses Brings

Once this is successfully completed, a world quest calledAdventure Takes Courage!” will trigger and appear in your quest menu.

Reminder that you won’t be getting this quest in an instant but until the next reset of your daily commissions which is the following day after completing both Acts of the third chapter of the Archon quest.

The daily reset occurs at every 04:00 AM based on your server’s time zone. 

Adventure takes courage is a simple quest that will only require you to talk to Katheryne about being an Adventurer and taking in commissions. When you have  successfully completed this, you can now select Sumeru as your preferred region for your Daily Commissions!

To do this, just simply open your Adventurer handbook, and under Commissions, choose Sumeru among the regions available  and you should be good to go.

Now you can enjoy doing some commissions together with your friends in coop and exploring the vast & beautiful sceneries as well. Good luck and enjoy!

Did this help? Let us know in the comments! 🙂 

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