Genshin Sumeru Enemies Guide

Make your exploration easier by knowing the new batch of Genshin Impact's Sumeru region enemies using this guide including tips and tricks you can apply.

Welcomed by new villages, the rain forest and the desert, players couldn’t contain their excitement upon the release of the new map, Sumeru. But do remember to explore with caution as there are dangerous enemies lurking around the region waiting for its prey to come. Nonetheless, they are worth killing as they drop materials and loots that players can use to enhance their characters and weapons. In this guide, we’ll introduce you to the new Genshin Sumeru Enemiesmaterials and several ways you can do to defeat them.

How to defeat Fungus?

Floating Hydro Fungus was first seen during the introduction of the Chasm. Now, it’s back to Sumeru along with some of its friends.

There are different types of Fungus that currently exist in the game that deals different type of physical and elemental attacks. Additionally, these Fungi undergo State Shift allowing them to enter Activated or Scorched form after taking Electro or Pyro attacks respectively. Activated and Scorched Fungi unleashes new and enhanced attacks.

Genshin Sumeru Enemies Fungus

There are several reasons why there’s a need to understand this concept, which will be further explained in the next section.

In general, these fungi are mystical beasts and are not made of their respective element like slimes and specters. Hence, players will have to apply at least two elements on their own to activate elemental reactions. In addition, they are not immune to any element but got higher resistance against some.

Floating Hydro FungusHydro Fungus floats in the air, whose attacks comprise of bubbles that deal hydro damage. These tiny creatures release bubble that either trap their target or themselves. Well, they’re not much of a threat, as the chance of them trapping themselves inside their own bubbles is ridiculously higher than the former.
However, after entering the Activated state, Floating Hydro Fungus will shoot three consecutive single-targeted projectiles that deal hydro damage. Meanwhile, Scorched Fungus forms a large bubble around him that detonates, dealing hydro damage to its nearby units.
Floating Hydro Fungus’ resistance to dendro and hydro is 10% higher than the rest of the attacks.
Floating Dendro Fungus Floating Dendro Fungus seems like a small white ball with a green witch’s hat, making them adorable and perhaps challenging to kill.
Going back to its attacks, Floating Dendro Fungus throws three orbs that inflicts dendro damage.
Activated: Throws three orbs instead.
Scorched: Damage is increased.
It has 25% resistance against Dendro damage.
Whirling Electro Fungus Whirling Electro Fungus, on the other hand may remind some of us of a beyblade that spins on the ground, clashing against its target. Basically, that’s how he does it. Whirling Electro Fungus spins quickly as it charges towards its enemy dealing electro damage upon hitting.
Activated: Increase in speed and attack will be chained three times in a row.
Scorched: Decrease in speed but damage and knockback effect are increased.
20% resistance against Dendro and Electro.
Grounded HydroshroomGrounded Hydroshroom stands on its feet unlike the rest of the shrooms, which he uses to deal physical damage after kicking its target. Similarly, it also applies hydro damage using bubbles and hydro projectiles.30% resistance against dendro and hydro.
Winged Dendroshroom Winged Dendroshroom slaps its target with its wings once, dealing physical damage. Speed is increased when activated. When scorched, speed is reduced, but its damage will increase.
Meanwhile, Dendroshroom throws a spherical orb that deals dendro damage. When activated, speed is increased while speed is reduced when Scorched. However, Dendroshroom deals greater damage when scorched.

Lastly, Dive Bomb inflicts the most tremendous damage among all of its attack. It will dive down from above in a normal state before throwing two consecutive bombs with the same dendro damage. During activated state, speed is increased. But, the damage is increased when scorched.
Winged Dendroshroom has 40% resistance against dendro damage.
Winged CryoshroomWinged Cryoshroom, as the name suggests has the ability to float with the aid of its wings. Its attacks comprise of two components, Slap and Drill Charge. Winged Cryoshroom slaps its target with its wings twice dealing physical damage. During the activated state, it increases its speed and decreases its range. With scorched form on the other hand, speed is reduced but the range of attack is increased.

The second one allows Winged Cryoshroom to charge towards it target, knocking them back upon landing and dealing cryo damage twice. When activated, its speed will increase and can now chain up to three times instead of two. But when scorched, its speed will decrease but will deal more severe damage than the former.
Winged Cryoshroom has resistance to cryo and dendro (30%).
Stretchy Geo FungusGeo Fungi’ attacks consists of spinning and rolling attacks that slightly pushes its target dealing physical damage.20% resistance to Geo and Hydro

Most of these fungi are capable of staying in mid-air but luckily, they do not always fly high enough to become unreachable to melee characters. Moreover, crowd control abilities like Venti, Kazuha and Sucrose’s can be used against them.


Upon killing them, Fungi provides materials that are used in character, talent and weapon ascensions. As mentioned earlier, fungi’s state before getting killed greatly affects the materials that it will provide.

Normal State (Without Electro or Pyro attacks)Mora
Character EXP
Fungal Spores
Luminescent Pollen
Crystalline Cyst Dust
Activated/Scorched State (With Electro or Pyro attacks)Mora
Character EXP
Inactivated Fungal Spore
Dormant Fungal Nucleus
Robust Fungal Nucleus

In this case, these materials are different from one another. For instance, if you need Fungal Spores, Luminescent Pollen and Crystalline Cyst Dust for Tighnari, make sure not to land any electro or pyro attacks to these fungi so as to not activate the other state.

How to defeat the Eremites?

Upon roaming around the desert region of Sumeru, you will encounter groups of mercenaries called the Eremites. They belong to the same human faction along with Treasure Hoarders and Nobushi.

Genshin Impact Eremites
Eremite Axe VanguardAxe Vanguard throws sand at her opponents slightly obscuring their vision. She also wings her axe twice dealing physical damage. Physical attacks works better against Axe Vanguard as it has -20% resistance to it.
Eremite CrossbowEremite Crossbow is a ranged opponent that usually positions himself away from his targets. He either shoots one bolt or five consecutive shots dealing physical damage. His other attack on the other hand allows him to infuse his bolt with dendro inflicting dendro damage on-hit and poison mist. Lower resistance against physical damage.
Eremite LinebreakerPerforms single and multiple slashes dealing physical damage.Lower resistance against physical damage.
Eremite Sword-DancerSword-dancer wields a sword that he uses to unleash slashes to inflict physical damage. Lower resistance against physical damage.
Eremite Desert ClearwaterDifferent from the rest of the eremites, Desert Clearwater deals hydro damage using her melee weapon.-20% resistance to physical attacks. However, stunning her would lower her resistance to hydro attacks to -50%
Eremite SunfrostEremite Sunfrost utilizes his dual blade in slashing through his opponents to inflict cryo damage. Try not to get hit by Desert Clearwater and Sunfrost at the same time to save yourself from getting frozen. -20% resistance to physical attacks. However, stunning him would lower his resistance to cryo attacks to -50%
Eremite DaythunderLastly, Eremite Daythunder unleashes AOE electro attacks. His damage are further increased when enhanced. -20% resistance to physical attacks. However, stunning him would lower his resistance to cryo attacks to -50%

Eremites are usually seen together in groups similar to Fungus. Hence, it will be easier to use crowd control abilities before landing AOE attacks to defeat them all at once.

Genshin Sumeru Enemies Venti Eremites


  • Mora
  • Character EXP
  • Level 1+ Faded Red Satin
  • Level 40+ Trimmed Red Silk
  • Level 60+ Rich Red Brocade

How to defeat Ruin Drakes

Ruin Drakes are elite enemies that resemble a dragon and belong to the family of automatons. Like other ruin machines, they have higher resistance to physical attacks and inflict physical damage. However, Ruin Drakes have this special attack that allows them to mimic the element applied to them with Confetti. At the same time, these ruin drakes gain 40% resistance against the absorbed element. That said, bringing characters of different elements is optimal before facing Ruin Drakes.

Ruin Drakes are divided into two types; Skywatch and Earthguard.

Ruin Drake: Skywatch

Skywatch is another nightmare for players who do not use or have a bow or catalyst-wielding character. Similar to Ruin Sentinel, Skywatch can stay a few units above the ground with the help of its wings.

Ruin possesses four types of attacks that he can use against its targets. It consists of multiple single-targeted and AOE attacks that can even shred your health bar within seconds. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid this, and here’s how.

Attack nameDescription and Counters
Machine Gun VolleyRuin Drake launches two lines of bullets that moves forward in parallel with each other dealing physical damage on its path. If you’re standing across the Skywatch, dodge forward or stay in the middle to prevent yourself from getting hit by these bullets.
Missile barrageMissile Barrage marks its target before unleashing a barrage of missiles, following its prey. The trick on this one is to dodge sideways right before the missiles strike your location.
Tail SliceTail Slice only applies to targets that are near the Skywatch. If its target is close to him, it will spin vertically, hitting the ground with its tail to deal physical damage. To save yourself from trouble, pick a ranged character so as to not trigger Tail Slice. But with no other option, immediately run out of its range before it manages to land its tail on the ground.
ConfettiSkywatch charges and absorbs the element of the most amount of damage it has received from. After a few delays, he will gain resistance to the absorbed element that reaches up to 40% and uses it to disperse a hail of bombs around him. If the Skywatch does not receive any elemental damage after the first one, it will return to its physical state.

While Skywatch is charging, it remains stationary. This is a perfect time for players to paralyze it by hitting the core to knock it down. If it’s not possible, run away from the range of Confetti.

If you were to encounter Skywatch, bringing a bow-wielding character does the job as attacking its core will cause them to enter paralysis state that knocks them down and prevents them from releasing attacks for a short duration. It is also crucial to bring another character of different element other than physical as it has 50% resistance to physical attacks.

Genshin Sumeru Enemies Ruin Drake Skywatch

Skywatch exposes its core while charging during Confetti, so take advantage of it and try to aim for it.

Ruin Drake: Earthguard

Earthguard on the other hand is quite similar to Ruin Drake: Skywatch except it stays on the ground, utilizing melee attacks in defeating opponents.

Here’s the list of its attack and how you can counter it.
Tail SweepEarthguard spins around, swinging its tail to deal physical damage to enemies hit.
ChargeUnlike Skywatch, Earthguard uses melee attacks in taking down its targets. Hence, it is optimal to use a ranged character and kite instead. However, this ruin machine is smart enough to come up with a counter for such strategy. If its target is far from him, he will instead charge towards them. If it manages to strike an enemy, it will be followed by a tail sweep. That said, keep an eye on this creature and dodge sideways as he charges forward. It is also important to know that his core is exposed during this attack, giving players the opportunity to paralyze it.
MeleeEarthguard simply attacks by swinging its nose twice towards the direction of its target dealing physical damage.
ConfettiEarthguard charges and absorbs the element of the most amount of damage it has received from. After a few delay, he will gain resistance to the absorbed element that reaches up to 40% and uses it to disperse a hail of bombs around him. If the Earthguard did not receive any elemental damage after the first one, it will return to its physical state.

While Earthguard is charging, it remains stationary. This is a perfect time for players to paralyze it by hitting the core to knock it down. If it’s not possible, run away from the range of Confetti.

Earthguard is a lot easier to handle compared to Skywatch as it stays on the ground while on his normal state. However, ruin machines’ damage cannot be underestimated as it can bring you your own demise with a single hit. Hence, it is also recommended to bring a bow user like Fischl, Venti, Yoimiya and Ganyo to target its core weakspot which is usually exposed during confetti.

Genshin Impact Ruin Drake Earthguard


  • Mora
  • Character EXP
  • Level 1+ Chaos Storage
  • Level 40+ Chaos Module
  • Level 60+ Chaos Bolt

Genshin Sumeru Enemies are located around the whole map and you will surely encounter them as you go through each regions for chests, resources and achievements. In addition to that, these creatures have also been added to Spiral Abyss for Genshin Impact 3.0. So, remember these before joining the fray. For guides about the game, make sure to check out for more!

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