Sumeru Shrine of Depths: Where to Find, All Locations, and How to Unlock

Know the fastest route you can take towards the 10 Sumeru Shrine of Depths and obtain 40 primogems, Dendro Sigils and a Luxurious Chest.

One of the best things about diving into new regions in Teyvat is the sight of an unlocked Sumeru Shrine of Depths standing right in front of you. In the early stages of exploration, one will stumble upon a puzzling ancient gazebo and what lies inside it bring absolute excitement to the players. Sumeru Shrine of Depths reward worthy travelers who have managed to find it and the one and only to unlock it by giving a generous amount of primogems, artifacts, exp, and other materials. These rewards are exactly what you need to get and build your favorite waifu or husbando.

However, with the vastness of each region, it might become tough to locate each one of them, along with the single requirement to unlock it. But, don’t worry, as we can guide you towards the right path. In this guide, we will provide the exact location of the shrine of depths, the fastest route you can take, how to unlock it, key locations, and more.

What is a Shrine of Depth in Genshin Impact?

Shrine of Depth is a glowing structure of a bygone society that Keys can only unlock. Ten Shrine of Depths are spread across each nation, and the way to obtain keys may differ from one another. But, as of now, there are only five Shrine of Depths that you can see and access in Sumeru.

Genshin Impact Shrine of Depths Location

Like the rest, Shrine of Depths are pretty easy to find as it mostly resides on the surface. Additionally, there’s no need to go through puzzling challenges and mechanisms to unlock these.

Here are the Genshin Impact Shrine of Depths locations for the rainforest and desert area of Sumeru, along with the most accessible route you can take.

Chatrakam Cave

The first one is located at the Chatrakam Cave. Simply teleport through this waypoint and walk towards Shrine.

Chatrakam Cave
Genshin Impact Sumeru Shrine of Depths

Near Jadeplume Terrorshroom

The second Shrine of Depth can be seen at the top-left of Vissudha Field, near Jadeplume Terrorshroom. Teleport and make your way towards it.

Jadeplume Terrorshroom
Genshin Impact Sumeru Shrine of Depths
Genshin Impact Sumeru Shrine of Depths

Ruins of Dahri

This one is a bit far from the teleporters. To take this one, glide from the Teleport Waypoint while marking this spot in the map. Then, you’ll see a shrine waiting to be unveiled. Alternatively, you can use the Tower of Abject Pride domain standing near the shrine. Use your stamina wisely, as you’ll have to climb instead.

Ruins of Dahri
Genshin Impact Sumeru Shrine of Depths
Genshin Impact Sumeru Shrine of Depths

Port Ormos

So far, this is the easiest one to find as it sits just right below this waypoint.

Port Ormos
Genshin Impact Sumeru Shrine of Depths
Genshin Impact Sumeru Shrine of Depths

Land of Upper Setekh

The new and latest Shrine of Depth is seen at the. There are plenty of waypoints that you can utilize at your disposal, but this is the easiest one. This route requires no climbing or gliding at all. In fact, you can already see it as soon as you arrive.

How to unlock Sumeru Shrine of Depths?

The Shrine of Depth holds exciting rewards, but this isn’t given for free. There is only one way to pass through this.

The mystery inside these Shrines shall only be unveiled using the Sumeru Shrine of Depths Key.

How to Get Keys for Sumeru Shrine of Depths?

Shrine of Depths are absolutely rewarding, but the keys to open it are not just taken from the ground and cannot be sold. Generally, the Key can be obtained by quests, upgrading the Statue of the Seven or Trees.

In this case, these are going to be your source of keys.

It has already been established that offering Oculi to the Statue of the Seven does reward players several rewards including the Sumeru Shrine of Depths Key.

Prepare your gears and explore the richness of Sumeru. As you go on, you may stumble upon Dendroculi which exactly what you’ll be needing for these keys.

Another source of these keys is the Vanarana Tree. Vanarana Tree is only accessible once you have unlocked the Vanarana by doing the Aranyaka World Quests. This time, this will require Dendro Sigils that you can gather from opening chests, domains and Statue of the Seven.

Sumeru Shrine of Depths Rewards

For the most fun part, a Luxurious Chest will welcome you upon unlocking the Shrine of Depth.

The rewards given inside this Luxurious Chest are as follows:

  • 40 Primogems
  • 60 Adventure EXP
  • 10 Dendro Sigils
  • 3-star Artifacts
  • 4-star Artifacts
  • Hero’s Wits

Do remember that the Luxurious Chest sitting inside these Shrines do not respawn. Each reward from every Sumeru Shrine of Depth can only be unlocked once per world.

As mentioned, there are ten Shrine of Depths assigned per region. Currently, there are only five Shrines that are existing in the game, and players will have to anticipate the release of the rest of it.

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