Tapestry Of Golden Flames Character Banner

With only a few days left, the details for the new banner, Tapestry of Golden Flames has been revealed by Genshin Impact. This banner will showcase the new 5-star character Yoimiya along with the 4-star character Sayu. Diona and Xinyan will also be made available.

The banner will be available from August 10th and go on until August 31st.

During this period, the drop rate for Yoimiya will increase, giving players a higher chance to obtain her. Along with her, they can also aim for Diona (cryo), Xinyan (pyro), and Sayu (anemo).

Once the banner duration comes to an end, there is still a chance of obtaining the 4-star characters from other banners. However, for Yoimiya, players will have to wait until a rerun is announced.

“Frolicking Flames” Yoimiya

First introduced in the 2.0 live stream, Yoimiya is a famous pyrotechnician from Inazuma. She is the owner of Naganohara Fireworks and adored by the children of Inazuma. If there is a problem, Yoimiya is more likely to try and help out in any way she can.

As a pyro vision holder, her weapon of choice is the bow and in a team, she is most suited to act as a burst DPS.


Her constellation is the Carassius Auratus.

Agate Ryuukin (C1) increases the duration of the Aurous Blaze. When an opponent is defeated during this period, Yoimiya’s attack is increased by 20% for 20s.

A Procession of Bonfires (C2) increases Yoimiya’s Pyro Damage Bonus by 25% every time her Pyro DMG scores a Crit Hit.

Trickster’s Flare (C3) increases the level of Yoimiya’s elemental skill, Niwabi Fire-Dance by 3.

Pyrotechnic Professional (C4) when Aurous Blaze triggers an explosion, the cooldown for her elemental skill is decreased.

A Summer Festival’s Eve (C5) increases the level of her elemental burst, Ryuukin Saxifrage by 3.

Naganohara Meteor Swarm (C6) gives Yoimiya a 50% chance of firing extra Kindling Arrows during Niwabi Fire-Dance that deals 60% of its original damage.

“Mujina Ninja” Sayu

Brought up by the Shuumatsuban, Sayu is a young and talented ninja. She is loyal to her organization and is well-known for being lazy. While she has mastered all the techniques of ninjutsu, she uses her skill to get out of work and nap instead.

Sayu is an anemo vision holder who uses a claymore in battle. In a team, she can be a valuable support member due to her skills that allow her to cause damage and heal party members.


Sayu’s constellation is known as the Nyctereutes Minor.

Multi-Task No Jutsu (C1) allows the Muji-Muji Daruma created by Yoohoo Art: Mujina Flurry to ignore the HP limits. With his, Sayu can deal damage and heal characters without restriction.

Egress Prep (C2) gives Yoohoo Art: Fuuin Dash two effects. Firstly, it increases the damage caused by Fuufuu Whirlwind Kick by 3.3%. Fuufuu Whirlwind Kick will gain another additional 3.3% for every 0.5s Sayu is in the Fuufuu Windwheel state.

Eh, The Bunshin Can Handle It (C3) increases the level of Yoohoo Art: Mujina Flurry by 3.

Skiving: New and Improved (C4) lets Sayu recover 1.2 Energy every time she causes a swirl reaction.

Speed Comes First (C5) increases the level of Yoohoo Art: Fuuin Dash by 3.

Sleep O’Clock (C6) applies two effects to the Muji-Muji Daruma as it now benefits from Sayu’s elemental mastery. Each point of elemental mastery will increase the damage dealt by the daruma by 0.2% ATK. Sayu can be gain up to 400% ATK during this. It will also increase the HP restored by 3. The daruma can restore a total of 6000 additional HP through this method.

“Kätzlein Cocktail” Diona

Diona is a young bartender who works at Cat’s Tail in Mondstadt. Despite her occupation, she absolutely hates alcohol. Her main objective in life is to ruin Mondstadt’s wine industry. But unfortunately, Diona seems to have a magic touch when it comes to alcohol because any drink she makes is loved by all.

Diona was blessed with a cryo vision and uses a bow. She is a very good support character to have on your team due to her healing abilities, her shield and her passive talents that benefit all members.


Diona’s constellation is called Feles.

A Lingering Flavor (C1) lets Diona gain 15 energy after her elemental burst, Signature Mix, ends.

Shaken, Not Purred (C2) increases her elemental skill, Icy Paws’, damage by 15%. Her shield’s damage absorption is increased by 15% as well. When the skill hits its target, Diona will also create a shield for nearby characters with 50% of Icy Paws’ damage absorption.

A-Another Round? (C3) increases the level of Signature Mix by 3.

Wine Industry Slayer (C4) decreases the charge time for Diona’s aimed shots while she is in the radius of her elemental burst.

Double Shot, On The Rocks (C5) increases the level of Icy Paws’ by 3.

Cat’s Tail Closing Time (C6) gives characters two effects while they are in the radius of Signature Mix. Firstly, it increases the incoming healing bonus by 30% when HP is equal to 50% or below. It also increases elemental mastery by 200 when HP is above 50%.

“Blazing Riff” Xinyan

An aspiring rock star from Liyue, Xinyan‘s goal in life is to spread rock ‘n’ roll throughout the nation. While she does not have any professional training when it comes to music, she still gives her performances her very best. Though not many people appreciate her work, she is grateful to those who come to watch her play.

With her pyro vision, Xinyan takes down her enemies with the help of her claymore. In a team, Xinyan can play multiple roles depending on how you choose to build her. From a support to a sub DPS and maybe even a DPS, having Xinyan on your team can not just be beneficial but also fun.


Xinyan’s constellation is called Fila Ignium.

Fatal Acceleration (C1) increases the ATK SPD of Xinyan’s normal and charged attacks by 12% after she scores a Crit Hit.

Impromptu Opening (C2) increases the Crit Rate of Xinyan’s elemental burst, Riff Revolution, by 100% and creates a shield at level 3: Rave.

Double-Stop (C3) increases the level of her elemental skill, Sweeping Fervor, by 3.

Wildfire Rhythm (C4) decreases an enemies Physical Res by 15% when they are hit by Sweeping Fervor’s swing damage. This effect lasts for 12s.

Screamin For An Encore (C5) increases the level of Riff Revolution by 3.

Rockin In A Flaming World (C6) decreases Xinyan’s stamina consumption during charged attacks by 30%. Her charged attacks gain an ATK bonus equal to 50% of her DEF.

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