Tatara Tales (The Last Act) And The Complete 7 Day Guide

Tatara Tales The Last Act Genshin

Tatarasuna is wrought with conflict, malignant energy and strange rifts and wards. On the island in the Kujou Encampment, a tense argument between a Shogunate Officer and Shrine Maiden catches your ear. The island is in danger from more than just the war. A malfunction with the Mikage Furnace and Tatarigami energy threatens to explode and take Tatarasuna with it.

In this seven-day long quest, you will fire cannons, fight waves of Fatui, and summon the powers of the Electrogranum endlessly to protect yourself from death. Everyday brings a nice amount of Primogems, Mora and Adventure EXP.

You’ll also have access to a Tatarigami-free Furnace once the quest is done! Farming Naku Weeds and Crystal Marrow for character ascension and quests will be much easier.

Activating The Quest

Travel to the Kujou Encampment.

tatara tales

Shrine Maiden, Miyuki, and Shogunate Officer, Toranosuke, are at odds. Toranosuke departs upset and refuses any attempts of your involvement when you go to find him afterwards. Miyuki, on the other hand, will speak to you about the problem in depth.

The Mikage Furnace that sits in the middle of the island above the smelting plant, was built to help harvest the powers of the Tatarigami energy in order to forge powerful weapons. Experts from Fontaine were consulted and brought to create the device. Unfortunately, in one of the battles on the island, damage was caused to the Furnace and the Tatarigami became horribly unstable.

Xavier, one of the consultants from Fontaine, raised a containment dome around the smelting facility to try and keep its dangerous energy inside. At Paimon and Miyuki’s urging, seek him out to find a more permanent solution.

tatara tales genshin

The first day of Tatara Tales is now officially triggered.

Tatara Tales (Part One)

Likening the state of the Mikage Furnace to a ticking time bomb, Xavier asks you to observe three wards around the island. They appear on your map. Each ward has a small gimmick you’ll have to overcome to successfully observe them.

tatara tales wards

Ward 1 is the simplest. Touch the Electrogranum by the boat behind you. Run through the barrier to the spot of investigation.

Ward 2 requires use of Electrogranum and Thunder Spear floating above the ward. Touch the Electrogranum, then glide quickly straight up via Thunder Spear. An Electroculi is hovering in front. Make contact with it. It rockets towards the ground. Land and investigate.

tatara tales electrogranum
electrogranum ward tatara tales

Ward 3 is guarded by Fatui. Defeat them, grab the Electrogranum’s power and run through the shield to investigate the damage done.

Report back to Xavier.

He shares suspicions that the Fatui you encountered might be behind the disruption to the wards of the Mikage Furnace. In an attempt to scare the Fatui into leaving the Furnace alone, Xavier sends you to impersonate Shogunate forces and operate the old Kamuijima Cannons nearby.

Activate The Kamuijima Cannons And Destroy The Rifts

Using the map Xavier gave, go to the marked locations. Two of the three are directly beside Teleport Waypoints. Reach the third by gliding from the Kujou Encampment to the island across. Climb to the cannon on top.

tatara tales cannon locations

To operate the cannons, touch the Electrogranums at their side. Move and fire the machines while the power lasts.

tatara tales where to shoot cannon

South Island: Shift the cannon three times right and three times up. Fire and break the shield.

Middle Island: Shift the cannon three times left and two times up. Fire and break the shield.

North Island: Shift the cannon once to the right and two times up. Fire and break the shield.

tatara tales priority investigation cannon

The containment dome of the Mikage Furnace shatters. You get the achievement: Knock Knock.

Following its destruction, head back to Xavier for your last task of the day. To study how terribly the core has been damaged, he asks you to take a picture of the Furnace.

Fatui suddenly arrive and attack.

Defeat them, and after making sure Xavier is safe, go to the Mikage Furnace and take a picture of the core. Use whichever Kamera you’d like.

tatara tales priority investigation take picture

Once the task is done, give the photo to Xavier. He tells you to give him some time to make preparations concerning the core and the quest will temporarily end.

Tatara Tales: Priority Investigation

Talk with Xavier in the same day to finish the next part.

There is good and bad news. The core isn’t so terribly damaged that it can’t be fixed, but the Fatui are still poking around. In order to gather data, place three beacons within the Mikage Furnace. Fatui and Kairagi spawn at the locations so be cautious going in.

tatara tales priority investigation

Tell Xavier the beacons have been placed. He gives you a heads up the beacons will have to be collected again eventually before the quest locks and you have to wait until the next day’s server reset.

Tatara Tales: Purification Device (Day Two)

The next day, Xavier will ask you to complete a simple collection job. Bring him 3 Crystal Marrow and your day’s work is done. Get your Primogems and Mora and wait for server reset.

crystal marrow tatara tales purification device

Crystal Marrow is found all over Yashiori Island on the serpent’s bones. You can also go into the Mikage Furnace if you don’t mind fighting Fatui and being zapped by Balethunder. Just make sure you protect yourself with the Electrogranum before running around down there.

Tatara Tales: Data Collection (Day Three)

Xavier requests that the beacons placed earlier are retrieved. The Fatui and Kairagi you fought the first time around will have to be battled again.

tatara tales data collection

Deliver the beacons to Xavier when you’re done. He will once more ask for time to observe the data and readings of the beacons before you can move on.

Tatara Tales: Process Is Everything (Day Four)

Equip your Kamera. Following server reset, speak with Xavier. He’ll want to get a visual look at the situation inside the Mikage Furnace. There are two locations.

The first is where you placed one of the beacons by the Super Smelter Forge. Fatui and Kairagi spawn together, making for a tough fight. Finish them off and take your picture at the designated spot. Make sure you’re facing the fireplace or else the picture won’t register as complete.

process is everything tatara tales take picture

The second location doesn’t have enemies but is tricky. Don’t get fooled into thinking you have to complete the Red Challenge to take the photo. Otherwise you’ll be dragged into a horrible fight with three Thunderhelm Lawachurls.

Stand at the designated spot and tilt your camera up.

tatara tales process is everything take picture

Snap a picture of the Furnace’s core from underneath. When both pictures are successfully taken, report back to Xavier to end the day’s work.

Tatara Tales: Functional Test (Day Five)

Following the fights and trouble of the previous day’s tasks, this one is mercifully easy. Give Xavier 3 Onikabuto. Find these insects anywhere on Inazuma’s islands.

onikabuto tatara tales functional test

Task done!

Tatara Tales: Final Preparations (Day Six)

Xavier has almost completed his preparations. The Fatui have breached too far into the Mikage Furnace and action needs to be taken now. But first, the bridges inside need repair. Following the marked location on your map, grab the wooden planks. Fight the Fatui that appear.

Afterwards, fix the broken spots in the Furnace.

tatara tales final preparations

Now, all preparations are complete. However, nervous about the Fatui and dangers within, Xavier delays the final act of your mission one last time. This is a good thing for everyone. The Last Act is a true challenge.

Buy ingredients. Upgrade gear. Cook food, stretch your hands and sleep.

Let server reset come.

Tatara Tales: The Last Act (Day Seven)

Welcome to the final part of Tatara Tales. Everything is ready. Talk to Xavier.

The first task is getting close to the Mikage Furnace. Head to the marker’s location on your map. There’s multiple ways of getting there. Choose the route that suits you best. Either way, reaching the location, a cut-scene plays.

Xavier, the core at his side, joins you in the Furnace. Along the way, parts of the core lost their components. Follow the road down and find the Missing Components. They glow.

the last act genshin tatara tales

Fatui pop up halfway down. Once you defeat them and collect the missing parts you need, head back to Xavier. Together, travel to the Super Smelter forge. An Anemoboxer and Electrohammer Vanguard of the Fatui spawn. Immediately following their defeat, a Mirror Maiden appears.

Fend off the Fatui. Now:

tatara tales final preparations

Protect Xavier’s Device

Join Xavier underneath the Furnace.

tatara tales last act

Here is the most difficult part of the entire quest. Fatui launch an ambush. You must protect Xavier’s device to the end. If it falls to 0%, the challenge fails. Similarly, if your entire party dies, the challenge fails.

You fight six opponents in two waves.

The first wave threatens the most damage to Xavier’s device. A Hydrogunner, Cryogunner and Cryo Cicin Mage attack together.

Kill the Hydrogunner first or else he’ll heal the others. Next get rid of the Cryogunner. This fellow attacks the device directly with a powerful cryo blast. Use skills that can stun or knock down big foes to stop his assault. Finish the Cicin Mage last.

The second wave is most likely to kill you. Two Fatui Agents and a Mirror Maiden arrive. Luckily (but not really) their main target is you, not Xavier’s device. It is strongly recommended to carry a shield character or Cryo character on your team.

tatara tales last act how to beat

The Mirror Maiden wields Electro and Hydro. She attempts to lure you by the water. Falling into it leaves you at the mercy of lightning which kills your HP in only a few hits and leaves lingering DOT even if you manage to crawl out. With a Cryo character, force her into a Frozen State to stop her larger AoE attacks. Lightning will still try and take you out from above until she is defeated completely.

The Fatui Agents also have wide AoE skills. Keep them away from the device so their attacks don’t accidentally destroy it. So that they don’t get in the way of your chaotic fight with the Mirror Maiden, take them out first.

After what could be multiple attempts, defeat the Fatui and bring the quest to a close!

Rewards and Conclusion

tatara tales the last act

Talk with Xavier. He activates the device and restores the core of the Mikage Furnace to full capability. The energy of the Tatarigami is purified! You can now run and wander throughout the smelting facility without the protection of the Electrogranum and their Electrograna.

Meet Xavier at the top of the Furnace. He will want to make a film about the harrowing danger and great feats of the Traveler, Fatui and Tatarigami crisis. You decide on the name “Tatara Tales”.

Together, seek out Toranosuke at the Kujou Encampment. He apologizes for his treatment of you earlier. If you complete this quest after the Stillness, the Sublimation of Shadow Archon Quest, you’ll get a funny line where he starts to recognize you as the ‘wanted-blond’ before you distract him.

tatara tales last act

Tatara Tales successfully ends!

You have an achievement and new bulk of Mora and Primogems as well as a blueprint for a Square Yumemiru Stool.

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