Teyvat Times Returns With a Bang Vol. 1

The popular Teyvat Times is back in 2022 since is discontinuation with issue 4 last year, bringing fresh statistics and data collected from Genshin Impact players around the world.

Whether this has anything to do with the change in the publisher name to Cognosphere is a discussion for another day, but this is certainly a welcome return for all the fans out there!

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Paimon Express

Paimon: Hello, Travelers, it’s been a while!

Many Travelers have recently invited Paimon to visit their Serenitea Pot and everyone’s Serenitea Pots are really different in style! Paimon’s very interested in all of them!

Hehe, let’s take a look at the news Paimon gathered from the Serenitea Pot adeptus!

  • Upon our investigation, up to 45.7% of Travelers chose the Floating Abode when choosing a realm layout for the first time.
  • On average, there are 2.32 dogs in each Traveler’s realm, one of them actually has 275 dogs in their realm!

Thoma: “Dogs are our good friends.”

  • On average, Travelers made 5,775,232 Furnishings in a day, and with this number… They can easily go a few laps around Teyvat!
  • An in order to make Furnishings, there was a Traveler who collected 22,732 pieces of wood in a day. What a hard worker!

Page 2

Stowaway? Don’t Even Try!

It seems that some… stubborn Travelers were reluctant to use the services provided by Beidou’s Crux Fleet. In the past month:

  • A total of 45,961 Travelers tried to sneak into Inazuma:
  • Among them, 17,998 Travelers failed after being struck by lighting.
  • Another 13,401 Travelers did not plan their stamina usage wisely and ended up drowning.

Some enterprising Travelers seemed to want to challenge their own limits, and after arriving at Inazuma by boat the first time, they decided to go back and venture in the vast sea.

Among them, 8,793 Travelers walked from Liyue Harbor to Inazuma City.

In just this month12,420 Travelers accidentally drowned on the way to Inazuma. For those Travelers, Beidou has something to say to you.

Beidou: “It’s a good thing to have the courage to challenge yourself, but you should also pay attention to safety. Come on, grab my hand!”

Page 3

Did you draw for a fortune slip today?

An average of 164,511 Travelers visited the shrine each day to try their luck.

Among them, 41,120 Travelers drew a Great Fortune slip.

There were also about 10,281 unfortunate souls who drew a Great Misfortune slip.

Of which, most Travelers have drawn Great Fortune, reaching 25%! Something good must have happened that day, hehehe!

Page 4

Expedition Log: Enkanomiya

A total of 136,704 Travelers unlocked all the Teleport Waypoints in Enkanomiya within a day of its launch.

With the arrival of Travelers, the day and night changes in Enkanomiya suddenly became more frequent, experiencing an average of 3,495,436 days and nights per day.

Uh-oh, poor monsters…

Teyvat Anecdote

Supercharge! Legend has it that a mysterious Traveler used a team of all Electro characters to have a hearty battle with the Thunder Manifestation.

Paimon’s really curious about the final outcome… Though if you ask Paimon, another element might work better! is Your best Genshin Impact information site, featuring featuring in-depth guides, news, tier lists, and more.

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