The Bunkoku Enigma Quest Guide

The Bunkoku Enigma is an event quest, available for the duration of Three Realms Gateway Offering. During this quest, travellers will be tasked with finding the Bunkoku secret treasure which is hidden behind a series of puzzles.


To participate in the Bunkoku Enigma, travellers must be at AR 30. They should also have finished the following quests:

The Quest

To start the quest, teleport to the Dainichi Mikoshi and find the NPC named Yabe. As you interact with him, he’ll tell you about a treasure buried in Enkanomiya. However, finding it might be dangerous and while he loves a mystery, he doesn’t like the idea of endangering himself. This is why he asks you to take on the task instead.

He will then tell you about a stone slate he found while patrolling the area. He believes that the slate is important for finding the treasure. According to Yabe, the Bunkoku was created by a minister of Byakuyakoku who made a fortune thanks to the heavy taxes he imposed on the people. Once he had the money, he decided to hide the money behind Sunfire Phantasms and evil spirits so that no one could get to it.

While patrolling, Yabe not only found the stone slate but he also found a document that states that the slate is needed to find the treasure and that there are eight other slates that need to be found.

The Bunkoku Enigma

After receiving the slate from Yabe, follow the navigation down to a secret room in the Dainichi Mikoshi. Inside, you’ll find a lever. Pull it and strange markings will appear on the ceiling.

Head out of the room and towards the staircase to go up. The navigation will guide you to another secret room within which you’ll find a mechanism as well as the Bunkoku puzzle. Now, head back and talk to Yabe. Once that is done, it’s time to find the remaining slates.

Location 1

Once you’re done talking to Yabe, the game itself will point out the locations of the slates, the first one being at the Narrows. To get here, just use the Waypoint if you have it unlocked. We highly recommend that you finish all the quests in Three Realms Gateway Offering and activate the towers. Since some puzzles involve finishing challenges, that will be difficult to do because of the corrosion effect.

When you arrive at the location marked on the map, you’ll have to finish three different challenges in order to get the slates.

The door to the library is locked and to open it, you need to activate the three Electro Totems in front of it. However, two of them are locked. To unlock them, you have to finish two separate challenges.

The first challenge is simple. All you have to do is collect 8 Electro Particles in 90s. When you finish this challenge, you’ll receive an Exquisite Chest. For the next challenge, you need to blow up 5 Exploding Barrels in 45s and you’ll receive another Exquisite Chest.

Now, activate all three Electro Totems. When you do that, the door to the library will open. Inside, the first thing you’ll see is another challenge. However, to obtain the slates, you don’t need to finish it. Just explore the library and pick up the three slates inside.

Location 2

The next location is in the Evernight Temple or the second island. Head on over to the place where Date’s Labyrinth once used to be. Over there, you’ll find a Water and Ice Mirror Puzzle. There will be two stages to it and once you finish it, you’ll be able to obtain two Slates.

Location 3

The last location is at the Serpent’s Heart or the third island. Once you arrive there, head down to the lower levels of the ruin where you’ll find a Seelie. Follow it and it’ll lead you right to the two remaining slates.

Bunkoku Puzzle Solution

Once you have all the slates, go back to the secret room in the Dainichi Mikoshi and insert the slates. Now, the puzzle starts.

What you have to do here is to shift the slates around until they form the same pattern that was on the ceiling of the previous room. If you feel like you’ve messed up, you can use the mechanism to reset the slates and start over. The solution should look like the image below.

Once you’ve achieved the pattern, use the mechanism to activate the phantasm. Go down to the lower floor and you’ll find a Sinshade named Kyonagi inside. The first time you speak to him, he won’t be very communicative. But you’re there for him. You’re there for the last slate which is kept behind him.

Grab the slate and then using the Hydro phase gate, head back up. Deactivate the phantasm and then insert the last slate. Then, activate the mechanism again and go down. This time, you’ll be in a different room with the spirit of a Kairagi.

You’ll have to fight him here. But don’t worry, he’ll be the only enemy you have to face. Once he’s gone, the Bunkoku treasure will be yours. Before leaving, talk to the spirit of Kyonagi to find out what really happened and then go back up to relay the information to Yabe

With this, you’ll finish the Bunkoku Enigma.


For defeating the Kairagi, you’ll receive one Luxurious Chest.

For finishing the quest, you’ll receive 40 Primogems, 30,000 Mora, 3 Hero’s Wit and 40 Light Realm sigils.

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