The Entrance to Tokoyo Quest Guide

After finishing the world quest The Still Water’s Flow travellers will be able to explore the new region of Enkanomiya. However, to truly unlock the area, they’ll have to finish another quest called The Entrance to Tokoyo. Through this, they’ll have access to the entirety of Enkanomiya and the mysteries that are buried within.

Prerequisite Quests

Starting the Quest

As soon you finish The Still Water’s Flow and descend into Enkanomiya, this quest will begin on its own.

At this point, Enkanomiya itself won’t seem as big since the majority of the area has yet to be unlocked. When you arrive, the region will seem more like a cave where many enemies have come to dwell. It’s best to come prepared with your main damage dealing team.

As you come ready to fight, you’ll first encounter a lot of Bathsymal Vishaps roaming the area. They’ll be guarding common chests most of the time so you can either fight them or ignore them. Whatever you choose to do, just keep exploring the area until you reach an old gate.

On it, you’ll find five symbols that Paimon will deduce are Key Sigils. There will also be a mechanism that you can’t interact with just yet. To make it work, you first need to activate the Sigils nearby.

Key Sigil Locations

Since Enkanomiya is a region that disappeared from Teyvat before the Archon War, there is no Statue of the Seven present here. This means that the map cannot be unlocked which makes travelling a bit more difficult so you don’t know where you’re going. In the map below, you’ll find all the locations of the Sigils to make your search quick and easy.

Thankfully, all the Sigils are located in close proximity to one another. The only issue is that there are a lot of enemies in the area. You may have to fight Ruin Sentinels as well as the recently added Pyro and Cryo Specters. Or you can activate the Sigils and then make a run for it.

The Gate

Once all the Sigils have been activated, head back to the gate. Now you’ll be able to interact with the mechanism there and when you do, a cutscene will begin. By the end of it, it’ll reveal a long path leading deeper into Enkanomiya.

This path, much like before, will be full of enemies as well as common chests. Fight your way through and you’ll reach the end of the path. Over here, you’ll have to use the Key of the Moon-Bathed Deep. When you do that, the rest of Enkanomiya will be unlocked and you’ll be greeted by the light of the Dainichi Mikoshi.

With this, the Entrance to Tokoyo quest will end.


For completing this quest, you will receive 20,000 Mora, 30 Primogems and 2 Hero’s Wit.

You will also unlock the Wonders of the World achievement Flowing Sunfire, Also Known as Marishi.

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