The Farmer’s Treasure: Amenoma Kageuchi Sword and Stone Tablet Guide

Jinren Island

Across the vast expanse of Narukami exists many battles, puzzles and century-old tales. One such tale boasts of a grand treasury sealed beneath the ground. Alongside Saimon Jirou in a combat-heavy quest, help him discover its great riches lost to time.


Complete: A Strange Story in Konda
Complete: Sacrificial Offering ‘Investigate The Abandoned Shrine’

You don’t have to finish the Sakura Cleansing Ritual to do this particular quest. However, you do need the Memento Lens to access the Araumi Ruins underground.

Memento Lens (Courtesy of Mihoyo)

Following your investigations at the abandoned shrine, get the gadget from Inagi Hotomi at the Grand Narukami Shrine. Then we can begin The Farmer’s Treasure.

This world quest gives you:

Achievement: Underground… Overrated?
Weapon Blueprint: Amenoma Kageuchi Sword
500 Adventure EXP, 60 Primogems, 1 Northern Sword Billet

Starting the Quest

Go to Jinren Island.

There’s a side achievement you can get almost right away if you haven’t already. Running around the island you should find a dog in a cage you can feed for fun. It will be guarded by a samurai.

To set the dog free, defeat the samurai then go to any of the three locations flagged below and retrieve a metal key. They will always be by a stack of wooden crates.

You only need one, the others you can keep for later.

Metal Key Locations

Open the cage and set the dog free. The achievement, Who Let the Dogs Out, is now yours!

Now make your way to the very top of the island where a handful of Nobushi guard a cage. Wipe them out. Converse with the stranger, Jirou, after. He’ll share an embarrassing story of how he got trapped in the cage. Get the key he accidentally threw in order to release him.

It’ll be here in this tree:

Once freed, Jirou will claim to be a professional treasure hunter who needs your aid.

If you spent a lot of time investigating Konda Village, you’ll already have a suspicion he’s actually a runaway son. Nevertheless, treasure is treasure, and if there’s a reward to be found, we’re on the job.

For a cut of the riches, agree to find and bring Jirou 4 Stone Tablets.

This quest will not appear on your map or in your quest log until the tablets are successfully retrieved. As such, finding them on your own can be a bit of a long adventure.

Stone Tablet Locations

If you’ve completed the Sakura Cleansing Ritual Quest, there’s a very good chance you’ve already come across two of the stone tablets you need.

Otherwise, here is where they can be found:

North Of The Kamisato Estate
Konda Village Well
Araumi Ruins Stairs
Araumi Ruins Pirate Ship

Location 1: Kamisato Estate

The first Stone Tablet is easy to find on the beach northeast of the Kamisato Estate. A small mob of Nobushi will be next to a tiny tent guarding a chest on a rock above.

Kamisato Estate
Nobushi Camp

Go ahead and pick it up.

Location 2: Beneath Konda Village Well

Return to the bottom of the well to the shrine hidden deep inside.

Konda Village Well

There are two Electrogranums.

One will allow you to pass through the barrier wall and reach the shrine. The second will allow you to pass into another barrier sealing off a room of small treasures.

At the second Electrogranum, found next to the shrine, turn your camera up and to the right. Scale the wall and run through.

Right of the Shrine

The second Stone Tablet is inside the room, to the left, on top a stack of crates. Be careful, as it can be extremely dark and easy to miss.

The Room behind the Barrier

Location 3: Araumi Ruins Staircase

If you haven’t completed the Sakura Cleansing Ritual Quest, getting the third Stone Tablet will take a bit of time and patience.

Go to Araumi.

Around the large, broken pillar by the giant tree is a mechanism that requires four activated Electro columns to unlock.


The first and second columns are super simple to activate. Find them on the stairs of the ruin and beside the locked mechanism near the tree and strike them with an Electro elemental skill.

The third column is locked and guarded by three Ruin Scouts. There are also three patrolling Ruin Cruisers who, if they see you, will join the fight. Additionally, a Ruin Hunter will wake up if you draw too close.

The best method of survival is to run to the stone arch here:

Edge of Araumi Cliff

This will draw the Ruin Cruisers to you where you can defeat them without getting mobbed. The Ruin Hunter might retreat after some time.

Deal with the Cruisers, then go back down and take out the Hunter. Once they’re gone, you can finish off the three Ruin Scouts in relative peace.

Lastly, solve the cube puzzle.

All glowing sides must face the same direction. Simply hit the cubes with an attack to make them spin. It doesn’t need to be elemental.

Unlock the mechanism, climb the tree and drop into the center of the broken pillar.

Use the Memento Lens on the stone foxes to open the way to the ruins below.

Going to the left of the shrine, you’ll have to complete another cube puzzle. Once done, the pool of water next to it will drain.

Jump into the hole. Swim your way to the staircase all the way at the end of the underground passage. At the top of the stairs in a pile of dirt will be the third Stone Tablet.

Location 4: Araumi Ruins Pirate Ship

Continuing from the location of the third tablet, go to the row of cubes along the wall. Solve this puzzle if you haven’t already.

The water of the ruins will completely drain out.

Go down the stairs past the mechanism and open the sealed entrance to another passageway below. Run though it and fight off two Ruin Scouts and two Defenders prowling the halls.

There are two pieces of a broken pirate ship waiting in a large cavern at the end. Go to the one on the left. Behind it, close to the Iwakura Art: Mifune Satoshi, is the fourth Stone Tablet.

Find the Fifth Stone Slate

All 4 Tablets gathered, return to Jirou. Report your findings and give him the stone.

Suddenly, he will tell you there is a fifth Stone Tablet you need to find. He directs you to the waterfall west of the Araumi ruins, marking the map for you to see.

Once done, The Farmer’s Treasure will officially appear in your list of quests.

Go to the waterfall.

Dig four times.

You should discover nothing’s there.

Confront Saimon Jirou

Go back to Jinren Island and see that Jirou’s gone. Hunt him down. He’ll be on the bigger island where we first found him and the dog.

Moreover, he’ll be trapped in another cage guarded by two Kairagi.

It turns out, at one point, they had been partners with Jirou on the quest for the 4 Stone Tablets too. They reveal there is no fifth tablet but there is a key on Jirou’s possession that allows access to the vault beneath the ground along with the four collected.

Ultimately, though you bond over being swindled with the bandits, you decide to beat them up and rescue Jirou. What follows is a super fun battle with multiple waves.

In the first wave, battle the Nobushi and the Kairagi who literally forgot to name himself and doesn’t know what he’s called.

The second wave of enemies brings a mob of Treasure Hoarders led by their leader, Koichirou, who was watching the whole time and lying in wait.

While his scouts will be on ground, Koichirou will be hiding on the platform above.

Climb up to beat him and trigger the third wave of foes.

More Treasure Hoarders appear, this time spearheaded by a different leader, Kojirou, who appears to be going through an existential crisis.

Defeat all opponents.

A fourth wave spawns, and it’s the Fatui who got sick and tired of doing paperwork who come.

Every element will be on the field.

Try and draw them away from one another so you can’t get mobbed. Defeat them to move on.

Open The ‘Treasury’ Front Door

Dead inside after witnessing and being caught up in the spectacular fight you’ve given, Jirou will no longer seek to trick you. He gives you the key to the treasury and let you guide the way.

Drop into the ruins. Place the 4 Stone Tablets. A puzzle will appear.

Solve it by lighting all the squares blue in a clockwise pattern.

The stone sealing the ‘treasury’ will roll open.

Inside, you discover a large amount of mushrooms, vegetables and useless gear. You’re more than welcome to pick it all up but it’s not the treasure we’re looking for.

Heavily disappointed, Jirou will wonder what to do. Too embarrassed by his failures, he hesitates to go home. However, Paimon will convince him otherwise.

Surely home is better than being kidnapped and attacked.

Giving in, he’ll agree.

Travel with him to Konda Village.

Rewards: Amenoma Kageuchi Blueprint and Achievement

Chat with Jirou’s parents, Saimon Eri and Saimon Katsumi.

Jirou will confess all his mishaps and immediately get roasted by his mother and father.

Heartwarming stuff.

You also discover that Jirou was a deserter of the military who was seeking some other way to make a living after being on the run. His parents decide, with a bunch of tough love, to keep him hidden until he’s able to work a proper job.

Furthermore, it’s revealed that the ‘treasury’ was actually a ‘granary’ for food and supplies in times of war, but mistranslation over the years caused confusion and the tall tale.

Nonetheless, for your trouble and for saving Jirou’s life, his father will give you the blueprint for the Saimon Heirloom Blade in thanks.

It’s a gorgeous-looking, four-star weapon that grants Energy Recharge after using Elemental Bursts.

The Achievement: Underground…Overrrated? is rewarded as well!

The quest concludes and the Saimon family is reunited once again.

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