The “Fleeing Sunlight” Klee Sticker Contest Event Has Begun!

The Genshin Impact community has one of the most talented fan artists in the world and here is another great opportunity for their work to be recognized! The theme for this event is Klee, and winners will not only receive in-game rewards, but exclusive merchandise posted directly to your doorstep! Artists are require to submit their artwork to the official Genshin Impact Forums, according to the competition details outlined below.

Hello Travelers!

The Klee sticker contest event has begun! Get your drawing tools ready, it’s time to make some cute Klee stickers~

Event Duration (UTC+8)

June 2, 2021 – June 13, 2021 23:59

Results: June 28

How to Participate

During the event, you can post submissions that meet the event requirements in the Fanart forums. All you need to participate is to choose the “Klee” topic when submitting your artwork.

Submission Criteria

1. Post Format

Title: Each submission name should start with “”Klee Sticker””

2. Submissions must be original works. Unfinished works, works that use editing software (e.g.: Photoshop) or include copied elements are not eligible.

3. Submissions of the following nature do not qualify to participate: works with content that violates our Community Rules, works that plagiarize or misappropriate the works of other creators, works with no relation to Genshin Impact or Klee, works that contain any form of advertising, and those which seek to spread malicious rumors or discredit the game and its characters.

4. Travelers should take part in the event in accordance with the participation steps mentioned above. Participation will be deemed invalid under any of the following circumstances:

i) Submissions fall outside of the stipulated time period (UTC+8) or are posted outside of the Genshin Impact community (HoYoLAB).

ii) Submissions are posted in the wrong section of the community.

iii) Submissions are published in the wrong format, or do not have the correct topic.

iv) Submissions are entered as replies to the main event post.

Event Rewards

Creativity Bundle x3 (Primogem x500, Spark Knight Klee Figure Bordered Poster x1, Klee Acrylic Keychain x1, Klee Character Stand x1, Klee Character Badge x3, and Genshin Impact Mousemat x1)

Popularity Bundle x7 (Primogem x500, Spark Knight Klee Figure Bordered Poster x1, and Klee Acrylic Keychain x1)

Rising Star Bundle x 20 (Primogem x200 and Klee Character Stand x1)

Of all eligible submissions, we will:

Select three of our favorite works and award each of their creators with a Creativity Bundle.

Select seven of the most popular works and award each of their creators with a Popularity Bundle.

Select twenty excellent works and award each of their creators with a Rising Star Bundle.

P.S. Likes, comments, and the number of times works have been favorited will, to a certain degree, factor in selecting the winners.


Travelers, please pay attention to System Messages, as information of merchandise prize-winners will be sent out via such messages. We ask prize-winners to contact the email address as stated in the system message to provide their shipping address. Prize-winners who have not provided their address within one month after the system message is sent will be deemed to have voluntarily forfeited their prizes.

Event FAQ

Q1: How should LV.1 users participate in the event? How do I level up to LV.2?

A1: Currently, LV.1 users are unable to submit their works to participate in the event. Travelers, please level up to LV.2 before the submission window opens, so that you can successfully submit your works and participate in the event!

By completing HoYoLAB Daily Tasks, you can gain EXP to level up your account! Please refer to the chart below for specific tasks:

Q2: Can PlayStation users participate in the event?

A2: Yes. If Travelers don’t have a HoYoLAB account yet, please follow the steps below to create an account, and submit your works according to the event requirements:

i) Create a HoYoLAB account

ii) Link email (go to Account Management, and log in to link email)

iii) Raise your HoYoLAB account level to LV.2. Please refer to Q1 for the account level-up method.

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