The Jade Chamber’s Returning Guest: Ningguang Hangout Event Guide

Genshin Impact’s version 2.4 saw the arrival of the hangout event The Jade Chamber’s Returning Guest. This event is centred around Ningguang and gives players the chance to know her better. However, if you don’t have the time to go through the storyline over and over to get all the endings, we have just the guide for you. Just follow the instructions as listed below and you’ll be done in no time.


  • 2 Story Keys (Can be obtained from finishing Daily Quests)
  • Reach Adventure Rank 28
  • Complete Interlude Chapter: Act 1 – The Crane Returns on the Wind.

Ending 1: While the View Remains Good

Since this is the first ending, you’ll have to go through the entire storyline. As you do, just pick the choices as listed below for each branch.

The Jade Chamber Once More

  • So you thought of me?
  • If I have what it takes, I’ll do it.
  • That’s um… wow…

Scheduling the Day

  • Your eyes are really sparkling right now…
  • No, I think I’m good…
  • Uh n-no need.
  • (Alright. Time to make a serious effort)

Business as Usual

  • The same as usual.
  • Then I will listen and learn.
  • I just picked the time slot.
  • I mean, I’m not a terrible chef, but still…
  • It’s stunning.
  • Self – confident?

The Grand Banquet

  • Are these rumors widespread?
  • Uh, actually…
  • I’m a novice, but I was able to follow because you explained everything so clearly.
  • Don’t worry about them. They’re very capable.

Greeting Gift

  • True, that’s my impression.

Exchanging Intelligence

  • (It looks like there’s a story here.)
  • Your business analysis was correct.


  • You got me.
  • You are Lady Ningguang, after all.
  • Are you raising them to be your heirs?
Time flies and the good years slip away easily. But the name “Ningguang” will remain a symbol for generations to come.

Ending 2: The Weight of Collection

For this ending, start from the story branch The Grand Banquet.

The Grand Banquet

  • Are these rumors widespread?
  • Um, actually….
  • Maybe I’ll give it a shot in the future.
  • Well, we have time to go and check up on them if you want.

The Auction

  • I’ve watched one from the sidelines.
  • (Wow, the bidding is fierce…)
  • 130!
  • It definitely suits your modus operandi.
  • The explosion?
  • I hope you can get your things back too.
None of the items that were offered up during that decisive battle shall be lost, no matter how small.

Ending 3: Unchanging Will

For this ending, start from the story branch Scheduling the Day.

Scheduling the Day

  • (Actually, I didn’t understand any of it…)
  • Uh, n–no need.
  • I’ll do my best.
  • (Alright, time to avoid anything too complicated.)
  • No amount of mora is worth ruining your health for.

Time Off!

  • I was a little nervous.
  • Let’s do something you never normally have time for.
  • Is it called Liyue Millenial?
  • It sounds quite complicated…
  • Sounds fun.

Liyue Millenial

  • I wasn’t insinuating anything…
  • Now I understand Xingxi’s concern.

After Descent

  • The point is you stepped up when the time came.
  • You’ve done so well.
Through countless melancholy moments, the clouds are now at last clear. Gazing ahead, she will surely make the right decisions.

Ending 4: Fortunes Shared

For this ending, start from the story branch Time Off!

Time Off!

  • The same as usual.
  • Let’s do something you never normally have the opportunity to do.
  • But being a member of the Liyue Qixing is a limitation.
  • The day is yours. Do with it as you please.
  • You know how to fish?
  • It’s hard to imagine…
  • Sure.
  • Let’s start at the bottom of the ladder.

Starting From Zero

  • It’s like he’s reporting on his work.
  • They’re in terrible shape. No wonder no one wants them.
  • (That’s so much!)

Adventurer’s Survival Book

For this branch, all you have to do is defeat the enemies. While fishing, make sure to catch three fish at least. This way, you’ll unlock the achievement You’ve Got to Have Reserves.

Open Resources, Thrifty Expenditure

  • Thank you.
After a short rest, it is time once more to convert your previous efforts into future motivation.

Ending 5: Feint and Reposte

Start from the story branch Time Off! to get this ending.

Time Off!

  • I was so excited I couldn’t sleep.
  • Let’s do something you never normally have the opportunity to do.
  • But Mora can also be a limitation.
  • Sure. Whatever you feel like doing.
  • You… know how to fish.
  • But it makes sense.
  • It’s not what I was expecting but it sounds like a lot of fun.
  • Let’s go and find some work at Northland Bank.
  • Because you’ve clashed in the past?

Endless Smoke

  • I guess I shouldn’t have included this as an option…
  • Wait a second.

A Clumsy Cover-Up

  • There’s no use trying to deny it
  • ( She’s not giving him a moment to breathe.)
  • Don’t you need to prepare?
No one wants to have to go up against Ningguang…


After completing the hangout with all endings, you should have received 60 Primogems, 10 Hero’s Wit, 6 Guide to Prosperity, 6 Prithiva Topaz Fragment and a Qiankun Mora Meat.

You should have also unlocked the following achievements:

  • You’ve Got to Have Reserves
  • Overprotectiveness
  • Megrez’s Companion Star

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