The Lone Phantom Sail Quest Guide

A continuation from 'Hey, This Isn't Pumpkin Soup' quest where you help Ahes find an invisible boat using Echoing Conches.

A continuation from ‘Hey, This Isn’t Pumpkin Soup’ quest where you help Ahes find an invisible boat using Echoing Conches.

Rewards: Primogem x40, Hero’s Wit x3, Mora x23000, Mystic Enhancement Ore x3 & Strange Part x1
Achievement Unlocked: The White Ship

➥ Teleport to Merusea Village and use the purple warp near the waypoint to reach “A Lonely Place.” Talk to Ahes to start the quest.

➥ Then, teleport to an underwater waypoint in Elton Trench and head northeast to find Ahes.

➥ When you need to use the conch to send the signal (it’s recommended to choose the shortest one since it doesn’t matter anyway), you need to first absorb the ability of Blubberbeast to release sound waves. The Blubberbeast is near the waypoint so you need to swim a little bit to find them.

➥ Then, activate the Echoing Conch and aim the sound waves at the conch according to the options you choose before.
Tap: Short High Note
Hold: Long Low Note

➥ If you’re still confused about how to complete the puzzle, talk to Ahes and choose the ‘Conches really are tough to operate…’ so Ahes will complete the puzzle for you.

➥ Follow the phantom ship that has appeared. It will disappear and appear back so just follow the navigation. After that, you need to talk to Ahes again.

➥ Activate the Echoing Conch to detect 4 areas of interest (the blue glowing spot) and investigate all of them. The glowing spot will disappear after a moment so you need to activate the conch again. 3 glowing spots are inside the ship, but only 2 of them are the area of interest.

➥ The last area of interest is behind the Echoing Conch. After that, you need to complete another Echoing Conch signal puzzle. Again, you can choose the short signal (or the long one if you feel like it).

➥ Teleport to any nearest waypoint and go to the location where the phantom ship stopped.

➥ The clue you need to find is inside an open barrel with a Navigation Log inside. After interacting with it, a group of Rifthounds will appear so you need to defeat them.

➥ Once all enemies are defeated, investigate the shiny thing to complete the quest and get a hidden achievement.


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