The Millennial Mountains: All Offering Locations

The Millennial Mountains is a world quest available in the Chasm. Once obtained, travelers will have to search through the surface of the Chasm in order to find six offerings. They will then lead them to the buried treasure of the Millelith.

In this guide, we’ll be covering the locations of all the offerings as well as the challenges that the travelers may have to face during their journey.

Find Wang

Since The Millennial Mountains is a world quest, the first thing that travelers need to do is activate the quest. For this, they’ll have to find a miner named Wang. Use the Waypoint in the Chasm’s Maw and head south where you’ll find an NPC standing in front of a shrine of sorts. That is Wang.

Upon interacting, Wang will tell you the story about the Millileth’s treasure. 500 years ago, when disaster struck, under the order of Rex Lapis, the Millileth had arrived ta the guidance, led by a Yaksha. After descending into the mines, they fought against the evil lurking within and many soldiers lost their lives in the conflict. The story of that battle has been told to every generation of miners working in the Chasm. Along with it, there have also been rumors of a treasure buried here by the Millileth once the calamity was over.

To find the treasure, six offerings need to be made to the shrine. These offerings are:

  • The Flower of Farsight
  • The Skyfeather
  • The Sundial of Ages
  • The Cup of Commons
  • The Helm of Warding
  • The Warrior’s Spear

When you speak to Wang once the interaction is over, you’ll be able to ask for more details on the six offerings. When you do, he’ll tell you a part of the legend as well as a vague idea of the location.

The Flower of Farsight

The Flower of Farsight can be found on the Cinnabar Cliff. Teleport to the Statue of the Seven and then make your up the hills behind it by using the chasm rocks. As you go higher, you’ll reach a cliff with one NPC, Tang Wuchou, standing at the end of it. There will be three Qingxin flowers growing there. Pick them and one of them will be the Flower of Farsight.

The Helm of Warding

The Helm of Warding can be found in a broken-down house, just near Wang’s location. Follow the Seelie outside the house and it’ll show you a way in. After that, head to the lower floor through a hole and explore the house until you find an explosive barrel along with hay. Explode the barrel and a secret trap door will be revealed. Investigate the area and you’ll receive the Helm of Warding.

However, before you can leave, you’ll encounter a Treasure Hoarder who is also looking for the offering. Fight the hoarder known as Qingce the Kid and once he’s defeated, you can go look for the other items.

The Cup of Commons

Before you can find the Cup of Commons, you’ll first need to find the world quest Undetected Infiltration. For this, head to the lift area in the mine with a bedrock key. There, near an abandoned warehouse, you’ll find Treasure Hoarders. Fight them and they’ll reveal that they are actually the Millileth in disguise. Their plan was to infiltrate the Treasure Hoarders and take down their operation but now, due to your intervention, that’ll be difficult.

Yanbo, the leader of the Millileth, will rope you into helping them with their operation. This quest is rather straightforward and the only thing you need to do is take down the treasure hoarder camps marked on your map. In one of the camps, you’ll find the Cup of Commons.

The Warrior’s Spear

Teleport back to Wang’s location and then start to climb the hill right behind him. At the top of it, you’ll find the Warrior’s Spear. If you interact with him and select the dialogue option for the Spear, the location becomes even more apparent as there will be a cutscene focusing on it.

The Skyfeather

For this offering, you’ll have to climb a bit so its best to bring your exploration team with you. Thankfully, the Chasm is full of Anemo mechanisms that allow you to cover distances in one jump. Teleport to the Waypoint closest to the Glaze Peak and then make your way to the highest point. Over there, you’ll find an Eagle flying about. However, you don’t need to shoot it down. At the edge of the cliff, there will be a nest with eggs. Pick up the eggs and you’ll find the Skyfeather among them.

The Sundial of Ages

Teleport to the Waypoint closest to Fuao Vale (The Surface Waypoint) and then head west until you find a lone Treasure Hoarder. Defeat him and then investigate the table he was sitting in front of. You’ll find the Sundial of Ages there.

The Offering

After you’ve collected all six offerings, go back to Wang and then interact with the Shrine. After a message from the Millileth who put together the shrine, you’ll be able to make the offering.

A nearby stone wall will give away, revealing a secret underground room. Inside, you’ll find the treasure in the form of one luxurious chest and five 4-star Tenacity of the Millileth artifacts.

Now, go back up and speak to Wang. Since he believed the story of the treasure was just a hoax, the fact that it does exist will come as a surprise to him. However, he’ll then tell you that the reason why people probably put together the tale of the treasure was so that the story of the Millileth and the sacrifice would never be forgotten.

With this, The Millennial Mountains quests will be complete.


Apart from the luxurious chest and artifact set, players will also receive 30,000 Mora, 40 Primogems, 3 Hero’s Wit, and 6 Mystic Enhancement Ores.

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