The Phaethons’ Syrtos Quest Guide

Enkanomiya is full of mysteries that can only be uncovered through world quests and the Phaethons’ Syrtos is one of them. Follow this guide to finish the quest easily and also unlock hidden achievements.

Prerequisite Quests

Finding the Quest

To activate the world quest, the Phaethons’ Syrtos, teleport to the Evernight Temple. Then, from there, follow the navigation until you find a Sinshade in one of the lower levels of the ruins. Unfortunately, there will be a barrier between you and the Sinshade. To remove the barrier, you’ll have to locate two Seelies nearby and bring them back to their statues.

Both the Seelies can be found on the opposite side of the ruins. However, since the bridge leading across is broken, you need to be careful or you may fall into the endless chasm beneath.

Once the barrier is down, head on over to the Sinshade and interact with her. She will reveal that her name is Clymene.

Clymene’s Regret

As Clymene’s start to talk to you, she will first be surprised to see that there is someone from the outside in Enkanomiya. After that, she will ask you for favour. Throughout Enkanomiya, there are seven graves where the Sunchildren reside. She will then explain who the Sunchildren were.

In Byakuyakoku, the people worshipped the Dainichi Mikoshi, believing that within their artificial sun lived a diety. After a certain number of years, an infant was chosen as a Sunchild (a child of the sun deity) and given control of the nation. Through Byakuyakoku’s history, there were a total of seven Sunchildren and Clymene wants you to pay respects at their tomb.

Since infants became Sunchildren, due to their lack of knowledge and growth, the true power lay in the hands of the nobility. Under their command, the Sunchildren performed atrocious actions, ones that earned the wrath of the people of Byakuyakoku. While they knew that the children didn’t actually hold any fault and didn’t know better, they couldn’t bring themselves to forgive them.

While she was alive, Clymene was in charge of looking after the Sunchildren. However, she could not even speak to them or guide them in any way. Because of this, she feels partly responsible for their fate.

The Graves

Once you’re done talking to Clymene, the game will automatically mark the locations of the Sunchildren’s grave. All you have to do is head over to locations and place a Sango Pearl on every grave. However, there may be enemies around.

For the two graves in Serpent’s Heart, you’ll find an Abyss Lector: Violet Lightning before it and you’ll have to defeat it before you can pay your respects to the grave. When you defeat the Abyss Lector, the nearby Precious Chest will be unlocked.

After you’ve paid your respects to all seven graves, go back to Clymene.

A Final Farewell

When you return to Clymene, she will be overjoyed to know that all the children can now be set free. She will then open the path to the Soul Guide’s Locus. This will basically be a triangular platform.

Follow the path and head over to the platform to talk to Clymene. She will then tell you of the fate of the Sunchildren.

Before reaching maturity, the Sunchildren took part in a ceremony on their birthday. In this ceremony, they entered the Dainichi Mikoshi. The idea was that since the Sunchildren were born from the sun deity, they would return to it before the world could corrupt them. In reality, however, the Sunchildren were killed off by the nobility before they could learn to use their own judgement.

Now, Clymene hopes to set the souls of the seven children free and allow them to move on. However, while she tries, the souls do not listen to her. This is why she will ask you to find the Divine Bridle. This is an item that can be obtained after finishing the world quest Hyperion’s Dirge.

Give the Divine Bridble to Clymene and a cutscene will begin. In that, you’ll see the souls of the Sunchildren departing from the locus. After this, technically, the quest is over. However, there is one more hidden step.

The Sunchildren

After departing from the locus, the seven Sunchildren can be found in the Evernight temple. The map below marks all their locations.

Go to each location and talk to the Sunchildren. Every time you interact with them, they will have something to share about themselves before they disappear. Once you’ve talked to all seven of them, you’ll unlock the Wonders of the World achievement The Children of God Shall Dance.


For completing the world quest Phaethons’ Syrtos you will receive 30,000 Mora, 30 Primogems and 3 Hero’s Wit.

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