The Ritou Road Achievement

Being a foreigner in Inazuma is tough. Making a living can be difficult and alternative means can be vital to survival. Those stuck on Ritou Port are far from innocent when it comes to finding different means of business.

Take the time to explore the port. Should you do so at night, you’ll eventually run into an outsider, Harrison, standing in front a house.

South of Ritou
Harrison’s House

Take note: Harrison will not appear during the day.

You don’t need to speak with him to trigger any sort of quest, but should you talk with him, you’ll get a little backstory on his work. Suspiciously he’ll mention smuggling goods.

Run around to the back of the house. There’s a door you can interact with.

Behind Harrison’s House

As soon as you do, the Achievement: Hello…! Anyone in here…? is yours! Following the achievement, you’ll teleport to a different part of the island by the coast.

Investigate the strange camp. Eventually, someone comes.

Run and hide until Harrison appears. He won’t notice you at first. While taking stock of the smuggled, broken goods that arrived, a bunch of Slimes will appear (which is actually your fault in a nice nod to Diluc’s Darknight Hero Quest).

Save Harrison. When you talk to him afterwards, he’ll share that he’s been importing good illegally to make a profit. Grateful for your rescue, he grant you access to his secret road. He’ll also point out a boat close to shore you can interact with.

The quest closes and you get the following rewards:

100 Adventure EXP
20000 Mora
Adventurer’s Experience x5

Afterwards, go to the boat. Ride it to Narukami Island to officially unlock a travel shortcut. It will teleport you here:

Narukami Island

Feel free to come and go on this unlocked route as you please!

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