The Saga of Mr Forgetful

The Saga of Mr Forgetful is a new world quest that was added to the game along with Tsurumi Island. To access this quest, travellers much have finished the second part of Through the Mist.

Finding the quest

To start the quest, teleport to Tsurumi Island. Use the Statue of the Seven to do so since Roald, the man you’re looking for, is right next to it.

As a member of the Adventurer’s Guild, Roald came to the island to explore it but the fog made it too hard for him to get around. Eventually, he got lost and now, low on supplies, he sees no choice but to leave the island.

Before he can leave though, he needs your help collecting an item he forgot to pick up. He needs you to bring him 10 Fluorescent Fungus. These are plants that only grow on Tsurumi Island and can be found near trees.

Pick them up and hand them over to Roald. The quest won’t end here though.

As you bring back the items, Roald will start to talk to you about murals he saw while trying to explore the island. Since he’s noticed that you have a Kamera from Fontain, he’ll ask your help to get pictures. Apparently, the natives of Tsurumi Island used to paint murals on rocks and most of them have lasted for over 1000 years. As Roald is writing a diary on Tsurumi, he’s willing to purchase images of the murals.

Finding the murals

While the navigation will indicate exactly where you have to go, the location that will appear is underwater. To get there, you have to go to Shirikoro Peak, more specifically the underground domain there. This place can be found by the perch in the area. Just head to the star marked on the map.

Once there, the moment you enter the underground domain, you’ll be attacked by two Rift Hounds. Remember to bring a healer.

The murals

The murals won’t be hard to find since the game itself will indicate where most of them are. Keep in mind though, you have to take a picture of every single mural. There are six in total and some of them are in the same room but on different walls.

Make sure to take a picture of each wall before moving on.

This is where things get tricky

The first few murals will be easy to find. Just look into every open room in the domain. It’s the last one where things get tricky since it’s hidden.

After doing the quest Octave of the Maushiro you’ll come to learn that using the feather of the Thunderbird in front of its statue will make something happen. Usually, illusions will appear but sometimes, they can unlock secret rooms.

In the underground domain, you will notice certain walls that have images of the Thunderbird on them. They are your key to finding the last mural.

Go to the room with the first relay stone puzzle, the one with the two Ruin Sentinels. From there, head over to the stair and go down. At the end, you’ll find a wall with the Thunderbird on it. Use the feather and it’ll open up another section of the domain. Go through and next to a Lightning Probe Puzzle, you’ll find your last Mural. It’s on the ceiling so make sure to look up.

Finishing the quest

Once you have all the images, teleport back to the Statue of the Seven and hand them over to Roald. As he goes through the images, he’ll note that perhaps the people of Tsurumi didn’t create the murals.

It is known that the people of Tsurumi Island worshipped the Thunderbird. All their rituals and ceremonies were centred around it as well. However, the people on the mural seem to be worshipping the sun, moon and stars. There also seem to be other symbols there that Roald can’t understand. He then wonders if the natives had other beliefs before the Thunderbird descended on the island.

Before leaving, Roald will tell you to keep an eye out for Ruu. Seeing the state of the island, he brought over some things to eat for him.

With this, the quest will end and you’ll receive 20 Primogems, 20,000 Mora and two furniture blueprints. You’ll also get another volume of Diary of Roald the Adventurer.

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