The Sea of Fog and the Rite of Trees World Quest Guide

The Sea of Fog and The Rite of Trees is the next part in the world quest series Through the Mist. With this quest, players will come to know more about the island and what once used to be.

Previous Through the Mist quests

  1. A Particularly Particular Author
  2. Octave of the Maushiro.

Starting the quest

To start the quest, teleport to Ritou and search our Kama on the docks. As you interact with him, he’ll admit that he is from Tsurumi Island. Kama is a family name and many years ago, his ancestor left the island, unable to participate in the ceremony done to appease the Thunderbird.

He will then explain that many years ago, the Thunderbird came to favour a young boy but the priest of the island misinterpreted this. He believed that the boy had to be sacrificed so as to appease the Thunderbird. However, his actions only angered the beast and the Thunderbird eventually destroyed the island. Now, the islanders that can be seen are simply shadows created due to the leyline disorder. They continue to relive their last day on the island, i.e., the day the ceremony took place.

Hearing this, Paimon is determined to return to the island and find a way to save Ruu.

The Rite of Trees

Go to Tsurumi Island. Unfortunately, the whole area is covered in fog once again so you’ll have to teleport to the Statue of the Seven. As before, walk down the path and through the stone gate. Ruu, however, won’t be around the way he usually is.

The game will then prompt you to go further into the island. Since the fog is dense, this can be a bit confusing but you basically have to go to the first perch you encountered in the beginning of the quest series. Over there, you’ll find Ippe and Makari but they won’t notice you. The two of them will be more focused on cleaning the perch and preparing for the ceremony.

It’s at this point when Paimon decides that perhaps the best way to stop the ceremony from happening is to destroy the perches.

Destroying the perches

Destroying the perch is an easy task. From normal to elemental, all attacks will work. When the perch’s health reaches the halfway point though, it will release elemental orbs. You have to destroy those orbs to continue with the quest. But for this task, you need elemental attacks so it’ll be best to use a bow user or a catalyst. Lisa, Fischl and Sara can’t help since they are Electro users. Venti, Yoimiya, Diona, Childe or Amber are recommended since they can attack orbs at a distance.

Keep in mind, when some orbs are destroyed, enemies such as Hilichurls and Rift Hounds may appear. You’ll have to fight them to continue.

Once you’ve taken care of the elemental orbs, go back and destroy the perch. Repeat this process with all the perches.

Perch locations

The other three perches can be found in the following locations –

  1. Chirai Shrine
  2. Shirikoro Peak
  3. Autake Plains

The perch locations are marked on the map below. Destroying them should be easy enough. However, make sure to have a healer on your team. Autake Plains itself has a number of Rift Hounds roaming about that will appear as you try to take down the elemental orbs. Corrosion will deplete your team’s health pretty fast so a Healer can help with that.

Find Ruu

Once all the perches are destroyed, head to the ceremonial site. Now without the power of the perch, the ceremony can’t take place.

This time, though, when you reach the ceremonial site, it won’t be empty. Ruu will be there and he is very upset. It seems that on the day when the ceremony originally took place, after the Thunderbird destroyed the island, Ruu woke up there alone. He watched as the people around him relived the same day over and over but none of them could see him or hear him. Since then, to set the people of the island free, he has been trying his best to finish the original ceremony, not knowing what went wrong the first time.

Since no one on the island could see or hear him, he depended on Outlanders to help prepare for the ceremony. But now, with the perches destroyed, the ceremony cannot take place. Angry with Paimon and you, Ruu will run away, disappearing into the fog.

Return to Inazuma

With Ruu gone, there’s no other choice but to return to Inazuma city. Once there, search out Sumida and tell her everything that happened. Being who she is, Sumida will regard the information given on the basis of whether she can turn it into a story or not. However, her interest will peak when she learns that Kama is a descendant of Tsurumi Island.

From there, head to Ritou and speak to Kama.

After Sumida confront Kama, he admits that he is a descendant of Tsurumi Island. The two of them will then talk about Sumida’s book and she’ll decide that she wants to know more about the island.

With that the quest will end and you’ll receive 40 Primogems, 3 Hero’s Wit, 30,000 Mora and 6 Enhancement Ores.

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