The Seventh Samurai World Quest

the seventh samurai genshin impact world quest

Time for a little multi-tasking. The Seventh Samurai is a world quest that only appears after completing Tatarasuna’s week-long Tatara Tales. Xavier, visionary, inventor- and now filmmaker- is off on a new endeavor.

30 Primogems
Hero’s Wit x2
200 Adventure EXP

Go to Inazuma City, then to the Eastern Island.

the seventh samurai world quest genshin location

Xavier and Toranosuke are on the rocks by the water. They’re working together on a government sponsored film Xavier put together and Toranosuke was roped into. Unfortunately, Toranosuke and his fellow soldiers of the Shogunate are having difficulty immersing themselves in the roles.

At Xavier’s request, kindly show them the ropes. He gives you a script but it’s not necessary to memorize anything from it. Whenever you feel ready, talk to him to start the timed challenge.

You have 60 seconds.

the seventh samurai genshin impact world quest

The goal is to stay within the bounds of the on-screen camera while defeating the samurai and changing your position three times. If you go out of the box at any time, Xavier brings the filming to a halt and you will have to start again. Try not to get too excited with your skills and be careful when you sprint and dodge.

All you have to do to ‘change position’ is run into the blue rings on the field. Because you’ll be battling three slash-happy samurai at the same time, there’s a chance they’ll push or hit you out the film’s boundaries.

A useful tip is running to the north ring first then back to the ones on the beach. At the very least they won’t be able to box you in on the grass and run down the clock.

the seventh samurai genshin impact world quest

Once you’ve succeeded, Xavier calls for cut.

Talk with him to receive your rewards and complete the quest! It will also count towards your Inazuma Reputation Rank.

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