The Still Water’s Flow Quest Guide

Version 2.4 of Genshin Impact brought with it the new region, Enkanomiya. However, getting there isn’t as easy as riding a boat or sprinting through a valley. To get to this new land with mysteries to uncover, travellers need to first finish the quest The Still Water’s Flow. In this guide, we’ll be making that task as quick as possible.

Prerequisite Quests

Starting the quest

To start the quest, teleport to Watatsumi Island and look for the shrine maiden, Tsuyuko. Previously when you interacted with her, she would have told you about Enkanomiya, the place where the people of Watatsumi originally came from.

For some time now, Enkanomiya has been calling out to Watatsumi. If that isn’t stopped, the land above will begin to die. For that, Tsuyuko asked you to find the Key of the Moon-Bathed Deep. Now, she needs you to perform the final steps to unlock Enkanomiya.

In short, Tsuyuko needs you to be the hero who finishes the final trial required to set everything in order once again.

After this, she will take you to a Key Sigil and inform you that it is the next step required to unlock the path to Enkanomiya. However, out of the five Key Sigils, only three have been found.

The Remaining Key Sigils

The game will automatically pinpoint the locations where the remaining two Key Sigils are. One is at the shrine with the Fin of Watatsumi and the other is in the Heart of Watatsumi. Both of them are locations that you visited during the Moon-Bathed Deep quest. However, they are now crawling with new enemies.

Fin of Watatsumi

At the Fin of Watatsumi, you’ll find three enemies roaming about the Fish statue puzzle platforms. They are as follows:

  • Ruin Defender x 2
  • Ruin Scout x 2

After defeating them, you can easily obtain the Key Sigil and move on to the next location.

Heart of Watatsumi

Unlike what the game navigation suggests, the Heart of Watatsumi is located in a cave near the waterfall. Finding it can be a bit tricky so its important to glide down slowly. Once you’ve found it, head inside and you’ll find Fatui Skirmishers waiting for you.

The enemies are as follows:

  • Hydrogunner Legionnaire x 2
  • Mirror Maiden x 1

Once you’ve collected both the Key Sigils, head back to Tsuyuko and activate the remaining altars. As there are no enemies here, this should be a fairly easy job with the navigation guiding you. Once that is done, the path to Enkanomiya will be unlocked for you and you’ll have finished The Still Water’s Flow. From here, you can explore the new region as you wish.


For finishing this quest, you’ll receive 20,000 Mora, 30 Primogems and 2 Hero’s Wit.

You will also unlock the Wonders of the World achievement N-Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.

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