The Subterranean Trials of Drake And Serpent Guide

Enkanomiya brings with it a new world boss, the Primordial Bathsymal Vishap also known as the Dragonheir fo the Depths. Unlike previous quests, this one is full of sprinting, fighting, betrayal and so much more. It’s a long ride so strap in and use this guide to make it easier on yourself.

Prerequisite Quests

Part 1 – The Library

Once you finish the world quest, The Entrance to Tokoyo you’ll be able to unlock the rest of Enkanomiya. From here on, follow the navigation as it leads you to some ruins. On the way, you will encounter countless enemies from Hilichurls to Ruin Guards and Sentinels. Come prepared to either run for your life or fight.

Most of Enkanomiya is made up of floating islands and beneath them is an endless chasm. You’ll have to glide a bit since a lot of the bridges connecting the islands have broken down. So be careful.

Once you reach the ruin, you’ll find a Triangular Mechanism outside surrounded by Hilichurls and Abyss Mages. Defeat them to unlock it and then just hit the mechanism once to reveal a small door that leads into an old library. You won’t be able to read anything there but on the second floor, you’ll find Enjou, a man sent by the Sangonomiya to help you in your journey.

Enjou will inform you that to perform the trial in Enkanomiya, you first need to reach the Dainichi Mikoshi. But currently, since it’s surrounded by a shield, that’s impossible. So you’ll first need to disable the shield. For this, you’ll need something known as the Golden Bridle.

The Golden Bridle

There is a puzzle around the library that you first need to solve. Go outside and you’ll find two Triangular Mechanisms, one behind the library and the other to the side. The solution here is rather simple. To activate the mechanism, all you have to do is use a normal attack. When you do so, the walls will begin to shift.

The order that you need to go in is as follows:

  • First hit the mechanism behind the library and wait for the walls to shift.
  • Hit the mechanism to the side. The walls will shift again.

And you’re done. You’ll now have a path that leads right to an Exquisite Chest inside which you’ll find the Golden Bridle. Obtain it and head back to the library to talk to Enjou.

He will activate the Bridle for you and then tell you to meet him at the bridge near the Dainichi Mikoshi.

Part 2 – The Dainichi Mikoshi

From here, you’ll have to sprint, glide and fight your way to the bridge. Thankfully, the navigation should guide you until you reach the bridge. Over there, talk to Enjou and he’ll use the Golden Bridle to deactivate the barrier.

Once the barrier is down, make your way to the Dainichi Mikoshi which once again includes sprinting and fighting. There will be a lot of enemies in your path so be ready to fight.

When you reach the building, take the stairs and go to the top where Enjou is waiting for you. From there, deactivate the Dainichi Mikoshi to bring about night. When you do so, a ghostly figure will appear and Enjou will explain that the figure is a Sinshade. They are created due to leyline phenomenons and are usually manifestations of the emotions of those who have long passed away.

Much to his surprise though, the Sinshade will start to speak and introduce himself as Aru or Argos. He is a shade that was created to guide future heroes in their trials. He will inform you that there are three fragments that need to be retrieved, hidden in the following locations:

  • The Narrows
  • Evernight Temple
  • The Serpent’s Heart

It’s time to head out again.

Evernight Temple

The navigation will guide you all the way to the Evernight Temple so you’ll be set there. You will have to glide all the way from the Dainichi Mikoshi to the temple so either level your statues or eat some stamina related food.

Once there, the navigation will point you towards a small door. Make sure that when landing, you don’t fall into the chasm below. When inside, you’ll be pointed to the three fragments, making your job easier. However, you still need to find and explore the secret room. This can only be done after solving a small puzzle.

But before that, you’ll have to fight the rifthounds that appear near the device that allows you to switch between Evernight and Whitenight. Defeat the enemy and then switch to Evernight. When you do that, a mechanism will appear. Activate it and a small room should open. Once inside, there’s another puzzle to solve.

You’ll find a sun and moon mechanism inside along with two levers. Here’s what you have to do.

Using the sun and moon mechanism, switch to Whitenight. The Triangular mechanism will light up. Hit it once and you’ll notice that one of the walls has shifted. You need to hit the mechanism three times to get the wall in the right position. When that is done, pull lever A and then lever B (as marked below). With that, the puzzle is solved and you’ll have your path to the secret room.

In there, you’ll find more rifthounds so defeat them to unlock the Exquisite chest.

Serpent’s Heart

Since you’ve already been to the Serpent’s Heart, you should be able to teleport here as long as you unlocked the waypoints. Otherwise, it’s back to sprinting.

Once you arrive, follow the navigation all the way to the top until you reach something known as a Sunfire Phantasm. Outside, you’ll also find a sun and moon mechanism. Use it to switch to Evernight. When you do that, you’ll notice that the hydro barriers have appeared around the place where the phantasm was. If you pass through them, they’ll act in the same way as a phase gate that you’ll find in Inazuma. However, each phase ends in the middle of the room.

Each barrier will have its own symbol and you’ll find these symbols on the ground in the middle of the room as well. The symbols will also have a mark beneath them, indicating a number up to five.

The challenge here is really simple. All you have to do is use the Hydro Phase gates in numerical order. Every time you use a gate, you won’t be able to phase from it again. Once you’re done phasing, an Exquisite chest will appear and you’re done with this part.

The Narrows

Once you’re at the Narrows, be ready to be chased down by a Ruin Guard and a Bathsymal Vishap. You can run away from them and while they won’t follow you all the way in, they also won’t stop attacking. Though the attacks, of course, can’t reach you.

As soon as you reach the area with the puzzle, a Triangular Mechanism will unlock (make sure you’re in Evernight). Hit it once and a path will open up for you. Explore the area until you find a sun and moon mechanism. On the other side of it will be a barrier beyond which you’ll find an Exquisite chest. Switch to Whitenight and the barrier will disappear.

Then, all you have to do is grab the chest and you’re done.

Part 3 – The Trial

Finally, once you’ve collected all the fragments, it’s time for the trial. There are no puzzles here. No riddles to solve. Only a Dragonheir of the Depths to fight. But before you go, Aru will inform you that he feels that Enjou isn’t who he says he is. He seems to be using something to hide his true form. Unfortunately, there is no time to discuss this since you have three big land sharks to take down.

Stand on the platform and it will begin to slowly descend. This can take a while so you can be like me and just jump down instead to kick start the fight. In this stage, you’ll have to face six enemies.

  • The Bathmysal Vishap x 3
  • Pyro Abyss Lector x 1
  • Pryo Abyss Mage x 1
  • Cryo Abyss Mage x 1

Now, you must be wondering where the Abyss Lector came from, well, here comes the betrayal part of the equation. Once you defeat the Vishap boss, Enjou will appear and he will applaud your achievements. He will then accept that he lied to you. While he was sent to help, he doesn’t belong to the Sangonomiya. In fact, he is from the Abyss and he is in Enkanomiya looking for a book that proves that Celestia came from another world. He also reveals that the serpent god, Orobashi, read this book and was promptly slain because he learned Celestia’s secrets.

After you defeat Enjou, he will leave and the trial will officially be over.

Part 4 – The Ending

After a long and difficult trial, head back to Watatsumi Island and meet Tsuyuko. Let her know that the quest has been completed. She will thank you for your hard work and with this, you’re done.


For this quest, you’ll receive 30,000 Mora, 40 Primogems and 4 Hero’s Wit. You will also unlock two achievements, Of Sun and Moon and Fire Rat’s Robe, Dragon-head Pearl, Sacred Offering Bowl and…

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  1. This guide was really helpful and I was able to finish things much quicker, helped me to avoid fighting too much since it warned me what was ahead