The Sun-Wheel and Mt Kanna

The Sun-Wheel and Mt Kanna is the last quest in the World Quest Series Through the Mist. With this, the main story of Tsurumi Island will be wrapped up. Travellers will also be able to unlock the achievement Thunder is Forever.

Previous Quests

  1. A Particularly Particular Author
  2. Octave of the Maushiro
  3. The Sea of Fog and the Rite of Trees

Starting the Quest

To start the quest, teleport to Tsurumi Island. Once again, the entire area is covered in fog, rendering all Waypoints useless except for the Statue of the Seven.

Once you arrive at the island, the first person you’ll find is Kama. He will inform you that the Tsurumi that you see now is the one that is about to be destroyed, just as it was when the sacrifice to the Thunderbird was first made. This means that after today, the time on the island will reset and the shadows will appear once again to prepare for the ceremony.

Because of this, much like you, Kama has returned to Tsurumi Island to find a way to help Ruu and end the loop that natives are stuck in.

Now, it’s time to check the three locations that Ruu mentioned in the previous quest where he goes to hide when the lightning strikes.

Ruu’s hiding place

According to Ruu, when the weather gets bad and there’s lightning everywhere, there are only three places one can hide. Over here, lightning doesn’t seem to reach. These places are:

  • Wakukau Shoal
  • Oina Beach
  • Autake Plains

Wakukau Shoal

When you arrive at Wakukau Shoal, Ruu is nowhere to be found. Instead, the only thing in sight is the stone puzzle that you solved in Octave of the Maushiro. Kama will inform you that before its destruction, people on Tsurumi used to use the Inshine Script. This script was handed down from priest to priest and used to name things.

Now, it’s time to use the feather in your inventory. Once equipped, stand before the statue of the Thunderbird and use it. When you do that, enemies will appear in two ways. The first wave will be Hilichurls and the second is a Thunderhelm Lawachurl. While you’re fighting these enemies, you’ll hear someone’s voice, someone who seems to be looking for Ruu as well.

After the enemies are defeated, a Thunderbird feather will appear in their place. Touch it and you’ll be able to see the Thunderbird’s memories.

The memory is of when the Thunderbird first met Ruu.

It’s time to move on to the next location.

Oina Beach

When you arrive at Oina beach, once again, there is no sign of Ruu. Paimon will suggest using the feather in front of a statue again and as you do, two waves of enemies will appear.

The first wave will be Ruin Sentinels (Ruin Cruiser and Ruin Destroyer). The next wave will be a Ruin Guard. Defeat them and obtain the next feather as well as memory.

This memory will reveal that the natives were wrong about the fog. While they all believed that the Thunderbird had brought the fog with it to protect the island, it had never done any such thing.

With this, the memory will end and it’s time to go to the final location.

Autake Plains

Much like before, Autake Plains is surrounded by mist so you’ll need an Electro character to light up the lamps. As you travel deeper into the area, calling out for Ruu, another voice will join in. When that happens, enemies will appear again.

The first wave will be Rifthound Whelps while the second will be an adult Rifthound. Defeat them and call out for Ruu again. This time he’ll appear.

When Ruu joins you and Kama, he’s shocked to see you’ve returned, especially when he told you never to come back. After the ceremony fails, the island is much too dangerous to travel around in. But soon enough, he is distracted by the presence of Kama who looks similar to his ancestor. At first, Ruu thinks that the Kama he knew has returned but as Kama tells him the truth, he’s shocked since he never realized how much time had passed in the outside world.

However, despite hearing about the life that Kama’s ancestor lived, Ruu is still upset. After all, the ceremony failed once again and this time, the perches have been destroyed. He still wholeheartedly believes that as long as his life is sacrificed, everything will go back to normal.

Use the feather in front of the Thunderbird statue and a memory will begin to play. It would be the moment that Ruu first met the Thunderbird and gave it the name Kanna Kapatcir.

When the memory ends, the Thunderbird goes to Mt Kanna which is your next destination.

The Thunderbird’s regret

When you arrive at Mt Kanna, before you can do anything at all, you’ll have to fight the Rifthounds who have made the Thunderbird’s altar their home. Be careful over here since these are Electro Rifthounds and there is water on the ground. Between the stun and the corrosion, it’ll be hard for your characters to move around.

Once the hounds are defeated, investigate the Altar. You’ll see that all the feather’s you collected have now been assembled here. Now, it’s time to fight again.

A Thunder Manifestation, similar to the one on Serai Island, will appear here. It has to be defeated before you can move on with the quest. It seems that both the Thunder Manifestations were created by the Thunderbird.

Touch the final feather and you’ll learn that before dying the Thunderbird said that Tsurumi Island would fall to eternal catastrophe until she heard Ruu’s song again. The answer to the problem of the island was never the sacrifice after all.

However, the issue here is that the Thunderbird died on Serai Island, slain by the Raiden Shogun. Ruu doesn’t know this. But Paimon lies to him and tells him that Kapatcir leaves on Serai along with her many children. The Traveller then convinces Ruu to touch the feathers.

Ruu’s Song

From here, teleport to Serai Island, to an area close to Mount Amakumo. Once there, Ruu will begin to sing his song to appease the Thunderbird. A cutscene will begin and he’ll obtain the final feather of the Thunderbird. After that, he’ll request to be taken back to Tsurumi Island.

Teleport back to Tsurumi Island and go to Mt Kanna so that Ruu can put the final feather at the Altar. When he does that, the tree near the Altar will begin to grow, signifying the return of the Thunderbird.

Ruu will then wonder what kind of world lays beyond Tsurumi and Paimon will start telling him about the different adventures he can go on. But finally, Ruu confesses that he knows what happened to him and the Thunderbird, having known all along that his friend was long gone. He’ll then tell you that he’s tired and he’d like to rest for a bit. The feather that you received has a part of him in it and as long as it is with you, Ruu will be with you.

Finally, the quest will end. As a reward, you’ll receive 40 Primogems, 30,000 Mora and 3 Hero’s Wit.

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