Theater Mechanicus: Stage of Wonders

Genshin Impact first introduced Theater Mechanicus with the release of the 1.3 update. It wasn’t long before the event became a fan favourite. Many people even hoped that it would be added to the game permanently. Now that the next part of the 2.0 update is starting, travellers will be able to experience this event once again with a whole version: Theater Mechanicus: Stage of Wonders.

Event Duration

The event will start on the 12th of October and run till the 26th. The shop, on the other hand, will remain open till the 30th.

To participate in the event travellers need to be at AR 30. They should have also finished the Archon quest Ritou Escape Plan.

Gameplay Details

To start the event, travellers need to teleport to Inazuma City and find Komataka. She will be acting as a representative for the Theater Mechanicus. After you interact with her, you can start playing.

The event has 10 levels and 4 of them will be open on the first day. From then, 2 levels will unlock every day. For each level, travellers will have to protect the Terminus, a portal through which enemies can leave the map. To do so they will need to use various tools provided within the Theater Mechanicus and their own minds to win.

While the event allows Co-Op, only two people can attempt the event at once.

Preperation Phase

Once the map has loaded, travellers will be given a specific amount of time to get their defences ready. This is the preparation phase. During this time, using the provided Veneficus Points travellers can create Veneficus Mechanici in the given spots. These are machines that will not only cause elemental reactions by infusing enemies with elements but also cause damage to them.

While on the map, characters will not be able to deal any damage to the enemies. They can’t gain elemental energy nor can they use their burst. The most they can do is use their skills to infuse the enemy with an element to cause a reaction.

Finally, travellers can also spend Veneficus Points to obtain Wonderous Sticks. With them, different bursts can be used.

Combat Phase

Once the combat phase begins, enemies will arrive in waves and travellers, with the help of the Mechanici, need to stop them from passing through the Terminus. By doing so, they will maintain the integrity of the Terminus. If travellers are able to stop all the enemies from leaving, they will win the challenge successfully and earn Veneficus Points.

If they are unable to stop them all, that’s fine as well. There is a number of enemies that travellers can let escape. However, when the challenge ends, they will only get half the number of points.

Tip: While characters can only apply elements and not cause damage, having an anemo character on the team is useful. Characters like the Traveller and Jean can push back the enemies should they get out of the reach of a Mechanici. This is especially useful when it comes to Samachurls or Hilichurl Berserkers as they run for the Terminus instead of walking like the other enemies.


As the went goes, travellers will have the opportunity to finish different missions. Doing so will earn them Wondrous Talismans as well as an event exclusive namecard.

The Talismans are the currency travellers will have to use to get rewards from the event shop, such as:

  • Primogems
  • Mora
  • Hero’s Wit
  • Talent Level Up Material

Mechanicus Mastery

After completing missions, apart from Wondrous Talismans, travellers will also gain Mechanicus Mastery EXP. This will allow them to increase their Mechanicus Mastery which in turn will give them more initial Veneficus Points. They can also unlock more Mechanici and Wondrous Sticks.

On the first day, they can obtain up to 3000 EXP but from then, the limit will slowly increase. Over the duration of the event, travellers can earn up to 8000 EXP.

As a strategy-based event, the Theater Mechanicus not only brings a whole new style of gaming to Genshin Impact but it’s also just a fun thing to try. Whether you play by yourself or with friends, considering all the rewards waiting for at the end, it’ll be worth it.

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