Three Realms Gateway Offering: Evernight Temple Electro Totem Challenge

The map of Three Realms Gateway Offering is full of new puzzles and challenges. The Evernight Temple Electro Totem Challenge is one of them. During this puzzle, travellers will have to fight a good number of enemies in order to unlock four different totems.

Here, in this guide, we’ll be covering exactly what you’ll have to face so you’re prepared.


To access the event Three Realms Gateway Offering travellers need to be at AR 30 and need to finish the following quests:

The Puzzle

This electro totem puzzle can be found in the Evernight Temple. The location for it is marked on the map below. Before you set out to find it though, it is recommended that you finish Three Realms Gateway Offering: Part 2. This way, you won’t have to deal with the effects of Corrosion.

As you arrive at the area of the challenge, you’ll notice several totems in the area, all of them locked and surrounded by enemies. You’ll also notice a mechanism as well as a Ruin Guarder behind a gate. To start the challenge, you’ll have to unlock the first totem. To do so, you’ll have to fight two Ruin Sentinels. Once they are out of the way, the totem will be unlocked and can be activated using Electro.

From here, you’ll find another totem near a Hilichurls camp. You’ll have to get rid of the entire camp in order to unlock it. Finally, use Electro to activate the totem.

The next totem is right across the Hilichurl Camp and is surrounded by two Ruin Sentinels.

After you defeat them, you’ll only have one more totem to unlock, though this one isn’t so easily found. This totem, instead of being locked behind enemies, is locked behind a challenge. The totem is located right on top of the room with the chests and Ruin Graders, while the challenge is right across from it, on a pillar.

For the challenge, you’ll need a bow character since you’ll have to blow up barrels under a limited time. Once you do that, you’ll receive an exquisite chest. Now, activate the final totem.

The Fight

After all the totems have been activated, go towards the mechanism that will be unlocked by now. Activate it and the gate to the room will open, releasing the Ruin Guard. You will have to fight it and since it is surrounded by darkness, be sure to use the Bokuso Box. If you don’t, the Ruin Guard will gain half its HP back.

Once its defeated, you’ll be able to access the three chests that it had been guarding. The Evernight Temple Electro Totem Challenge will be done.


For finishing this challenge you’ll receive 2 x Precious Chest and 1 x Luxurious Chest.

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