Three Realms Gateway Offering: Evernight Temple Mirror Puzzle

The Evernight Temple Mirror Puzzle is a new challenge that is available during the event Three Realms Gateway Offering. With the entire map of Enkanomiya revamped, travellers will have to venture into already explored places to find new puzzles and new opportunities to earn rewards.


To access the event Three Realms Gateway Offering travellers need to be at AR 30 and need to finish the following quests:

The Puzzle

To find the puzzle, teleport to the Evernight Temple (The island with the second tower) and head towards the area which used to contain Date’s Labyrinth. Now, instead of walls that move, the area is empty except for the Ice and Water Mirror Puzzle. How do these puzzles work?

The basic idea is to allow light to pass through the mirrors and into a receiver. This can be done either using Pyro on the mirror to turn it into a Water mirror or by using Cryo to turn it into an Ice Mirror. Yes, there is a difference between the two. With the Water mirror, the light beams pass through them. With the Ice Mirror, the light beam is reflected.

Now, for this challenge, you’ll have to solve two such puzzles.

Puzzle 1

The first puzzle contains four mirrors and two receivers. This means that it has to be solved in two different ways. For the first solution, you’ll have two Water Mirrors and two Ice Mirrors. The arrangement can be for them can be found in the image below.

Turn the mirror into a Water Mirror for the receiver on the far left. Then, go to the mirror right across and turn it into a Water Mirror as well. Adjust the angles a bit so the light beam will reflect in the right direction. Now, use your Bokuso box to light the first receiver.

For the second solution, turn all the mirrors into Ice Mirrors except for the one closest to the receiver. After that, adjust the angles so that light will reflect properly. Finally, use your Bokuso Box.

Puzzle 2

After solving the first puzzle, head down to the lower level for the next puzzle. This one isn’t as obvious as the first one since the mirrors are hidden behind pillars. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t easy.

All you have to do is turn all the mirrors into Ice Mirrors by using Cryo. After that, you need to rotate them to adjust their angles. Remember that light beams do not pass through Ice Mirrors. Instead, they get reflected.

With this, the puzzle is solved and the door to the secret room will open. You’re done with the Evernight Temple Mirror Puzzle.


For the first puzzle, you’ll receive 1 x Exquisite Chest and 1 x Precious Chest.

For the second puzzle, you’ll receive 1 x Precious Chest.

In the secret room, you’ll find 1 x Common chest as well as 2 x Damaged Stone Tablets.

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