Three Realms Gateway Offering: Evernight Temple Seelie Puzzle

The event exclusive map of Three Realms Gateway Offering brings with it different puzzles and challenges. The Evernight Temple Seelie Puzzle is one of them. For this puzzle, travellers will have to find Seelies in order to deactivate the barrier surrounding a challenge. Once that is done, with the help of their Bokuso box, they’ll have enemies to fight in order to get the final reward.

The Puzzle

The barrier puzzle can be found on the island through which you’ll be accessing the second tower. To get there, you’ll be using at least three hydro phase gates. At the end of the last one, you’ll be taken to the main island and right to the Seelie Barrier Puzzle.

The first Seelie can be found right in front of the phase gate, floating over a piece of Aphotium Ore. Go over to it so that it starts moving and then follow it all the way back to its statue.

The second Seelie can be found locked behind rocks. To break them down, you’ll have to use a Cryo attack. Now, just like before, follow the Seelie back to its statue. And with this, you’ll be left with only one more Seelie to find.

The last Seelie can be found deeper in the cave system, floating near a statue and some candles. Go up to it and then follow it back to the barrier puzzle. Once it takes its place in the statue, the barrier will disappear and the Evernight Temple Seelie puzzle will be solved.

The Challenge

Once the barrier is done, you can access the main challenge. The first thing you have to do is use the Bokuso box to dispel the darkness. After that, activate the challenge.

You’ll have to defeat the following enemies in under 120 seconds:

Once they are gone, the challenge will be completed. In its place, a Ghostfish pool will appear. When you enter it, it will take you to the upper level of the island via a hydro phase gate.


For solving this puzzle, you’ll receive the following rewards:

  • 3 x Common Chest
  • 1 x Luxurious Chest

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