Three Realms Gateway Offering: Narrows Secret Room Puzzle

The new event Three Realms Gateway Offering gives traveller’s the chance to explore Enkanomiya all over again. This means that rooms, where you’ve already been once, may have new puzzles or challenges. That is exactly what happened in the Narrows Secret room, a location previously unlocked to find Adonis’s treasure. However, while there is so Sinshade guiding you this time, there are still rewards to be won.

So, follow this guide to solve the Three Realms Gateway Offering: Narrows Secret Room Puzzle.

The Narrows Secret Room

The Narrows secret room can be found on the island that hosts the first part of Three Realms Gateway Offering. As always, head to the hilichurls camp, make your way down to the lower level and then defeat the two Hilichurls sleeping in front of the gate which should already be open.

Go inside and the first thing you’ll see is a Seelie flying near a torch. While the torch isn’t part of the puzzle, be sure to light it up with Pyro and then follow the Seelie. It will lead you to a mirror puzzle along with two other torches. Light them up as well and you’ll receive a common chest.

Now, you need to solve the mirror puzzle in order to unlock the Cryo mechanism. Thankfully, the solution for this is simple. Firstly, turn the mirror closest to the receiver into a water mirror. This can be done by using pyro. Once that is done, go to the mirror in the middle and use cryo on it turn it into an ice mirror. Now, adjust the mirrors so the light can pass through them and use the Bokuso Box. Your solution should look something like this.

Once the Light Guiding Ceremony is complete, the puzzle will be solved and you’ll receive a chest. The cryo mechanism will also be unlocked.

Now, use cryo on it and follow after the Seelie. It will lead you deeper into the cave where you’ll find another common chest covered in darkness. Use your Bokuso Box to gain rewards from it. After that, turn to the second cryo mechanism and activate it. When you do that, the gate will be opened and the Seelie will head up. Follow after using the hydro phase gate near it.

The Seelie will then settle into its statue and you’ll receive another common chest. With this, the Three Realms Gateway Offering: Narrows Secret Room Puzzle will be solved!

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